Summary of the “Cockroach” Chukovsky

Summary of the “Cockroach” Chukovsky

Bears were riding on a bicycle. And behind them the cat Backwards. And behind it are mosquitoes On a balloon. And behind them are crayfish On a lame dog. Wolves on a mare, Lions in a car. Bunnies in the tram Toad on the broom… They go and laugh, when suddenly a terrible giant climbs out of the gateway – Cockroach. He threatens the beasts that he will eat them. Beasts in a panic – the wolves ate each other, the crocodile swallowed the toad, and the elephant sat down on the hedgehog. Only crayfish are not afraid – although they are backing up, but fearlessly they shout to the mustachioed monster that they themselves can move their mustaches – no worse than the Cockroach. And the Hippo promises to someone who will not be afraid of the monster and fight with him,

give two frogs and send a fir cone. The animals reverted and rush to the barbel. But when they see him, they are so frightened that they immediately run away.

The hippopotamus urges the animals to go and lift the Cockroach on their horns, but the beasts are afraid: It’s only heard how your teeth chatter, Only you can see the ears tremble. And now the Cockroach became the lord of fields and forests, and all the beasts obeyed him. He orders the animals to bring their children to dinner. All animals cry and say goodbye to their children forever, cursing the evil master. The poorest mothers are crying the worst: what kind of mother will agree to give her cute child for dinner to the insatiable scarecrow? But one day the Kangaroo galloped up. Seeing the barbel, the guest laughs: Is this a giant? It’s just a cockroach! Cockroach, cockroach, cockroach. Liquid-skinned goat-beech. Kangaroo shames her toothy and fanged acquaintances – they obeyed the goat, the cockroach. The hippos are frightened, squealing at the Kangaroo, but then from nowhere comes the Sparrow, which Cockroach swallows. There is no giant! All the bestial family thanks and praises their deliverer. Everyone is so excited and dancing so dashingly that the moon, shaking in the sky, falls on the elephant and slides into the swamp.

But the moon is soon

put in place, and the forest inhabitants are again returned to peace and joy. “Cockroach” Korney Chukovsky tells the young reader about different animals that travel on: bicycle, car, balloon, tram, each other, etc. Friends cheerfully go and laugh together, but they face a terrible giant – Cockroach and begins threaten the beasts. Animals from fear do different things, but some cause the enemy to fight. Seeing the terrible whiskers of the cockroach, they again run away. The cockroach becomes a ruler and conquers local residents. He orders the animals to bring him to be eaten by small children.

Mothers suffer and shed tears. Suddenly the Kangaroo appears and ridicules the malicious barbel. At the same time he curses his fanged friends and toothy acquaintances. How could they be frightened of such an absurd and miserable creature. And then the Sparrow appears. He swallows the beast. Everyone is happy and thankful to the savior. The holiday begins. Everyone dances and jubilantly. The moon shakes from the noise and falls down directly on the elephant, and then slides into the swamp. The beasts take it out, and the world returns to the earth.

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Summary of the “Cockroach” Chukovsky