Frosty My stepmother has a daughter and stepdaughter. The old woman decides to drive the stepdaughter out of the yard and orders her husband to

B. Sh. Okudzhava Travel of amateurs The novel, which takes place in 1845-1855, begins with the return of Prince Sergei Myatlev and narrator Amiran Amilahvari

François Mauriac Snake Club In the rich estate of Kalez, his sixty-eight-year-old master, a successful lawyer, is slowly dying from the angina toad. His family

“The Hari clan” is an ancient Indian epic poem in 3 books, considered an attachment to the “Mahabharata”. The first and third books of the

Almost one hundred and thirty years have passed since the Norman Duke William the Conqueror defeated the Anglo-Saxon armies and captured England at the Battle

William Faulkner The village of the French Balka was called part of the fertile river valley twenty miles southeast of Jefferson, Joknapatofa County, Mississippi. Once

M. E. Saltykov-Shchedrin Pompadours and Pompadours In a brief introduction, the author says that this book was written with the aim of shedding light on

Carlo Goldoni Kjodzhinsky skirmishes On the Kyogin Street, there were women – very young and older – and for knitting they spent time before the

The poem was based on the Karelo-Finnish folk epic songs (runes), which in the 18th century. collected and processed by Elias Lennrot. Ilmatar, the daughter

At the beginning of the story, nature is described. Good weather by the evening is significantly deteriorating. From the cold forest freezes and is emptied.

The novel takes place in a fairly large American city under the loud name Zenith. The protagonist of the novel, George Babbitt, a forty-five-year-old owner