Summary of the story by A. P. Chekhov “Horse name”

The retired Major-General Buldeev’s teeth ached. No matter how many people treated the general with different folk remedies, all domesticated, nothing could stop the raging toothache. Even a doctor came, registered a queen, but that alone did not help. On the offer to snatch the tooth Buldeev refused. And then Ivan Evseich, the clerk of Buldeyev, advised him to treat his teeth with a conspiracy. He said that he knows one person in Saratov, from the former excise, who uses those who have toothache, with conspiracies. You can send him a dispatch asking him to use the general. And send money for treatment by mail. Initially, the general refused, but his wife persuaded. Yes, that’s the trouble, Ivan Evseich forgot the name of the doctor. He remembers only that the surname is “this still a simple surname… like a horse… Kobylin No…” They went through several names: “Zherebchikov… Lo – shadkin… Loshakov… “It’s not that, and already” in the house, all in a hurry, they began to invent names. We went through all ages, floors and horses, remembered mane, hoofs, harness… “Every now and then they asked the clerk if this name was either not present.” Soon they began to walk in droves, but the toothache did not stop. it was impossible to sleep already at night.

In the morning the general sent for the doctor: “Let him rip!” The doctor came, tore the tooth, the pain subsided.

Leaving back home, the doctor meets a sternly thinking steward. “Ivan Evseich,” the doctor said to him, “can not I buy you a quarter of five oats from you? My oats are sold to me, but it’s painfully bad…”

And here it is – enlightenment. Oats!

“On-line!” “said the general to Ivan Yevseyevich’s cheers, and brought two cookies to his face. “I do not need your horse name now!

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Summary of the story by A. P. Chekhov “Horse name”