On one of the hottest days of 1853, two young people were lying on the shores of the Moscow River in the shade of a blooming linden tree. The twenty-three-year-old Andrei Petrovich Bersenev has just graduated as the third candidate of the Moscow University, and an academic career awaited him. Pavel Yakovlevich Shubin was a sculptor who gave hope. The dispute, quite peaceful, concerned nature and our place in it. Berseneva is struck by the completeness and self-sufficiency of nature, against which background our incompleteness is clearly seen, which gives rise to anxiety, even sadness. Shubin also suggests not to reflect, but live. Take careRead More →

The “Great Mirror”, as a Catholic monument in its origin, is characterized by the role assigned to it in the Mother of God, who acts here as a benefactress of the human race. In contrast to the Byzantine legends, the western legends in which the Virgin is featured often differ in the elegance of the plot, psychologism and relative freedom and boldness in interpreting themes that sometimes bring these legends together with a secular novella. Thus, for example, in the story of how the Blessed Virgin rescued a young man from a love temptation, there are the same motives as in Pushkin’s romance about aRead More →

The tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare has been known since 1597. The plot of the fate of loving hearts, separated by the will of people or circumstances, was widely spread in the literature of the Renaissance, when the playwright worked. But it was the brilliant gift of Shakespeare that created on its basis a genuine literary masterpiece. Shakespeare’s meaning of the work can, in the opinion of the well-known literary critic H. Anikst, express this: “the hymn of triumphant love,” “the tragedy of great passion,” “love that conquers death.” Read the summary of “Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet” first of all in order to easilyRead More →

While in the “smoke” of Turgenev Potugin said that Venus de Milo is undoubtedly the principles of the 89th year. You can ask about the meaning of the word “undoubted”. This word means that on one line there are principles, and Venus Milo, and village teacher Tyapushkin. Recently I went to the governor’s city. There I was very confused by the fact that the inhabitants of the city have absolutely no beliefs. When I was going home, the train was stopped for a few minutes. The recruits entered it. I was very impressed by the scene in which the unhappiness of families being deprived ofRead More →

Nikita Sapykhon-Shchedrin Poshekhonskaya antiquity Life of Nikanor the Prehistoric, the posthekhon nobleman Preceding the story of his past, Nikanor Sapatozny, the heir of the ancient Poshekhon noble family, informs that in the present work the reader will not find a complete account of all the events of his life, but only a series of episodes, which have a connection with each other, but at the same time represent a separate whole. In the backwoods of Poshekhonya there passes childhood and the young years of Nikanor, who witnessed the very heyday of serfdom, which determined the way of life and the way of the noble family.Read More →

B. Cellini The Life of Benvenuto Cellini The Life of Benvenuto, the son of Maestro Giovanni Cellini, a Florentine written by himself in Florence Memoirs of Benvenuto Cellini are written in the first person. In the opinion of the renowned jeweler and sculptor, every person who has accomplished something valiant is obligated to tell about himself to the world – but it is only after forty years that he should start this good cause. Benvenuto took up his pen in the fifty-ninth year of his life, and firmly decided to narrate only that which relates to himself. (The reader of the notes should be remindedRead More →

Mishka Pryaslin did not have long to live at home. From autumn to spring – on logging, then rafting, then suffering, then again the forest. And how will appear in Pekashina – women are piled: this fix the roof, then lift the door. There are no peasants in Pekashino. This time, as always, houses were waiting for him. Mishka came with a cart of hay, asked about the guys, screamed for omissions, then took out the presents – Egorsha Stavrov, the best friend, gave him his manufactured goods. But the guys reacted to the gifts with restraint. But when he took out a loaf ofRead More →

DG Lawrence Lover of Lady Chatterley In 1917, Constance Reid, a twenty-two-year-old girl, the daughter of the famous Royal Academy artist Sir Malkom Reid, is married to Baron Clifford Chatterley. Six months after the wedding, Clifford, all this time participating in the war in Flanders,. Returns back to England with severe wounds, as a result of which his lower body remains paralyzed. In 1920, Clifford and Constance returned to the estate of Rugby – the family estate of Chatterley. This gloomy place: a large low house, started in the XVIII century. and gradually disfigured by extensions. The house is surrounded by a beautiful park andRead More →

Julia Lambert is the best actress in England. She is forty-six years old; she is beautiful, rich, famous; busy with the favorite thing in the most favorable conditions for this, that is, playing in your own theater; her marriage is considered ideal; she has an adult son… Thomas Fennel is a young accountant hired by her husband to clean up the counting books of the theater. In gratitude for the fact that Tom taught him to reduce the income tax, without violating the law, Michael, Julia’s husband, presents him to his famous wife. The poor accountant is incredibly embarrassed, blushing, turning pale, and Julia isRead More →

Vasily Ivanovich, a Russian emigrant living in Berlin, was a modest, gentle bachelor with intelligent and kind eyes. Once, at a charity ball, arranged by emigrants from Russia, he won a ticket for a fun trip. He did not want to go anywhere, but he could not sell the ticket. At the station he saw his companions. The leader chosen by the society was a tall blond with a huge backpack. The group consisted of four women and the same number of men. One of the men named Schram started talking about the merits of the excursion. As it was later found out, it wasRead More →

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