Summary “Twelve towers”

Summary “Twelve towers”

Once there lived in friendship two scientists – Tu and Guan. And they married sisters. True, very different characters: Guan had the most stringent rules, and Tu thoughtless, even unchecked. And they brought up their wives in accordance with their own views. At first, both families lived together, and then quarreled. We divided the estate into a tall wall, even across the pond the dam was erected.

Even before the quarrel in the Tu’s family, a son was born, named Zhensheng, Preciously Born, and in the Guanya family a girl named Yujiu-an – Beautiful Jasper. Children were similar to each other – not to distinguish. Mothers brought them to each other sisters.

The children were growing up already separated, but from the conversations of the elders they knew

each other and dreamed of seeing each other. The young man even dared to visit his aunt, but he was not shown his sister – the customs of Guy were strict. They could not see until they could see the reflection in the pond. They saw and immediately fell in love with each other.

The young man was more brave, he solicited the meeting. The girl from modesty opposed. A friend of the Tu’s family, a certain Lee, tried to match the lovers, but was strongly refused. Parents sympathized with his son, tried to find him another bride. They remembered that Lee himself had an adopted daughter. They compared the horoscopes of young people – they coincided with extraordinary accuracy. Have arranged an engagement. The girl Li was happy, but the girl Guan, having learned about the future wedding of her lover, began to wither from day to day.

The youth in his frivolity could not decide and dreamed of each of the girls. Then Li had a triple marriage plan. He dedicated his friend Tu to him, and Guyan’s consent was deceived. The day of the ceremony was appointed. Guan, who did not suspect anything, saw that there was no groom next to his daughter, but was afraid to break the ceremonial. When everything was clarified, he became angry, but he was persuaded that it was all due to excessive severity, in which he held his

daughter, and his bad character, which led to a quarrel with the Tu’s family. I had to accept it.

The young people healed together. Especially for them a pavilion was built on the pond, called the “Tower of the United Reflection,” and the wall, of course, was torn down.


During the Ming Dynasty, there lived a certain Qian Xiaojing who traded in fish. With his wife, nee Bian, he had no consent. It’s true, for this sky and did not give them offspring. But when the couple matched the forty, they had a difference in just one hour were born daughters. Maidens grew up to be real beauties, for nothing that commoners.

It was time to give them away. Accustomed to mutually contradict each other, the parents decided to make each in their own way. The wife took the matchmakers in secret from her husband, and he himself conducted the marriage negotiations. It got to the point that two marriage processions met at the gate of their house one day. Hardly managed to keep the decency. However, when the husband’s grooms appeared later in time behind the brides, Mrs. Bian made a real battle. The husband persuaded his future relatives to sue, and he volunteered to be a witness.

At that time, all affairs were supervised by a young inspector in criminal matters. He listened to both sides, but he could not decide who was right. He summoned the girls to ask their opinions, but they only blushed embarrassed. Then he called the suitors and was crushed by their ugliness. I realized that such muzhlans can not be to the heart of beauties.

And he thought about this: to arrange among the young people the districts of competition, something like examinations. Who will excel, will receive, if single, wife, and if already married – a deer as a reward. And the girls put as long as the tower, called “The Tower of the Conquered Reward.” The ads were posted, and the applicants began to flock from all sides. Finally announced the winners. Two were married, two were single. True, one of the bachelors was not interested in brides at all, and the second one was completely absent.

The inspector called on the winner and announced his decision. Then he asked where the second winner. It turned out that the winners were twin brothers, and one passed the exams for himself and for the named brother. Conscious of this name Yuan Shijun refused to marry, he insisted that he brings some miscarriages for his maidens, and therefore gathered in monks. But the inspector did not back down. He ordered the girls to be brought and announced that Yuan as a winner receives two brides at once.

Yuan obeyed the will of the ruler. He lived happily and reached high posts. The young ruler also succeeded. True they say: “Only a hero can recognize a hero.”


During the Ming dynasty, a rich man named Tan lived in the Chengdu area. He only did that he bought up new land – he thought it was stupid to spend money on another: guests would eat food, build a fire, and someone would ask for a dress. He had a son, the same scandal as his father. I wasted excesses. I just wanted to build a big beautiful house, but greed prevented me.

I decided to consult my father. That for the sake of his son came up with this. In the same lane he noticed a garden, the owner of which was building a house. The father was sure that after completing the house, he would want to sell it, because by that time he would have done a lot of debts, and creditors would beat him.

And the house was built by a certain Yu Hao, a man of good order, who did not chase after glory, who devoted his time to poetry and guilt. A few years later, as Tang had foreseen, Yu completely became impoverished – the construction was eating up a lot of money. I had to sell a new house to him. Tanya’s father and son pretended that they were not interested in buying, scolded buildings and gardens to bring down the price. They offered a fifth of his true value for the house. Yu Hao agreed with a reluctant heart, but put one condition: for himself he leaves a high tower, enclosing it with a wall with a separate entrance. The younger Tan tried to argue, but his father persuaded him to yield. He realized that sooner or later, Yu will sell the tower.

The tower was beautiful. On each of the three floors the owner arranged everything to his own taste. The new owners were soon disfigured by the perestroika, and the tower still struck with its perfection. Then the rich thought to take it away at all costs. Yue could not persuade him. We started a lawsuit. But, fortunately, the judge quickly understood their sneaky plan, chastised the Tanov and drove them away.

In distant lands, Yu had a twin brother, a man as rich as he was generous and indifferent to money. He came to visit and was very upset with the sale of the house and garden and neighbor’s tricks. He offered money to buy back the estate, but Yu refused. A friend was going to leave and before telling him that he had dreamed of a white mouse in his dream – a true sign of the treasure. He cursed not to sell the tower.

And the Tanis now waited for the death of their neighbor, but he, contrary to their expectations, was strong and even in sixty years gave birth to an heir son. The rich fell victim. However, in time, an intermediary appeared to them. It turned out that Yu, with the birth of his son, had a heavy gripe and was ready to sell the tower. His friends discouraged him, but he insisted on his own, and he settled in a tiny house under a thatched roof.

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Summary “Twelve towers”