“Blockhead” of the Block in summary

“Blockhead” of the Block in summary

On stage is an ordinary theater room with three walls, a window and a door. The Mystics of both sexes are sitting at the table with a concentrated look in their coats and fashionable dresses. Pierrot is sitting at the window in a white robe. Mystics are waiting for the arrival of Death, Pierrot awaits the arrival of his bride Columbine, Unexpectedly and unclear where the girl of unusual beauty appears. She is in white, behind her shoulders lies a braided braid. Pierrot enthusiastically kneels down prayerfully. The mystics lean back in horror on the backs of the chairs:

“The emptiness is in her eyes, the features are pale as marble, this is Death!” Pierrot tries to dissuade the Mystics, saying that this is Colombine, his bride, but the Chairman of the mystical assembly assures Piero that he is mistaken, this is Death. Confused Pierrot rushes to the exit, Colombine follows him. Appeared, the Harlequin leads Columbine, taking her hand. Mystics lifelessly hang on the chairs – it seems, hang empty coats. The curtain closes, the author jumps out onto the stage. He tries to explain to the public the essence of the play he wrote: it is about the mutual love of two young souls; they are blocked by a third person, but the barriers finally fall, and those who are loving are united forever. He, the Author, does not recognize any allegories… However, he is not allowed to finish the sentence, the hand that has leaned out from behind the curtain grabs the Author by the scruff of the neck, and he disappears behind the scenes.

The curtain opens. On the stage there is a ball. Under the sound of dancing masks are circling, knights, ladies, clowns are walking. Sad Piero, sitting on the bench, utters a monologue: “I stood between two lanterns / And listened to their voices / / They whispered, closed their cloaks, / Kissed their night in the eyes. / … Ah, then in a cabby sleigh / He’s my girlfriend I wandered in a frosty fog, I watched them from afar, / Ah, with its nets it entangled / And, laughing, it rang with a bug! But when he wrapped it, – / Ah, a friend fell face down! / … And all night through the streets of the snow / We wandered – the Harlequin and Pierrot… / He pressed himself so tenderly to me, / The feather tickled my nose! / He whispered to me:

“My brother, we are together, / Inseparable for many days… / We will sink with you about the bride, / About your cardboard

bride!” Pierrot sadly removed.

Before the audience one by one pass lovers couples. Two, imagining that they are in church, quietly talking, sitting on a bench;

Two passionate lovers, their movements are swift; a pair of medieval lovers – she quietly, like an echo, repeats the last words of each of his phrases. The Harlequin appears: “The streets are sleepy and snowy / I dragged a fool after myself!” / The world opened its eyes to the rebellious, / The snowy wind sang over me! / … Hello world, you are again with me! / Your soul is close to me a long time! I’m going to breathe your spring / In your golden window! ” The harlequin jumps into the drawn window – the paper bursts. In a paper break, against the backdrop of a busy dawn, Death is in long white robes with an oblique shoulder.

All in horror run up. Suddenly Pierrot appears, he slowly walks through the whole scene, stretching his arms to Death, and as it approaches, her features begin to come alive – and against the background of the dawn stands at the window of Colombin. Pierrot fits, wants to touch her hand – when suddenly the author’s head thrusts between them, which wants to connect the hands of Columbine and Pierrot. Suddenly, the scenery takes off and flies up, the masks run up, Piero lies helplessly on the empty stage. Plaintively and dreamily, Piero utters his monologue: “Oh, how bright is the one that has left.” / She fell, and / I came to laugh at her / And now I stand, pale face, / But you have to laugh at me sinfully. What to do! She fell face down… / I’m very sad. Are you funny? “

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“Blockhead” of the Block in summary