“Sandro from Chegem” is a cycle of 32 stories united by a place (Chegem village and its environs, like the neighbors, say, the regional center of Kungursk or the capital city of Mukhus (Sukhumi), and the distant ones – Moscow, Russia, etc.), time (XX century – from the beginning to the end of the seventies) and heroes: the inhabitants of the village of Chegem, in the center of which there is the Khabuga family and Uncle Sandro himself, as well as some historical figures of the times of Uncle Sandro (Stalin, Beria, Voroshilov, Nestor Lakoba, etc.). Sandro Chegemba, or, as usual, he is called inRead More →

KK Vaginov Goat song The beginning of the 20-ies. Petersburg, painted “in greenish color, shimmering and blinking, color awful, phosphorous.” Appearing in the preface, the author ends his opening speech with the words: “I do not like Petersburg, my dream is over.” The hero of the novel, Teptyolkin, “mysterious creature” – long, thin, with graying dry hair, eternally immersed in dreams and meditations. “Beautiful groves smelled sweet for him in the most fetid dreams, and cutesy statues, a legacy of the eighteenth century, seemed to him shining suns of Pentelian marble.” Among his friends – an unknown poet, Kostya Rotikov and Misha Kotikov, Marya PetrovnaRead More →

1570, the era of civil wars in France, the bloody clashes of Catholics and Huguenots. In the previous ten years, the leaders of the warring parties perished. In Saint Germain there is a world for which the sister of King Charles IX Princess Margaret is married to Henry of Navarre. This marriage is equally amazing and outrages the fighters in both countries. At court something is going on! More recently, Admiral Coligny was sentenced in absentia to death, a generous reward was given for his head by the king, and now the king calls him the father of the Louvre and instructs him to commandRead More →

The action takes place during the Great Patriotic War, in 1942 in the territory of occupied Byelorussia. “Punishers” is a bloody chronicle of the destruction by the battalion of Hitler’s punitive Dirlewanger of seven peaceful villages. The chapters are appropriately named: “First Settlement”, “Second Village”, “Between the Third and Fourth Villages”, etc. Each chapter contains excerpts from the documents on the activity of punitive detachments and their participants. Punitive policemen are preparing to destroy the first settlement on the way to the main goal – a large and crowded village of Borki. The date, time, place of the event, and last names are accurately indicated.Read More →

MM Roshchin Valentin and Valentina The action takes place nowadays in a big city. A room in the style of the fifties. Evening tea. In the chair Valentina’s grandmother, next to Valina’s mother, near the mirror – Zhenya, the elder sister. Waiting for Valya. Mother is indignant. It seems to her that Valya is too dissolute: in the metro she was in embrace with a young man. The mother thinks that Valya will leave the institute, cripple his life, starve, produce beggars. Zhenya tries to explain to her that nothing else is happening, that everyone is walking around, but the mother does not want toRead More →

The hero of the novel is Fyodor Konstantinovich Godunov-Cherdyntsev, the Russian emigre, the son of the famous entomologist, the son of an aristocratic family-is suffering in Berlin in the second half of the 1920s. earning private lessons and publishing in Russian newspapers nostalgic twelve about childhood in Russia. He feels a huge literary potential, he is bored with emigrant gatherings, his only idol among contemporaries is the poet Koncheev. With him, he leads a relentless inner dialogue “in the language of the imagination.” Godunov-Cherdyntsev, strong, healthy, young, full of happy premonitions, and his life is not overshadowed neither by poverty, nor by the uncertainty ofRead More →

NS Leskov Neduka Two young girls, “poplar and birch”, Lizaveta Grigoryevna Bakhareva and Eugenia Petrovna Glovatskaya return from Moscow after graduation from the institute. Along the way, they visit the monastery for Aunt Bakhareva, Mother Superior of Agnia, where Lisa demonstrates new views on the role of women in the family and life. There, the girls get acquainted with the ingenuous young nun Feoktistoy, who lost her husband and child and escaped to the monastery from her stern mother-in-law. In the village of Merevo, the girls are greeted by the leader Yegor Nikolayevich Bakharev with “childishly simple-hearted blue eyes,” restrained Pyotr Lukich Glovatsky, Lisa’s motherRead More →

US Maugham The burden of human passions The action takes place at the beginning of the 20th century. Nine-year-old Philip Carey remains an orphan, and he is sent for education to his uncle-priest in Blackstable. The priest does not feel affection for his nephew, but in his house Philip finds many books that help him forget about loneliness. At school, where the boy was given, schoolmates mock him (Philip chrome from birth), making him painfully shy and shy – he thinks that suffering is the lot of his life. Philip pleads with God to make him well, and that the miracle does not happen, blamesRead More →

I stared at the ship motionless. Brightly lit, it rested on the surface of the Tajo. not far from the embankment. Although I had been in Lisbon for a week, I still could not get used to the carefree lights of this city. In the countries where I came from, the cities lay black at night like coal mines, and the light of a lantern in the dark was more dangerous than the plague in the Middle Ages. I came from Europe of the twentieth century. The ship was a passenger ship. There was loading. I knew that he should sail tomorrow night. In theRead More →

The founders of the genus Buendía José Arcadio and Ursula were cousins ​​and sisters. Parents were afraid that they would give birth to a child with a pig’s tail. Ursula knows about the danger of incestuous marriage, and José Arcadio does not want to take into account such nonsense. Throughout one and a half years of marriage, Ursula manages to preserve the innocence, the nights of the newlyweds are filled with a tormenting and brutal struggle, substituting for amorous pleasures. During cockfights, the rooster Jose Arkadio defeated the rooster Prudencio Aguilar, and he, annoyed, mocks his rival, questioning his masculine dignity, since Ursula is stillRead More →