The first in Italy “scientific” comedy takes place on the island of Metellino, in vague “antique” times. In the prologue, it is declared that modern authors can compete with the ancients in craftsmanship, although the Italian language is still inferior in ecclesiastical Greek and Latin. The play begins with the fact that the young man Erofilo orders his slaves to go to Philostrato and resents the stubbornness of Nebbya, who clearly does not want to leave the house. The reasons for this conflict are revealed in the dialogue of servants. Nebbia tells Janda that the neighboring pimp Lucrano has two adorable maidens: one of themRead More →

Charlotte Aissé (circa 1693, Circassia – March 13, 1733, Paris) is a French writer, known primarily for her correspondence, published under the title “Letters to Mrs. Calandrini” (Lettres de mademoiselle Aissé a madame Calandrini). The origin is not entirely reliable: she called herself the daughter of the Circassian (probably Adyghe) prince, whose palace was plundered by the Turks, who kidnapped her and sold her into slavery. In 1698, at the age of four or five, she was bought from an Istanbul slave-merchant by the French envoy to the Ottoman Empire, de Ferriol, and taken to France. There, the girl received a magnificent education in theRead More →

The story “Chekhov’s Ionich” tells about the life of a village doctor, Dmitry Ionych Startsev, who came to Dyalizh for medical practice. In the city of S., which is located a few versts from the village, the doctor gets acquainted with the family of the Turkins, intelligent, educated people, and falls in love with their daughter. Main characters Startsev Dmitry Ionych is a practicing physician, the main character of the story. Turkin Ivan Petrovich is a nobleman with a talent for sharp jokes. Turkina Vera Iosifovna – wife of Ivan Petrovich, an amateur writing novels. Turkina Ekaterina Ivanovna – their eighteen-year-old daughter and a talentedRead More →

Georg Buchner Death of Danton Georges Dunton and Ero-Seschel, his companion in the National Convention, play cards with ladies, among them Julie, Danton’s wife. Danton apathetically rant about women, their charm and cunning, about the inability to know and understand each other. At the soothing words of Julie Danton melancholy notes that he loves her, as they love the “grave”, where you can find peace. Ero flirts with one of the ladies. Friends, other deputies of the Convention come. Camille Desmoulins immediately involves everyone in the conversation about the “guillotine romance”. In its second year, the revolution requires more and more victims every day. EroRead More →

T. Smollett The Adventures of Perigrin the Piklia “The Adventures of Perigrin Piklyon” – the second of three novels that brought glory to Smollet – reveals the features inherent in the “novel of education,” and the novel is enlightening, and satirical, and pamphlet pamphlet. In part, we can talk about the influence of “sentimentalists.” His hero passes in front of us a truly way from “boy to husband” – as usual in classic novels, meeting on his way many people, discovering and understanding a world in which there are more flaws than virtues, he experiences moments of despondency and despair, or, on the contrary, unrestrainedRead More →

Yu. V. Mamleev Cranks Sixties. One of the main characters – Fyodor Sonnov, on the train to some near Moscow station, staggers through the streets of the town. Having met an unfamiliar young man, Fyodor kills him with a knife. After the crime – absolutely meaningless – the killer “talks” with his victim, talks about his “guardians”, about his childhood, other murders. After spending the night in the forest, Fyodor leaves “in the nest”, near Moscow, the place of Swan. There lives his sister Klavusha Sonnova, a voluptuous woman, who excites herself by pushing the head of a living goose into the womb; in theRead More →

The main theme is the relationship between the teacher and the student, which changes during the narrative. The conflict begins with the delay of Savushkin in the lesson of the Russian language. This is the next delay of the student, which causes a young teacher to lose her temper. She decides to talk with his mother Savushkin. Anna Vasilyevna is 24 years old. She works only two years, but has already gained the glory of an experienced teacher. They know, appreciate, respect. Anna Vasilyevna herself is a good person, but she is a bit self-confident. Savushkin reveals to his teacher an amazing world of winterRead More →

Henry James Europeans Brother and sister – Felix Young and Baroness Eugenia Munster – for the first time in their life come to their mother’s homeland in America. They grew up in Europe, feel Europeans and anxiously await a meeting with the Wentworth family – uncles, cousins ​​and cousins. Felix is ​​the first to get acquainted with relatives, but finds only the younger cousin Gertrude – all went to church, and she, despite the entreaties of the enamored priest Brenda and elder sister Charlotte, stayed at home. Gertrude meets him cheerfully and asks about his family. The late mother of Felix and Eugenia went toRead More →

The mighty emperor of the Franks, the great Karl (the very Karl, in whose name the word “king” occurs), has been fighting the Moors in beautiful Spain for seven long years. He has won many of the Spanish castles from the wicked. His faithful army broke all the towers and conquered all the hail. Only the ruler of Saragossa, King Marsilius, the ungodly servant of Muhammad, does not want to recognize Karl’s dominance. But soon the proud prince Marsilus will fall and Zaragoza will bow head to the glorious emperor. King Marcilius convokes his faithful Saracens and asks them for advice on how to escapeRead More →

The action takes place in Southeast Asia a few years after the First World War. The young Frenchman Claude Vannek goes to Siam in search of ancient Khmer bas-reliefs. In Europe, there was a demand for Asian rarities, and Claude hopes to get rich. On the ship he meets Perken – this German or Dane belongs to the number of Europeans who are ready to put life at stake for the sake of fame and power. He has extensive experience with the natives – according to rumors, he even managed to subdue one of the local tribes. Claude invincibly draws to Perken, for he guessesRead More →

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