Summary “The Lord of the Flies” Golding

There was a nuclear explosion. A group of teenagers who were taken to evacuation was on a desert island. Ralph and the boy, nicknamed Piggy, find a large shell. They call all the guys. The boys are from three to fourteen years old. Choose the “main”. They become Ralph, and Jack is entrusted to lead the choristers, making them hunters. Ralph, Jack and Simon are going to explore the island. On the way back they see a pig entangled in creepers. Keeping the knife, Jack still could not commit the murder. Piglet ran away, and the teenager was ashamed of his indecision.

At the meeting, Ralph explained that from now on they will have to decide everything themselves. The guys are not afraid at all that they may not be rescued soon, they are carefree and cheerful. Ralph proposes to breed a large bonfire on the top of the mountain and carefully maintain it so that they can be noticed from the ship. Jack and his detachment take over the maintenance of the fire. Boys do not want

to work seriously. The hunters did not follow the fire, and the people who passed by the ship did not notice them. The extinguished bonfire was the occasion for a quarrel between Ralph and Jack, who had hammered the first pig before.

Ralph understands how important it is to be able to consistently and correctly express your thoughts, collects the next meeting. For him, the main thing is to eradicate the fear that has crept into the souls of the boys. However, Jack suddenly utters the word “beast”. In addition, another boy claims that the beast comes out of the sea. Simon suggests: “Maybe it’s ourselves.” Jack promises to track down the beast. The inhabitants of the island are divided into two camps. One personifies order, mind, law, the other – the blind power of destruction. Twins Eric and Sam, on duty at the camp fire, notify the guys that they saw the beast. Ralph, Jack and Roger in the light of the moon take for a terrible beast hung on the slings of a parachutist corpse.

Jack, reproaching Ralph for cowardice, goes into the forest. Gradually, there are fewer children

in the camp. They go to Jack. Simon witnesses their hunting for a pig. The boys put a pig’s head on the count. It is covered with flies. This is the lord of the flies. To get fire, hunters raid the camp. Their faces are smeared with clay. Having mastered the fire, Jack invites everyone to stick to his squad. All except Ralph and Piggy go to the detachment to Jack. He calls them to join his army. Ralph recalls that it was all his children who were chosen by the “main” democratic way. Having been on the mountain and making sure that there is no beast, Simon hastens to inform the children about it, but in the dark he is mistaken for a beast, killed in a ritual dance.

Ralph is trying to support the fire, but Jack steals Piggy’s glasses, with which the guys are building fire. Ralph and Piggy want to return them, go to Jack’s camp, but he meets them hostilely. In a fight, Ralph gets injured, and Plowshare is killed with a stone thrown from the fortress. Ralph manages to escape. Later he asks the sentries Erik and Sam to take the hunters away from his hiding place. But Eric and Sam give it to Jack. Ralph can not hide in the forest, he rushes around the island. On the shore meets a naval officer. A man is struck by the news of the terrible death of two boys.

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Summary “The Lord of the Flies” Golding