H. R. Jimenez Platero and I “Platero and I” is a cycle of lyrical sketches of the poet Juan Ramón Jiménez. The hero of the

John Gardner Autumn Light The novel “Autumn Light” takes place in the American province, far from the big cities. The quiet life of small towns,

Cesare Pavese Beautiful summer of Italy in the thirties of this century, the working suburb of Turin. In these dim scenery unfolds a sad story

FM Dostoyevsky Poor people Makar Alekseevich Devushkin is a titular counselor for forty-seven years, rewriting for a small salary of paper in one of the

Moliere Plutni Scapien, from the experience of his own youth, knowing full well that his sons need eyes and eyes, Argant and Geront, when they

Patrick White The Human Tree This is a story about the life of two simple Australians – farmer Stan Parker and his wife Amy. Their

G. Hauptmann Before sunrise The action takes place in the contemporary writer of Silesia. In the estate of Krause appears Alfred Lot, he would like

In Yelets, my hometown, all the old merchants’ surnames were double. Our first name, Prishvin, was clan, official, and the second, “street”, was the Alpatovs.