“Wild Swans” by Andersen in brief summary

“Wild Swans” by Andersen in brief summary

The king had 11 sons and 1 daughter. The royal children lived well and carefree, until the stepmother appeared, who gave Elisa for education in the village, and turned the brothers into swans and flew away. Beauty Eliza every day more and more beautiful, but all the time she remembered the brothers. When she returned to the castle, her stepmother decided to make her ugly with the help of 3 toads, but they swam across the water with red poppies, barely touched an innocent girl. Then the stepmother-sorceress disfigured her stepdaughter with mud; Even the king-father did not recognize his own daughter and expelled her.

The girl spent the night in the woods, dreamed of herself and her brothers in the old days, and washed herself in the pond in the morning and again became a beauty. The

next day the old lady gave a handful of berries and pointed the river, where she saw 11 swans in gold crowns. Eliza went to the delta of the river at sunset there flew 11 swans, which turned into her brothers. In the morning they flew away, and a day later Eliza was carried away with a basket of willow bark. After spending the night on a small ledge, in the morning the swans flew again. All day Eliza admired Fata-Morgana, and spent the night in a cave overgrown with green plants. She dreamed that the fairy Fata Morgana, like an old woman from the woods, told how to save the brothers: you need to pick nettle at the cave or in the cemetery and weave 11 shirts for the brothers, but do not say a word, otherwise the brothers will die.

Returning in the morning and noticing the sister’s dumbness, the brothers at first took it for another stepmother’s sorcery, but then they understood everything. As soon as Eliza took up two shirts, she was found by the king who was hunting in those parts. He took the forest beauty to his wife and took him to his castle, and even transported her nettles to a special room. But the archbishop whispered to the king that his wife was a witch, and one night saw the queen tearing nettles at the cemetery. The archbishop reported all this to the king; he saw with his own eyes that it was true. When

Eliza once again went to the cemetery, she was caught on the hot; the people conferred on the “sorceress” to be burned at the stake.

In the confinement the girl dopletala last shirt. The brothers came to the king, trying to intercede for their sister, but did not manage to turn into swans again at dawn. In the morning, while the old nag was driving Eliza to the fire, the crowd wanted to tear their shirts, but the brothers flew in. The executioner had already grabbed the girl’s hand, but she managed to throw shirts at the brothers, and so she could say: “I’m innocent!” and fainted. The brothers told everything, and the logs for the fire turned into a bush of scarlet roses with a single white rose, which the king put Eliza on his chest, and she woke up, and “in her heart were peace and happiness.”

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“Wild Swans” by Andersen in brief summary