“The fraudster Zhao and his friends” Feng Manlong in summary

Song Four has caused great trouble for Zhang, nicknamed the Greedy Womb

In ancient times, there was a certain wealth of Shi Chun. He got it on the occasion: he helped the old river dragon to defeat the young one. For this, and received in return a myriad of treasures. Only he had nothing to boast about. The tsar’s relative envied him and wanted his wife. On the spell of the envious man the rich man was beheaded, and his wife, so as not to get to the villain, rushed from the high tower.

And our story about another rich man who tried to live modestly, but still ended badly. His name was Zhang, but for his unprecedented stinginess he was nicknamed the Greedy Ustroba. Somehow his clerks handed a beggar a pair of copper coins. So the owner rushed after him and took away alms. A certain thief named Sun Four decided to punish the jade and robbed Zhang at night. Neither evil dogs, nor guards, nor cunning locks and traps-nothing stopped him. Yes, and his signature on the wall

of the treasury left. The detectives rushed after him in pursuit, only he outwitted them: he deftly deftly changed his appearance.

At the inn he met his student-thief Zhao Zheng. He was going to fishing in the capital and managed to steal the knot with the booty directly from under the teacher’s head in proof of his skill. Sun was angry, but the wretch managed to repeat his trick and robbed the teacher again. Sun had to admit the agility of the student and even provide him with a letter of recommendation to the capital’s acquaintance. But he only advised him not to greet the student, but to promptly inform him.

Tricky Zhao Zheng read a furtive letter, but did not back down. The family of Sun’s acquaintances traded pies with a human. It was not out of the ordinary to kill them. Only Zhao instead of himself managed to put his own child in bed. His father did it and cut him himself. He rushed to chase Zhao, and a fight broke out between them. For this, Sun Four found them.

They decided to trade together, and even to bring to the cause of a certain Wang Xiu, nicknamed the Wicked Cat.

The three of them robbed the house of Prince Qian, carrying away the greatest jewel – a belt of white jade. Detective Ma Han was detained in search of the loss. But the impudent Zhao Zheng not only sleuthed the detective, but managed to transfer the paper with mocking verses into the ruler’s own hands, and even the suspension from his belt was cut off.

And another thing the scammers decided to smell. The jade belt, stolen from the prince, was foisted on the unsuspecting Zhang – Greedy UTB, as if in pledge. He at the sight of jewelry easily caught the bait. And they let the prince know where to look for the loss. Zhadin was captured and severely tortured. He promised to indicate in three days the one who brought the belt to him.

Then thieves informed Zhang that his own values ​​can be found in the homes of detectives Ma and Wang Zun. They went there with a search and found the loot. The detectives were thrown into prison and tortured, but this did not lead to anything.

Since the belt was never found, the angry ruler ordered Greedy Utrob to compensate the prince for losses. He did not endure the terrible waste and managed to hammer. The detectives soon died in the jail. And scammers got away with it. True, this continued until the governor of the region was appointed Bao by the nickname of Drakonov Seal. But we will talk about this in another place.

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“The fraudster Zhao and his friends” Feng Manlong in summary