Summary “Roland Squire”

One day, King Charlemagne feasted with his valiant knights. The table was full of food, the guests were cheerful, but suddenly the owner of the feast said that the fun should be postponed:

We must accomplish a difficult feat. It’s good to have fun with us,

When Artusov is still a miracle Has the mascot been conquered?

In the Ardennes forest there lives a giant who keeps this talisman on his shield. Knights – the brave Olivier, Gwarin, the strongman Gemon, Naim of Bavaria, the Atlantean Count Milon, Merlin – immediately grabbed their heavy armor, jumped on their war horses and were about to leave. But then his young son Roland ran up to Milo and begged to take him with him as a squire. He agreed, and the knights along with Roland marched.

In the Ardennes forest, the knights went to look for the giant. Roland always accompanied his father in joyful excitement. Three days and three nights they wandered through the forest, but without success.

Charter, they settled down under an oak for rest, Milo fell asleep, and Roland settled down to guard his sleep.

Suddenly, Roland saw something glittering in the distance, frightened deer ran from all directions and “the giant appeared himself like a cloud with a shield shining from a talisman”.

What kind of a witch are you?

Wake up to me for you father

Out of place, it would be courteous;

Here for him, while he sleeps.

So Roland thought, then he hung his father’s sword on his shoulder, took his spear and shield, jumped on his horse and quietly retired, so as not to wake his father. Seeing him, the giant shrunk contemptuously:

Where are you, sucker?

Not for you your horse is zealous;

Look, your sword is longer than you;

Your shield from your childish shoulders,

You, having broken, will fall down;

Your spear is good for me.

However, Roland did not get confused by such contemptuous speeches and invited the giant to fight him. Tom nothing was left to do, how to accept the invitation.

The giant waved his club,


smash the shit to pieces,

But the horse Rolandov jumped back;

The club whistled by.

Roland put a spear into it;

It was left with a point,

Bent by the power of the talisman,

In the shield of a pierced giant.

Roland grabbed his father’s sword with both hands, the enemy tried to grab his own, but hesitated, and the young knight took advantage of this and cut off the giant’s left arm. Blood splashed with a stream, the shield with his hand flew away. The giant wailed with pain. Having lost the magic talisman, he at once became defenseless, rushed after the shield, but Roland’s swift blow fell on his legs, and the giant rolled in a black lump. Then Roland completed the case:

… Raising his father’s sword,

In one blow to the giant

He threw his head from his shoulders,

Whistling, blood poured into the valley.

After this, Roland took the giant’s shield in his hands, broke the mascot, concealed it in a dress, washed himself in a stream and, jumping on his horse, went to his father. He did not wake up yet. Roland lay down beside him and slept until Milon awoke. Then they again went in search of the giant. Roland ignored what had happened.

Finally they were at the place where the bloody battle took place. In the flow of blood lay the corpse of a giant, without a head, without a club, without a hand, there was not a sword, a shell and a shield with it, only one body remained.

After examining the corpse, Milo stated that he overslept his honor and glory.

The great Karl, looking out the window, was worried about his knights. Suddenly he saw the Duke of Gemon riding with a spear on which the giant’s head was planted. When he arrived, he told me that he had found his head in the forest, but he had not seen the talisman. After him came Tyrpin, tired, pale, but also without a talisman, but only with a giant hand. Naim arrived with a giant’s club, Olivier with a sword and a shell, Gvarin with a shield, but no one had a cherished talisman.

And at last Count Milon appeared. He was very sad, with a downcast head, and only Roland’s eyes burned like stars. Everyone watched as the horses drove up, and then Roland opened his shield.

And the ray shone from him wonderful,

As with a black cloud, the day is heavenly.

And there was a rumble all around Rustling applause;

And Charles said: “You, Count Milo,

Fulfilled our hope. “

In reward for the feat, Charles wanted to reward his knight. The same looked at his son in amazement.

“Where did you get that, good fellow?”

Roland in reply: “Forgive, father;

You wake up I was afraid And I fought with the giant. “

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Summary “Roland Squire”