Alexandre Dumas Viscount de Bragelonne, or Ten Years Later … May 1660th. The beginning of the independent rule of the young Louis XIV. The heir to the English throne, Charles II, who lives in exile incognito, meets with his cousin, the king of France, and asks for his support in the restoration of the throne. The powerful Cardinal Mazarin denies Louis funding this plan. King Charles appeals for help to the Count de La Feru – Athos, one of those who proved loyalty to the executed Charles I, standing next to him until the last minute, standing at the foot of his scaffold. Before hisRead More →

Fight with the Novgorodians Ninety years old lives in Novgorod Buslay. He does not argue with anyone and does not quarrel with anyone: neither with Novgorod, nor with Pskov, nor with Moscow. When Buslai dies, his son Vasily remains. When Vasily turns seven, he begins to walk around the city, go to the prince’s court and “joke” with other children: “Whom pulls by the hand – a hand off, which for the leg – the leg off.” Mother Vasily, Mamelfa Timofeevna, many complain about the behavior of her son, and she does not allow Vasily to walk around Novgorod. When a young man turns seventeen,Read More →

The fox at the wolf was in the service, and that the wolf forced her, and the fox had to do it, because she was weaker than him; and the fox wanted to get rid of the owner of such a thing. It happened once they went together in the forest, and the wolf said: – Red Fox, get me something to eat, or else I’ll eat you! And the fox answered: “I know one peasant household, there are two young lambs there; if you want, let’s keep one. This wolf liked it, they went there; and stole a lamb’s fox, dragged him to theRead More →

1 Spring 1624. The army of the Swedish king gathers soldiers to march on Poland. Feldwebel and the recruiter recognize only war as the founder of public order and civilization. Where there is no war, what kind of morality is there: everyone wanders wherever he wants, says what he wants, eats what he wants – no order, no soldering, no accounting! Two guys are rolling in the van of Mother Courage, the two women of the Second Finland Regiment. Here is what she sings: “Hey, commander, give a sign of halt, / Save your soldiers! / You’ll have time to fight, let’s start / InfantryRead More →

Venice. At the house of Senator Brabantzio the Venetian nobleman Rodrigo, unrequitedly in love with the daughter of Senator Desdemona, reproaches his friend Iago for taking the rank of lieutenant from Othello, the noble Moor, the general in the Venetian service. Iago is justified: he himself hates the self-willed African because he, bypassing Iago, a professional military officer, appointed Cassio, a scientist-mathematician, who is younger than Iago for a number of years, as his deputy (lieutenant). Iago intends to take revenge and Othello and Cassio. Having finished the altercations, the friends raise a cry and wake Brabantio. They inform the old man that his onlyRead More →

Kobo Abe Man-box The box – man, sitting in his drawer, starts notes on the man-box. He describes in detail which box is suitable for a box man, how to equip it, so that it is convenient to be in any weather, what things are needed for a box man. The box of corrugated cardboard is most suitable. In the box, cut out the window and hang it with a plastic curtain cut in half: with a short movement of the head to the right or to the left, the curtains slightly move apart, and you can see everything that is being done around. AtRead More →

OTHELLO Opera in four acts Libretto by A. Boito Characters: Othello, the Moor, the commander of the Venetian The Republic Iago, the standard-bearer Cassio, Captain Roderigo, the Venetian patrician Ludovico, the ambassador of the Venetian Republic Montano, the predecessor of Othello in Management of the island of Cyprus Herald Desdemona, the wife of Othello Emilia, wife of Iago Tenor Baritone Tenor Tenor Bass Bass Bass Soprano Mezzo soprano Soldiers, sailors of the Venetian Republic, inhabitants of Cyprus, servants, people. The action takes place in a seaside town on the island of Cyprus at the end of the XV century. HISTORY OF CREATION In August 1879,Read More →

Date of birth of Alexander Blok, November 28, 1921. Block, left a trace of himself, as a poet and playwright, as a participant and the founder of symbolism. His literary heritage is the most vivid phenomenon of Russian literature, which contributed to the enormous influence on the literature of the whole world. Alexander’s parents did not have a family, they split up almost immediately after their son was born. The mother’s family was involved in the upbringing of the boy, referring to the professorial family. In 1898, a small Blok became a pupil of the gymnasium in St. Petersburg, after graduating he entered the universityRead More →

ETA. A. Hoffman. The everyday views of Koth Murra In preparation for the publication of the notes of Murra, the descendant of the celebrated Ginz von Ginzenfeld (better known to the world as the Cat in Boots), the publishers drew attention to the presence in the manuscript of apparently extraneous fragments – excerpts from a previously published narrative about the bandmaster Johannes Kreisler and his friend Maestro Abraham. These pages were in Murrah’s manuscript for the simple reason that the Cat used them-by ripping a book from his master’s library, Abraham, as a blotter. By a strange coincidence, many episodes of the life of KreislepaRead More →

Maxim Gorky Mieschans Vasily Vasilyevich Bessemionov lives in a prosperous house, he is 58, the foreman of the paint shop, who marks a deputy in the city duma from the shop class; Akulina Ivanovna, his wife; son Peter, a former student, expelled for taking part in unlawful student meetings; daughter Tatyana, a schoolteacher who sat up in brides; pupil Bessemeenova Nil, a machinist in a railway depot; church choir Teteriv and student Shishkin – parasites; Elena Nikolaevna Krivtsova is a young widow of the prison warden, who is renting rooms in the house, and Stepanida is a cook who performs all the black work inRead More →