Summary “Unconquered”

Two German soldiers – Hans and Willy – went to the French farm to ask how to drive to Soissons (one of the counties of France). The door was opened by a young girl who answered that she did not know the way. Then the soldiers went into the house and obtained an answer from the girl’s parents.

Having drunk a bottle of wine, Hans, stung by the fact that the girl does not pay the slightest attention to him, and treats them extremely hostile, asked her for a kiss, which he received a strong refusal. Then Hans, piqued by wine, waved her hand and dragged her into another room. His parents tried to stop him, but Hans was stronger. He hit the old father so that he fell. The German girl’s mother threw him to the wall, where she remained standing, frozen with fear. Hans raped the girl, then she and Willie left, leaving a hundred francs for a new dress in exchange for the torn and twenty francs for the wine they drank.

Three months later, Hans was again in

Soissons. He remembered that farm girl and decided to go to her. He wanted to explain that he did not hold evil against her. Having bought her silk stockings as a gift, Hans found that farm. The girl recognized him, her face “kept a rigid expression, her eyes looked hostile.” Hans realized that the girl’s family were starving, and in ten days again visited them, but not with stockings, but with food. Parents accepted the gift, but Annette refused to touch his food.

Hans began to come to this house often. Why – he did not know himself. Maybe because in service he was ordered to establish relations with the inhabitants of defeated France? Maybe because this girl seemed special to him? Externally, Annette was not at all in his taste, but it felt like education and French charm. Maybe because Hans was yearning for a normal human relationship for the war? He did not understand why.

With Annette’s parents, he still managed to establish a more or less normal relationship, but suddenly he learned that Annette was carrying his child. At that moment, he realized that he loved her, and because

of love comes to this house.

Annette hated Hans and wanted to hurt him as much as he had once done to her. Hans was happy – he wanted a son. In the meantime, Annette had a terrible thought.

Soon the girl became a mother. She had a boy. Hans came

To visit my beloved woman and son, but I could not find them in the room. Parents Annette and Hans, anticipating trouble, rushed to search, but did not manage to prevent the disaster. Annette returned and told that she was holding the child under water in the stream until he gasped.

“Hans screamed wildly – it was the cry of a mortally wounded beast.” He closed his eyes with his hands and, staggering like a drunk, rushed out of the house. “Annette collapsed into an armchair and, with her head on her clenched fists, passionately, frantically sobbed.”

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Summary “Unconquered”