Summary “Two rich men” Turgenev

The last works of Ivan Turgenev were published in 1882. These were short notes, reflections and observations from the notebooks of the writer. The name of the cycle changed several times. Initially, the author called the collection “Posthumous”, then wrote in Latin Senilia, which means “Starikovskoe”. But the final version, under which the collection was published, was called “Poems in Prose.”

Perhaps, this is the most successful decision. In small texts, the prose of life is comprehended, and then presented in a short lyric form. The miniatures of the collection are not rhymed, but their language is very poetic. One of the most capacious works of the cycle is “Two rich men”. Only a few lines were enough for Turgenev to create a series of images and make the reader think.

The work, written in July 1878, consists of two parts, has a beginning and an ending. It compares the charity of Rothschild and the poor peasant family.

The writer notes that the generosity of one of the richest people on the planet deserves admiration, since not all well-off people give part of their income “for raising children, for treating patients, for charity of the old.” Such kind deeds cause the writer’s praise and affection. But then Turgenev remembers the “wretched peasant family.” which takes an orphan in his “ruined house”. A short conversation between husband and wife is full of nobility and spiritual generosity.

What does the billionaire infringe upon, giving money to the poor? He hardly feels any changes in his luxurious life. But the peasant family, having sheltered the orphan, can not even buy salt for soup. But is it only food? Take on child upbringing – hard work. It is necessary not only to dress, to shod and feed, but also to give the girl a particle of the soul, to replace her parents.

Turgenev does not give details about the family of peasants. The reader does not know whether they have their own children. Most likely, that is. That’s why the woman growls good-naturedly. The author

also does not mention the names of the heroes. On the one hand, this approach creates a generalization, on the other – emphasizes the simple social status of the family.

It is characteristic that both say “we”. realizing oneself as a whole. Here is a quiet daily feat, the true spiritual wealth of a simple peasant, about which the newspapers do not ring the whole world.

Saltykov-Shchedrin spoke about the works of Turgenev, which, after reading them, is easy to breathe, believe, warmly felt. This is also true of the miniatures of the five proposals “Two rich men”.

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Summary “Two rich men” Turgenev