Sherlock Holmes is one of those literary characters that is known to almost everyone, including even those who have not read anything about his adventures.

BOHEMIA Opera in four acts Libretto by L. Illik and D. Giacosa Characters: Rudolf, the poet Marcel, artist Shonar, musician Collin, philosopher Benoit, householder Alcindor,

Hermann Hesse Steppenwolf The novel is a scrap of Harry Haller, found in the room where he lived, and the nephew of the mistress of

F. Grilpartser Dream – life In the old days in Persia, in a picturesque mountainous area, among the rocks and trees, the family of the

England, early thirties. Hercule Poirot with his old friend and assistant captain Hastings come to the seaside resort of Saint-Loup in the south of England.

ANTONIN Dvorak 1841-1904 Antonin Dvořák is the largest Czech composer who, along with his older contemporary Smetana, is a classic of Czech music, the founder