KF Hebbel Maria Magdalina The play takes place in a small German town in the first half of the last century. In the house of the joiner Anton, known for his diligence and thrift, two women, mother and daughter. They began the morning with the fitting and discussion of the old wedding dress, and ended up talking about the illness and preparing for death. The mother has just recovered from a serious illness, for which she thanks God. She does not know for herself any sins, but still must adequately dress up to the “heavenly crown”, while she is allowed time. She is worried aboutRead More →

“Among the young people sent by Peter the Great to foreign lands for acquiring information was his godson, arab Ibrahim.” Wounded in the Spanish war, he returned to Paris. The tsar repeatedly called his pet back to Russia, but he did not hurry with his departure. He was tied to Paris: a young African loved Countess D. who, being no longer in the “first color of the years, was famous for its beauty.” French beauties paid much attention to Ibrahim, who, however, disliked him: “I felt that he was a kind of beast for them,” some miracle. But the countess took the arap without specialRead More →

The events addressed by Senkevich in the novel The Crusaders were of great importance both for the history of Poland and for the Slavic and Baltic peoples neighboring it, which became the object of German feudal aggression. This is the decisive stage in the struggle against the Teutonic Order, when the famous Battle of Grunwald took place in 1410, power was broken and the expansion of the robber state was suspended. The Teutonic Order, or the Order of the Crusaders, was a German Catholic spiritual and knightly order. He appeared in the XII century, in the era of the Crusades, in Palestine. Pope Innocent IIIRead More →

The action in the drama takes place in three Swiss cantons, which are located around the Firvaldshtetski Lake and were previously free, and now they are claimed by Austria. This led to a conflict between the Swiss and the Landsgoths (governors of the Austrian emperor). Residents of each of the three cantons have their resistance at first in different ways. Among the peasants of the oldest canton, Werner Stauffacher is singled out, since “all the oppressed he is a father” and cares about the usefulness of his homeland. The events in the drama take place at the beginning of the fourteenth century, when the AustrianRead More →

The play is constructed in the form of a chain of paintings that outline the individual episodes from the life of the signatory of the second Finnish regiment. Markitants called traders who accompanied the troops in campaigns. Mother Kurazh has no illusions about the ideological background of the war and treats it extremely pragmatically – as a way of enrichment. She absolutely does not care what flag to trade in her travel shop, most importantly, that trade would be successful. Courage also accustoms to commerce and their children, who grew up in an endless war. Like any caring mother, she cares that the war wouldRead More →

R. Akutagawa Gate of Rasemon One evening, a servant who was fired by the owner, was waiting for rain under the gates of Rasemon. Seated on the top step, he often touched the boil, jumped out on his right cheek. Although the gate was on the main street, there was no one except this servant, only a cricket sat on a round pole. Over the past two or three years, one or the other of Kyoto has been hit by disasters – a hurricane, an earthquake, a fire, then a famine – this is the capital and empty. In the abandoned gates of Rasemon, foxesRead More →

Francis Morgan, the wealthy heir of the owner of large enterprises, Richard Henry Morgan, thinks in lazy idleness what to do. At this time, the former rival of the late RG Morgan in exchange games, Sir Thomas Regan, learns from Alvarez Torres that he knows the location of the treasure, hidden by the ancestor of the Morgan family, by pirate Henry Morgan. Torres offers to equip the expedition. Regan, once unsuccessfully trying to ruin Frances’s father, now wants to settle scores with his son. The absence of young Morgan in his hand. Therefore, he does not believe in the existence of the treasure at all,Read More →

Deaf English province of the end of the last century. In the valley of Blackmore there is a family of the driver Jack Durbeyfilda. One evening, on the evening of May, the head of the family meets a priest who, when answering the greeting, calls him “Sir John,” Jack is surprised, and the priest explains: Darbayfield is a direct descendant of the knightly family of d’Erberville, leading his race from Sir Pagan d’Herberville, “that came from Normandy with William the Conqueror. ” Unfortunately, the family has long since died out, there are no castles and estates, but in the neighboring village of Kingsbir-sub-Greenhill there areRead More →

In a nutshell: Handsome engineer is losing a lot. A girl in love with him gets money for the player, but, feeling its fineness, runs away into the night and dies of the fever. Who loved her more than life, the rich man drinks poison. A young engineer, handsome Alarin is going home. With him in the compartment – a nondescript girl and a Caucasian. After some time, the Caucasian begins to insolently pester her. Alarin stands up for the girl. An engineer grabs a Caucasian by the collar and throws him out of the train at a stop. Alarin involuntarily admires his “frenzied quickRead More →

The whole book is built on the boundary of the analytical, grotesque essay and satirical narrative. So what kind of creature is this – a Tashkenter – and what does she crave? She longs for only one thing: “To eat!”. Whatever it was, at the cost of anything. And Tashkent is turning into a country populated by emerging from Russia, as unnecessary, Tashkent. Tashkent is located where they beat in the teeth and where the right of citizenship has a tradition about Makar, the calves do not drive, that is – everywhere. Tashkent exists both at home and abroad, and true Tashkent is in man’sRead More →