Summary “White Bim, Black Ear” of Troepolsky

It was not lucky for a small Scottish setter-gordon to be born with an outrageous appearance for his breed. In no way did he meet the standards, according to which breeders judge the breed of a dog. A descendant of almost royal dog blood, Beam became an annoying misunderstanding for the breeder. He would inevitably have died, cold-bloodedly rejected because of his atypical appearance for the setter, but the Master Ivan Ivanovich took him to his place. So begins the story “White Bim Black Ear”. The brief content of the book, stated in the article, will make you experience an amazing history of friendship.

Carefree puppy childhood

The book “White Bim Black Ear” Troepolsky wrote in order to bring up a new generation of true love and sympathy for all life.

The owner is a former soldier, he once worked as a journalist. Now he was a simple lonely pensioner, and the rejected puppy became for him the best friend, companion and pupil at the same


The kindest Ivan Ivanovich quickly realized that, despite his atypical appearance, his pupil possesses the best canine qualities. Beam was smart, affectionate and even intelligent in the literal sense of the word. Unable to become a recognized medalist at dog shows, Beam inside turned out to be a real aristocrat of the spirit.

Surrounded by the love of his master, Bim grew up as an affectionate, trusting, educated dog. Together they spent the evenings engaging in fascinating pursuits, walking in the woods and hunted. Beam was still a real hunting dog, and the Boss did not want to deprive him of his natural hunting instinct.

Unintentional blow of fate

Nothing yet does not know about life White Bim Black ear. The brief content of the book of Troepolsky will tell about the complexities of the fate of the dog and its owner.

Against the backdrop of utter idyll the Boss fell seriously ill. The war wound was wounded. Ivan Ivanovich was urgently hospitalized for the operation and taken to Moscow. Beem was left alone in an empty apartment under the supervision of an old woman-neighbor. He

remained waiting for the master, unable to understand where he had disappeared and why he did not come.

Beem yearned, refused food. He could do nothing but wait! Wait in an empty apartment was unbearable, and Beam decided to personally go on a quest. After all, he was a born hunter and was able to follow the trail.

Alone at home.

The story “White Bim Black Ear”, the brief content of which conveys the story of a dog that has lost a friend, will touch the most heartless heart.

The days passed one after another, but in the life of Beam nothing changed. Every morning he went in search of a missing friend and in the evening returned to the door of his apartment. He timidly scrabbled at the door next door, and Stepanovna went out to let him in.

In the streets of a big city, naive Beam, who believed that almost all people are kind and sympathetic, have to face the cruel realities of life.

In the endless wanderings around the city, Bim gets to know a lot of people of very different backgrounds and recruits a sad experience. It turns out that not all people are kind and ready to help.

Before the illness of the Master, Bim had only one enemy in the person of “free Soviet woman” Aunts. Her aunt hated the whole world openly, but for some reason she was particularly angered by a well-bred, affectionate dog. Aunt, being a born brawler and scoundrel, everywhere spread rumors that Beam is dangerous to others. I even assured him that he wanted to bite her. The story “White Bim Black Ear”, the brief content of which tells about such “copies”, will make you sad.

Beam was afraid of the evil Aunt and tried to stay away from her. The defender in the person of Ivan Ivanovich was no more, and in the face of danger he was now completely unarmed. Aunt, in the end, and will be the culprit of his tragic death.

Such different people

In search of the missing Master Beam first feels a sense of hatred. Collector “dog signs” Gray takes him home to remove from the collar a sign for his collection. On the plate were written information about the dog and its number, according to which the dog can be identified and not confused with stray, mongrel dogs. With Gray and White Bim goes Black ear. The dog breed of the Scottish Setter-Gordon made it noticeable on the streets of the city.

Having deprived Bim of his “regalia”, Gray heavily beat him with a stick because the dog did not let him sleep with his piteous whine. Kind and peaceful Beam, recovering from beatings, attacks the tormentor with rage and bites his teeth in his “soft place”.

A battered dog can not recover from the injuries for a long time, but continues to drive around the city, hoping to find the lost track of his friend. He learned to distinguish between good and evil people. And he and the others had met him on the way. Someone will drive and scold, but someone will feed, will caress, will help to heal wounds. “White Bim Black Ear” – a summary of not only the book, but the entire Soviet era.

New friends

In his masterpiece “White Bim Black Ear” Troepolsky talks about kind and sympathetic boys who tried to facilitate the fate of Beam.

In wandering around the city, Bim meets not only self-serving, spiteful Gray and shrill Aunts. He finds true friends in the person of the kind girl Dasha and the “boy from the cultural family” Tolik.

It was Dasha who made him start eating, forcibly fed him, realizing that the dog would die of anguish starving to death. She also built him a sign with explanations of his name, why he wandered the streets, and asked people not to offend him. On this plate and fucked neputevy “collector”, depriving Bima and the name, and written on the tablet Dasha’s appeal to people.

Tolik fell in love with Bima at first sight and helped him as best he could. Since rumors of a “homeless, rabid dog” spread throughout the city, Tolik personally drove the dog to the vet for examination. The veterinarian prescribed treatment for him and confirmed that the dog is absolutely healthy. The dog was not rabid. He was just a sick, unhappy, crippled creature.

The boy visited him, fed him, walked on a leash, so that again something would not happen to Bim. Beam came to life and took heart in the care and love of his new friend. Stepanovna gave Beam a letter from the Boss. A sheet of paper kept the smell of Ivan Ivanovich’s hands. The dog laid his nose on the letter and for the first time cried with happiness. Real tears from the newfound hope rolled from his gullible eyes.

Alarming changes

Suddenly Tolik stopped coming. Parents-snobs forbade him to spend time in the company of a semi-literate old woman, her granddaughter and a sick dog. Beem again yearned and again broke out into the open spaces. Wandering to the places where he once walked with the Boss, Beam enters the village and remains in the family of a shepherd. He likes the expanses of fields and meadows, to which he was accustomed during hunting with the Boss. He made friends with the son of the shepherd Alyosha.

But here comes a new misfortune: taken on the hunt neighbor of the new owner, Beam leads the furious hunter in that he can not finish off the podrankov. The raging hunter beats Beam heavily, after which the dog, who has lost faith in people, returns to the city. In the village he remains afraid.

In the city, he accidentally finds Tolik’s house and scratches his paw at the door of his house. The happy boy persuades the parents to leave Bima in their home. But at night Tolya’s father takes the dog to the forest, ties it to a tree, leaves a bowl of food and leaves.

Helpless in his position, mutilated dog almost becomes a victim of a she-wolf. Hunting dogs are not accustomed to fighting wolves. They can only follow their trail during the pen.

Beam bites the rope and gets out of the woods. But on the way to the cherished goal – to the door of his native home – he accidentally finds himself clamped in the grip of the railway arrows. He was rescued by the fact that the machinist in the dark noticed on the tracks of a trapped dog and stopped the train.

Completely crippled, emaciated, barely alive Bim at the cost of incredible effort, finally, gets to his street. And then the last chord of the tragedy rattles. The aunt, who noticed a dog sitting in the middle of the street, assures the dogs, who catch sick and homeless animals, that she knows Bima. He belongs to her, has rabies, and she persuades the dogs to take Bima.

So he finds himself in a boarding school, locked up in an iron van. He fiercely scratches and bites the door in an attempt to escape, but in vain.

Long-awaited meeting.

Ivan Ivanovich, who arrived after the operation and is looking for his pet along with Tolik and Alyosha, attacks the Bima track.

But when he opens the door of the van to free his friend, he sees that everything has already ended for Bim. The dog with bloody paws and torn lips was lying with his nose buried in the door. Beam was dead. He almost waited for the Boss.

Ivan Ivanovich buried a friend in a forest glade and shot four times in the air. This is the custom of hunters: they shoot as many times as there were a dead dog. Therefore, the Boss made 4 shots: it was precisely for so many years that a kind and faithful dog lived in the world.

His book “White Bim Black Ear” Troepolsky wrote in his native city of Voronezh, where the monument to the hero of the story was later placed.

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Summary “White Bim, Black Ear” of Troepolsky