Summary of the “Office” of Turgenev

In the autumn I wandered with a gun through the fields. A fine and cold rain made me look for some kind of shelter. At the ancient old man who guarded the pea field, I learned the way to the nearest village. Finally, I reached a large village with a stone church. I went to the biggest hut, assuming that it was the headman’s dwelling, but I found an office there. A man of about 50 years old appeared to me, fat, low, with a bull’s neck, eyes bulging and very round cheeks. For a fee, the fat man agreed to shelter me and led me to the next room. From him I learned that this is the estate of Elena Nikolaevna Losnyakova.

Soon the clerk on duty brought me tea. He said that the fat man is the chief clerk. In addition to him, another 6 people work in the office. In the estate there is a bailiff and a headman from the Germans, but the lady is in charge of everything. In the office orders and orders are written for the captain and the elder who are signed only by Losnyakova.


fell asleep. After 2 hours I woke up and heard voices in the office behind the partition. The chief clerk, Nikolai Eremeyich, was bargaining with a merchant. From the conversation I realized that before making a deal with the lady, the merchants pay bribes to the chief clerk. With peasants, Nikolai Eremeyich also took a “rent” and sent them for good work. Thinking that I was asleep, they did not hide their business.

There was a noise on the porch and a short man with an extraordinarily long nose, large immovable eyes and a proud bearing entered the office. He was carrying a bundle of wood, around him crowded courtyard people. From their cries I learned that the man was called Kupry. Previously, he was a tailor at the lady. She let the Kupri loose, but because of unhappy love, he returned and became a stoker, for which the whole mop was mocked.

Nicholas Eremeyich was summoned to the lady. Suddenly a loud voice was heard and a tall, disgruntled man came in, neatly dressed, with a wrong but expressive and bold face named Pavel. He was looking for the chief clerk. When Nikolai Eremeyich returned, Pavel demanded that Tatyana leave his bride alone. The chief clerk said the girl, she was transferred to dishwashers and was forbidden to marry. Pavel was a paramedic, and Nikolai took revenge on him because of unsuccessful treatment. With Paul’s father, he also feuded.

Yeremeich said that the lady would have to choose one of them. Pavel rushed to Yeremeyich with his fists. A week later I learned that Losnyakova had left both Pavel and Nikolay, and Tatyana had exiled.

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Summary of the “Office” of Turgenev