Lev Ivanovich Yashin – footballer, champion of the Olympics in 1956, champion of Europe, the USSR. Born Lev Yashin October 22, 1929 in Moscow in

Megan Denise Fox – model, an actress, who became famous for the film “Transformers.” Megan was born on May 16, 1986 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

The definition of “genius” is best suited to the great mathematician and brilliant physicist Leonard Euler. Childhood and early years Euler was born on April

Serena Williams – tennis player, was born September 26, 1981 in the city of Saginaw, Michigan. Most known as one of the sisters-tennis player Williams.

John Locke was an outstanding philosopher and thinker of the Enlightenment. Childhood and the early years of John Locke John Locke was born August 29,

(1828 – 1910) (1828-1910), Earl, Russian writer, Corresponding Member (1873), Honorary Academician (1900) of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences. Beginning with the autobiographical trilogy

DJ Groove is a Russian DJ, composer. Eugene was born on April 6, 1972 in the Murmansk region. The music education in his biography DJ

Michael Jordan – basketball player, was born on February 17, 1963. Most known as the defender of the team “Chicago Bulls”. Throughout the 1990s, Jordan

Jim Thorpe is an athlete, born on May 28, 1888. Biography of Jim Thorpe is best known as the history of a brilliant athlete, football

Nobel Laureate Maria Curie was a physicist and chemist, known throughout the world for her work with radiation. Childhood and early years Maria Sklodowska was

Fred Williamson is a football player, actor. Born March 3, 1938 in the city of Gary, Indiana. Best known as a professional football star. In

Igor Dmitrievich Pelyh – TV presenter, producer, musician, creator and presenter of the popular entertainment program “Gallop on Europe”. Igor was born on February 3,