The famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his friend assistant Dr. Watson are examining a cane forgotten in an apartment on Baker Street by a visitor

The Commander of the Order of Calatrava, Fernán Gómez de Guzmán, arrives at Almagro for the Order’s master, Don Rodrigo Télès-Chiron. The master was young

VP Astafyev Tsar-fish Ignatich is the main character of the novel. This fellow is respected by fellow villagers for being always happy to help with

The novel is preceded by two epigraphs. The first (to all the novel) is taken from the book “Being reasonable, or Moral view of the

The tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare has been known since 1597. The plot of the fate of loving hearts, separated by the will of

Oscar Wilde Portrait of Dorian Gray On a sunny summer day, the talented painter Basil Hallward takes in his workshop an old friend of Lord

Coma We literally burst into the stream of the hero’s consciousness, which conveys his feelings from the “weave” to the wreckage of the car. We