I. Lazhechnikov Basurman The events of the novel begin with the wires to Muscovy Anton Erenstein, a baron of origin, invited as a doctor to

In the club of a large industrial city – sold-out. The hall is packed full, people are standing in the aisles. The event is uncommon:

Brief summary of the first chapter The old lady-landowner of small size went to Petersburg to deal with the “blatant deed.” The landlord decided to

In Denmark, once ruled the king of the glorious kind of Skilding named Hrodgar. He was particularly fortunate in wars with neighbors and, having accumulated

Christopher Willebald Gluck 1714-1787 Gluck entered the history of musical culture as a great reformer, who for many decades determined the ways of the development

It is very important to find something that you are really passionate about. Awareness of your passion simplifies the adoption of all decisions and allows

Provincial French city of Saumur is the habitat of wine growers, landowners, forest merchants, bocharas, innkeepers and ship-keepers who sell their goods on the ancient