Pure Monday. Vanya wakes up in his native Zamoskvoretsky house. The Great Lent begins, and everything is ready for him. The boy hears how his father scolds the elder steward, Vasil Vasilich: yesterday his people escorted Shrovetide, drunk, drove the people off the slides and “almost mutilated the public.” Vanya’s father, Sergey Ivanych, is well known in Moscow: he is a contractor, the owner is kind and energetic. After dinner, Father forgives Vasil Vasilich. In the evening, Vanya and Gorkin go to church: special lenten services began. Gorkin is a former carpenter. He is already old, that’s why he does not work, but simply livesRead More →

MOZART AND SALERI The dramatic scenes of Alexander Pushkin (in two scenes) Characters: Mozart Salieri Blind violinist Tenor Baritone Without singing In the second scene (the picture) the behind-the-scenes chorus (optional). The scene of action is Vienna. Time is the end of the 18th century. HISTORY OF CREATION In early 1897, Rimsky-Korsakov put on the music a small scene from the “little tragedy” of Pushkin “Mozart and Salieri.” In the summer, the composer wrote two more scenes, and in August of the same year completed the opera. Many reasons prompted him to turn to this story. “The best biography of Mozart” called AK Lyadov Pushkin’sRead More →

In the early winter morning from the porch of the Moscow hotel Chevalier, after spending a long time with friends after a long dinner, Dmitry Andreevich Olenin drives off on the Yamskaya troika to the Caucasian infantry regiment, where he is enlisted as a cadet. From a young age, without parents, Olenin squandered half of his fortune by the time he was twenty-four, never finished a course anywhere and did not serve anywhere. He constantly lends itself to the hobbies of a young life, but just enough so as not to be tied up; instinctively runs all sorts of feelings and deeds that require seriousRead More →

Oscar Wilde Unusual story happened to the firework patron All were preparing for the wedding of the prince and the beautiful princess, who was brought from faraway Russia. The Court Engineer at the far end of the garden prepared everything for fireworks (the Russian beauty never saw fireworks). Petarda, the Roman Candle and the Fiery Roundabout discussed the world. A merry-go-round who was in love with a Christmas casket, believed that love died, Petarda saw the world as beautiful, and the Roman Candle considered it too big. A sharp cough to himself drew attention Patron, tied to a long stick. In his long and veryRead More →

Alvaro Mendiola, a Spanish journalist and film director who has been living in France for a long time in voluntary exile, after suffering a severe heart attack, after which doctors prescribed rest, together with his wife, Dolores comes to Spain. Under the shadow of his home, which once belonged to a large family, from which he alone remained, Alvaro recounts in his memory his whole life, the history of the family, the history of Spain. The past and the present interfere in his consciousness, forming a kaleidoscopic picture of people and events; gradually outlines the outlines of family history, inextricably linked with the history ofRead More →

Every day after school, children played in a wonderfully beautiful garden. But one day the giant returned – the owner of this garden. He drove out all the children and forbade them to return. He was a big egoist. When the time came for spring, she did not come to the garden of the giant. There were still reigning Winter, Snow, Frost and the North Wind and Hail. The giant was very sad about this. Suddenly, one day he heard a linnet under his window, looked out and saw that the garden had blossomed, because the children had slipped into it through a small holeRead More →

William Faulkner Light in August Even less than a month, it took Lina Grove to get on foot and when, but rarely, on a passing wagon ride from a provincial village at a sawmill in Alabama to the city of Jefferson, Mississippi, where, as she somehow thought, Lucas Birch, from which she suffered and whom, as the time began to give birth, she went to look for, and did not wait for the letter promised to them when they left six months ago with the news of where he settled, and with money on the road. On the very approach to Jefferson, Lina was toldRead More →

The action takes place at the beginning of the XX century. Nine-year-old Philip Carey remains an orphan, and he is sent for education to his uncle-priest in Blackstable. The priest does not feel affection for his nephew, but in his house Philip finds many books that help him forget about loneliness. At school, where the boy was given, schoolmates mock him, making him painfully shy and shy – he thinks suffering is the lot of his life. Philip pleads with God to make him well, and that the miracle does not happen, blames one himself – he thinks he lacks faith. He hates school andRead More →

The novel is a family chronicle with a sequel. The events described in the novel unfold in Paris in the 19th century. and begin with the fact that in 1815, after serving in the French National Guard, Florent Bussardel, the son of a recently deceased prominent customs official, returns to the bosom of the family. He enters the service in the office of the stockbroker, where he quickly develops, so that his business goes up. He has two daughters: nine-year-old Adeline and five-year-old Julie. Soon two more twin sons are born – Ferdinand and Louis, At birth, his wife Lydia dies, and Florente remains aloneRead More →

During the hunting for black grouses in the Chern district of the Tula province, the author lost his way in the forest. He walked a long time in the forest, until by nightfall he came to a vast plain, surrounded by steep hills, Bezhin Lug. Here he noticed, in the gathering darkness, a flame of a fire and followed it. Around the fire he saw peasant children, five boys, who were called Fedya, Pavlusha and Ilyush, Kostya and Vanya. The author asked to spend the night with them at the fire and, having settled down nearby, began to listen attentively to the conversations of theRead More →