The novel takes place in the provincial town in the early autumn. The events are narrated by Mr. Chronicler, who is also a participant in the events described. His story begins with the history of Stepan Trofimovich Verkhovensky, an idealist of the forties, and a description of his complex platonic relations with Varvara Petrovna Stavrogina, a noble provincial lady, whose patronage he enjoys. Around the Verkhovensky, who fell in love with the “civic role” and lives “incarnate reproachful” homeland, the local liberal-minded youth are grouped. There are many “phrases” and postures in it, but there is also enough intelligence and insight. He was the educatorRead More →

N. Hawthorne The Scarlet Letter In the introductory essay to the novel tells of the author’s native city – Salem, his ancestors – puritan fanatics, his work in the Seyme customs and the people he had to face there. “Neither the ceremonial, nor the back door of customs does not lead to paradise,” and the service in this institution does not contribute to the flowering of good inclinations in people. Once, rummaging in the papers, piled in a huge room on the third floor of the customs house, the author found a manuscript of a certain Jonathan Pew, who died eighty years ago. This wasRead More →

For the first time we get to know the heroes in March 1848 in the Californian Sierra, when they almost die of starvation, as they have long since lost their way into a snowstorm and set up camp in some canyon. Two of them, Philip Ashley, a young man of uncommon mind and solid character, and his beloved Grace Konroy, leave the camp to find some settlement and inform his inhabitants about the detachment of settlers killed in the snow. Among the others, Grace’s brother Gabriel Conroy and their three-year-old sister Ollie remain in the camp. Before Grace leaves the camp, her friend Dr. Dvardges,Read More →

Vitka Borzenkov went to the bazaar in the regional city, sold bacon for a hundred and fifty rubles (he was going to marry, desperately needed money) and went to the wine stall to “smear” a glass or two red. A young girl came up and asked: “Let me have a light.” “With a hangover?” asked Vitka bluntly. “Well,” the girl answered simply. “And there’s nothing to hang on to, right?” – “Do you have?” Vitka bought more. Drank it. Both became good. “Maybe some more?” asked Vitka. “Not here, you can come to me.” In Vitka’s chest something like this-sweetly slippery-wagged his tail. The girl’sRead More →

Mikhail Zoschenko Michel Sinyagin Michael Sinyagin was born in 1887. For the imperialist war, he did not fall due to the infringement of the hernia. He writes poems in the spirit of the symbolists, decadents and aesthetic, walking with a flower in his buttonhole and a stack in his hand. He lives near Pskov, in the estate “Calm,” in the company of his mother and aunt. The estate is soon selected, as the revolution begins, but the small house of Michel, his mother and aunt still remains. Here, in Pskov, in 1919, he met Simochka M., whose father had died two years before, leaving sixRead More →

The estate of the landlord Lyubov Andreyevna Ranevskaya. Spring, cherry trees bloom. But a beautiful garden should soon be sold for debts. For the past five years, Ranevskaya and her seventeen-year-old daughter Ana have lived abroad. On the estate remained brother Ranevskaya Leonid Andreevich Gayev and her adopted daughter, twenty-four-year-old Varya. Ranevskaya’s affairs are bad, there is almost no money left. Lubov Andreevna always licked money. Six years ago her husband died of drunkenness. Ranevskaya fell in love with another person, met with him. But soon her tragically died, drowning in the river, her little son Grisha. Lyubov Andreevna, unable to endure grief, fled abroad.Read More →

IS Turgenev Nov Nezhdanoff gets a home teacher from the Sipyagins at a time when he needs money, even more in changing the situation. Now he can rest and gather strength, most importantly – he “fell out of the care of the Petersburg friends.” In Petersburg he lived in a dark little room with an iron bed, bookshelves, books, and two unwashed windows. In this room, once appeared a solid, overly self-confident gentleman – known to the official Petersburg, Boris Andreevich Sipyagin. For the summer he needs a teacher for his son, and Prince G. (“seems to be your relative”) recommended adjutant to Alexei Dmitrievich.Read More →

BORIS GODUNOV Opera in four acts (eight scenes) with a prologue (of two paintings) Libretto by M. P. Mussorgsky Characters: Boris Godunov Baritone Fedor Ksenia } Children of Boris Mezzo soprano Soprano Mamma Ksenia Prince Vasily Ivanovich Shuisky Andrey Shchelkalov, Duma clerk Pimen, the chronicler-hermit Impostor under the name of Gregory (in the upbringing of Pimen) Marina Mnishek, daughter of Sandomierz Governors Rangoni, secret Jesuit Low mezzo soprano Tenor Baritone Bass Tenor Mezzo soprano Bass Varlaam Misail } Tramps Bass Tenor Shinkarka The holy fool Nikitich, the bailiff Mityuha, a peasant Middle Boyar Boyarin Khrushchov Mezzo soprano Tenor Bass Bass Tenor Tenor Lavitsky Chernikovsky }Read More →

Venetian merchant Antonio is in sorrow. His friends, Salanio and Salarino, explain his anxiety with unhappy love or because of the ships with the goods. But Antonio does not agree with these explanations. With the help of Lorenzo and Graziano comes a relative and close friend of Antonio – Bassanio. Salanio and Salarino leave. Graziano tries to amuse Antonio, but he does not succeed. Graziano leaves with Lorenzo. Antonio is left alone with his friend Bassanio. And Bassanio admits that he led a wild life and now he has no money and he wants to ask them from Anonio to go to the estate toRead More →

Yu. V. Bondarev Silence The euphoria of the Moscow pre-New Year’s Eve in December 45 coincided with the mood of the recently demobilized from Germany captain Sergei Vohmintsev, “when it seemed that everything beautiful in himself and in life he had just realized and it should not disappear. ” Four years of war, the command of an artillery battery, orders and wounds – such is the pay of a twenty-two-year-old guy for the “bright future” that he expects from fate. And she sends him two occasional meetings in the restaurant hustle and bustle of Astoria, which predetermined his fate for many years to come. AlreadyRead More →

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