While all the people were jumping from one service to another, Bartholomew Korotkov, a gentle, quiet blond was firmly serving in Glavtsentrbaspispate (abbreviated to Spimat)

“Pied Piper” – the first poem Tsvetaeva, written in exile, in Prague. This is a prophecy about the fate of the Russian revolution, the romantic

Kai Munk Nils Ebbesen Nils Ebbesen, leader of the Dutch peasants who rebelled against the Holstein rule (Holstein – the Russian name of the historic

In the village house of Darya Mikhailovna Lasunskaya, a noble and wealthy landowner, a former beauty and a capital lioness who, far from civilization, still

ORPHEUS Opera in three acts Libretto by R. Calzabigi and de Molina Characters: Orpheus Eurydice Amur Tenor (mezzo soprano) Soprano Soprano Shepherds, cowherds, furies, hellish

Joyce Carey Out of love for one’s neighbor England, 1990 – 1920’s. The history of Chester Nimmo, a man who was only one step away

Achilles Tatiye Leucippa and Clitophon In the Phoenician city of Sidon the author meets a young man who tells him an unusual story of his