Brief annotation of the sounded literary works, alphabetic index, news, forum. Audiobook Agatha Christi Hotel Bertram . Summary arriving in London, the famous Miss Marple

Jack London Martin Eden Once upon a ferry Martin Eden, a sailor of twenty years old, defended against a gang of hooligans Arthur Morse, Arthur

Karl Tsukmeyer Captain from Kepenik Captain von Shlettov trying on a new uniform, ordered at the tailor of the military tailor, the Jew Adolf Wormser,

“Inspector” – a comedy in five acts, written by N. V. Gogol in 1835. It tells how in the county town of an occasional traveler

Part one Alpamish and Barchin are engaged from the cradle. Their fathers, the brothers Bayburi and Baisary, noble beks of the “sixteen-tribe Kongrat tribe,” had

N. Chernyshevsky Prologue In the spring of 1857, the spouses of Volgina stroll through Vladimirskaya Square in St. Petersburg. Twenty-nine-year-old journalist Alexei Ivanovich Volgin is

The action begins in the Russian province, in the estate of the rich landowner Alexei Abramovich Negro. The family gets acquainted with the teacher of