Jean Racine Phaedra Ippolit, the son of the Athenian King Theseus, goes in search of his father, who has been traveling for six months. Ippolit is the son of the Amazon. The new wife of Theseus Fedra disliked him, as everyone thinks, and he wants to leave Athens. Phaedra is also sick with an incomprehensible disease and “yearns to die.” She speaks of her suffering, which the gods sent her, that there is a conspiracy around her and she was “decided to lime.” The fate and the wrath of the gods aroused in her some sinful feeling that terrifies her and about which she isRead More →

In Petrograd, a strange announcement appears on Krasniy Zori Street: an engineer Mstislav Sergeevich Los invited his comrades to fly to Mars on August 18. The announcement is noted by the correspondent of the American newspaper Skylys. He is shocked, wants more information. A posterior broad-shouldered soldier approaches Skrils at the same time. He admires the plans of Los, believes that it is worthwhile to fly with him. Both decide to visit the engineer. Moose designed an apparatus for interplanetary travel, in shape resembling an egg. The device is made of refractory steel, the outer cover is reinforced with ribs and light trusses. The innerRead More →

B. Kellerman The Tunnel of the Richman of New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and other cities come to the concert in honor of the opening of the newly built palace, unprecedented in the number of celebrities with a worldwide reputation. Engineer Mac Allan and his wife Maud took the box of a friend, a palace builder, Allan, is already known as the inventor of the diamond steel came here for a ten-minute conversation with the most powerful and richest man, tycoon and banker Lloyd. An engineer from Buffalo is indifferent to music, and his charming and modest wife enjoys a concert. A hobby, a talented andRead More →

Sotnikov and Rybak, who were given the task of finding products for the partisans, walked through the winter fields, trying not to catch sight of the Germans. Sotnikov did not feel at all important – he was tormented by a cough, he could hardly walk. Entering one of the villages, they found the elders’ house, who told them that “to his people” he was “not the enemy.” Rybak and Sotnikov took a sheep from him and went on. Further the path lay across the field, where it was difficult to hide. Rybak and Sotnikov heard the noise of the submarine, it was necessary to quicklyRead More →

Stendal Vanina Vanini Vanina Vanini is a Roman aristocrat, a “black-haired girl with a fiery gaze,” feeding contempt for the timid and insignificant soul of the young people of her circle, but selflessly falling in love with the young Carbonari, whose courage and willingness to perish for liberating Italy from the Austrians meet the passion and pride that set her apart itself. Having faced the need to make a sacrifice to duty, V. and Pietro, like the characters of the classicist literature, must choose between loyalty to the motherland and the fidelity of the feeling, and this is the choice of fate. V. chooses love;Read More →

Walter Scott Ivanhoe It’s been almost a hundred and thirty years since the Norman Duke William the Conqueror defeated the Anglo-Saxon armies and captured England at the Battle of Hastings (1066). The English people are going through hard times. King Richard the Lionheart did not return from the last crusade, taken prisoner by the treacherous Duke of Austria. The place of his imprisonment is unknown. Meanwhile, the brother of the king, Prince John, recruits his supporters, intending in the event of Richard’s death to remove the legitimate heir from power and seize the throne. A clever schemer, Prince John sows troubles all over the country,Read More →

This story was once told by the deacon Foma Grigorevich, and one pan managed to print it with a book, but his retelling was so bad that the author undertook to tell this story again. The deacon heard this story from his grandfather, who was famous for his truthfulness, and many details of history belong to the grandfather, who at that time held a drinking establishment. It happened about a hundred years ago at the place of Dikanka, which was at that time the poorest farm. A lot of people then staggered around on business and without cause, among them Basavriuk is the devil whoRead More →

I. S. Turgenev hunter Notes: Forest and Steppe “Hunting with a gun and a dog is beautiful in itself, – says the author of” Notes “His love of nature and freedom, and it is transmitted to the reader, talented, original paintings cleaned and inspire the soul.. Here the reader, together with the hunter, leaves in the spring until dawn. “You go out on the porch… In the dark gray sky, where the stars are blinking; The humid breeze occasionally runs through a light wave; there is a restrained, obscure whisper of the night; the trees faintly rustle, shrouded in shadows… And the summer July morning!Read More →

VM Shukshin Hunting to live The central heroes of the work are old Nikitich and a young fellow. The action takes place in the taiga. The old man Nikitich, who, from “small years dragged along the taiga”, sometimes lives in huts, which are cut down in the taiga. So it was this time. Uninhabited, but already warmed by the heat burning in the stove firewood, it seemed long-lived. Nikitich was sitting and smoking. Suddenly on the street, “skimmed skis,” then knocked on the door with a stick. The voice that fell from the frost asked if it was possible to enter. Nikitich immediately understood: “NotRead More →

The subject of the story is the “life-be” of the representatives of the St. Catherine’s Popovka: Protopriest Saveliy Tuberozov, priest Zakhary Benefaktov and deacon Achilla Desnitsyn. Childless Tuberozov keeps all the ardor of the heart and all the energy of youth. Personality of the Benefit – the embodiment of meekness and humility. Deacon Achilles is a hero and sings beautifully, but because of his enthusiasm he is nicknamed “wounded.” The leader of the nobility brings from St. Petersburg three walking sticks: two with the same gold knobs and one with silver for Achilles, which leads to the swagger “doubt”. Tuberozov takes both canes to theRead More →