DUENJA (ORDER IN THE MONASTERY) Lyrical comic opera in four acts (nine scenes) Libretto by S. Prokofiev Characters: Don Jerome, a nobleman of Seville Tenor Ferdinand Louise } His children Baritone Soprano Duenna at Louise Antonio Clara, Louise’s girlfriend Mendoza, a wealthy fishmonger Don Carlos, an impoverished nobleman, Mendoza’s friend Father Augustine, rector Monasteries Contralto Tenor Mezzo soprano Bass Baritone Baritone Father Elustaf Father Chartreux Father Benedictine } The monks Tenor Baritone Bass 1st novice 2nd novice Lauretta, Louise’s maid Rosina, Clara’s maid Lopets, servant of Ferdinand Friend of Don Jérôme Sam, the servant of Don Jérôme Tenor Tenor Soprano Contralto or mezzo Tenor WithoutRead More →

A few years ago, the king and the queen lived, and every day they said: -Oh, if we had a child! But they did not have any children and were not. One day it happened that the queen was sitting in a bath and a frog came out of the water and told her: – Your desire will be fulfilled: it will not be a year since you give birth to a daughter. And what the frog said, it happened, gave birth to the queen girl, and she was so beautiful, that the king did not know what to think up for him, and thenRead More →

Marcel opened the secret to de Charles, becoming an unwitting witness to the love pantomime. At the sight of Jupien, the haughty aristocrat suddenly whined backwards and began to build his eyes, and the waistcoat succulently drew himself up and reached for the baron, like an orchid to the Suddenly Bumblebee. Both instantly recognized each other, although they had never met before. The shroud fell from the eyes of Marcel: all the oddities of de Charles immediately received an explanation. It was not by chance that the baron liked to compare himself with the caliph from Arabian fairy tales, who was walking around Baghdad inRead More →

The story “Without a family” belongs to the pen of the famous French writer Hector Malo (1830-1907). G. Little is the author of many books. Some of them were written for children and youth, but none brought him such popularity and recognition as the story “Without a family”, published in 1878. In the story a lot of rightfully attracts the attention of young readers: both an entertaining story, and the unusual nature of the fate of heroes, and a diverse social background, and, finally, a lively, intelligible speech by the author. This book has long been a popular tool in the study of French inRead More →

The action of the poem covers the time from the beginning to the 60s. XIX century. and occurs in Norway, on the Moroccan coast of the Mediterranean, in the Sahara desert, in a crazy house in Cairo, at sea and again in Norway, in the homeland of the hero. A young country boy, Per Gynt, fools around, deceiving his mother Osa. He tells her a story about hunting for a quick reindeer. The wounded reindeer rises with a feather mounted on it to the top of the ridge, and then jumps from a height into a crystal-clear lake like a mirror, rushing to its ownRead More →

CARL MARIA WEBER 1786-1826 Weber is an outstanding German romantic composer. A versatile gifted personality – conductor, pianist, literary man, music and public figure, Weber was an active fighter for German national art. His creative heritage includes sonatas, concerts, program pieces for piano, chamber works, songs, but the leading role belongs to the opera. Weber’s work in this field largely determined the future fate of the German musical theater. The works of Weber are connected with the poetic world of folk legends, legends, fairy tales. A great place in them is given to the depiction of fantastic pictures, folk life and nature. Music captivates themRead More →

LN Tolstoy Kreutzer Sonata Early spring. The end of the century. In Russia there is a train. In the car there is a lively conversation; merchant, clerk, attorney, smoking lady and other passengers argue about the women’s question, about marriage and free love. Only love covers marriage, says the smoking lady. Here, in the middle of her speech, a strange sound of interrupted laughter or sobbing sounds, and some old, gray-haired gentleman, with impulsive movements, interferes in a general conversation. Up to now, he had answered sharply and briefly to the neighbouring of his neighbors, avoiding communication and acquaintance, and smoking more and more, lookingRead More →

FM Dostoyevsky Stepanchikovo and its inhabitants Former hussar, retired forty-year retired colonel Yegor Rostanev, owner of the rich and well-appointed estate of Stepanchikov, where he lives together with his mother, the widow of General Krachotkin, an unmarried sister, Sasha’s daughter of fifteen and son of Ilya for eight years. Rostaneva’s wife died a few years ago. The house is filled with survivors, among which is Foma Fomich Opiskin, who was formerly a clown “because of a piece of bread” at Krachotkin, but managed to wholly subordinate his influence to the general and her retinue from “overripe” girls by reading “soul-saving books,” interpreting “Christian virtues, “dreams,”Read More →

In Arabia lives a successful, hospitable, generous to the poor ruler of the tribe Amir. He is “glorious, like a caliph”, but he is like a “candle without light,” for he is devoid of offspring. Finally Allah heeded his prayers and bestowed upon him a beautiful son. The baby is entrusted to the wet nurse, and time is poured into the growing child by the “milk of tenderness”. Kais – so called the boy, which means in Arabic, “The measure of talent,” is doing well in teaching. Together with the boys, several girls study. One of them was famous early for his mind, spiritual purity,Read More →

Melnik Alexei Biryukov, a huge, middle-aged man with a clumsy figure and face, smoking a pipe at the threshold of his house. Despite the cold and damp weather, he was dressed easily – apparently, his thick-skinned, “stale as a corn” body did not feel cold. Small, swollen eyes on his red, fleshy face looked sullenly sideways. Near the mill two monks worked – they unloaded from the cart bags of rye brought for grinding. A completely drunk worker Biryukov was sitting nearby and pretended to fix the network. After observing the work of the monks for a while, Biryukov began to quarrel with them. AtRead More →