Summary of the story “The Night Before Christmas” by N. V. Gogol

The last day before Christmas passed, and a clear starry night came. Through the trumpet of one house a witch on a broom rose and began to collect stars. And the devil at this time stole a month. He did it because he knew that today Chub was invited by a deacon on the kutu, and his beautiful daughter would stay at home, and at that time the smith would come. This devil took revenge on the blacksmith. This blacksmith, a good artist, once wrote a picture where St. Peter on the day of a terrible trial expels from the hell the evil spirit. The devil in every possible way interfered with the blacksmith, but the work was finished, the board was brought into the church and built into the wall. Since then, the devil has sworn to avenge the blacksmith. Having stolen a month, the devil hoped that in such darkness Chub would not go anywhere, and the blacksmith at his father would not dare to come to Chub’s daughter.

Chub, leaving at the same time from his house with Panas, wondered

what he should decide: go to the clerk or not. Finally it was decided to go. And two cums went on the road.

Daughter of Chuba Oksana was the first beauty. She was capricious, spoiled. The sticks chased after her in droves, but then left to others, not so spoiled. Only the smith did not leave her alone, although she treated him no better than with others.

When Chub went to the clerk, the smith appeared in his house. He admits Oksana in love, but she just plays with the blacksmith, mocks him. There was a knock at the door, demanding to open. Oksana wanted to go open, but Vakula the blacksmith said that he would open it himself.

At this time, the witch was tired of flying, and she went home, and the devil flew after her. The witch was the mother of Vakula, Solokha. She was about 40 years old, she was neither bad nor pretty, but she knew how to charm the Cossacks that many people went to her, not knowing that they had rivals. But best of all she treated the rich Chub, because she wanted to marry him to himself and take his wealth to his hands. And that her son somehow did not get ahead of her, marrying

Oksana, she constantly littered Chuba with Vakula.

When the devil flew after Solokha, he noticed that Chub had left the house. The devil began to break the snow to make a snowstorm. This snowstorm forced Chub to return home. But since the blizzard was strong, Chub and the godfather could not find the house for a long time. Finally, Chub thought that he had found his house. He knocked on the window, but, hearing Vakula’s voice, decided that he had wandered in the wrong direction. Having decided to find out whose house it was and to whom the blacksmith walked, Chub pretended to be caroling, said that he had come to reconquer, but Vakula drove him down with a strong blow to the back. Beaten, Chub went to Solokha.

When the devil flied from the hose Solokha hut and back, he fell a month and climbed to heaven, lighting everything around. The girls and the girls went out to carol. Our friends also went to Oksana. On one of the girls she saw nice cherevichki, and she wanted the same. Vakula promised Oksana that she would get the best for her. Oksana swore that if Vakula brought her the cherevichi, which the queen herself wears, she would marry him.

At this time, the devil was weak with Solokha, kissing her hands, but then there was a knock and a voice from the Head. The only thing left was to hide in one of the sacks of charcoal that Vakula left near the entrance. The head said that he was going to the clerk, and when the blizzard began, he decided to turn to Solokha. Again there was a knock. This was the deacon. The head asks him to hide, Solokha hides it in the biggest bag of coal. The clerk came in and said that since no one came to him because of the blizzard, he decided to celebrate with Solokha. Again there was a knock. This time Chub came. Solokha hides the clerk in another sack of coal. Chub came to Solokha to drink vodka, since he was completely frozen. Again a knock at the door and a voice: “Otry”. Vakula came home. Solokha, frightened by the appearance of her son, pointed Chub to the sack in which the deacon was already sitting. Chub climbed into it, the clerk could not even give a cough to his presence, and therefore suffered severe pain. Vakula, entering the hut, first fell on the bench, but then noticed that he had not cleaned the bags of coal. He decided to take them out. Thinking about Oksana, the blacksmith went out into the street. There was a celebration in all. The blacksmith, hearing Oksana’s voice among the voices, threw heavy bags and, leaving only a small bag in his hands, went into the crowd. Oksana again laughed at poor Vakula. He did not have any more strength, and Vakula decided to drown himself. He ran that there was strength on the edge of the village. But halfway it was thought over and decided to go to the paunchy Patsyuk to ask advice. Patsyuk was a sorceress, he had to whisper a few words, the illness with his hand took off. Vakula asks Patsyuk to show him the way to the devil, since he does not see any other means to help him in his affair with Oksana. But Patsyuk replies that “

Oksana long thought about how she acted with the blacksmith. What if he falls in love with another? But then the fears passed, and she was already laughing with her friends. Oksana’s friends found the sacks that Vakula had left, and decided that he had done so much. But since they did not have the strength to raise them, everyone ran after the sled. At this time, the lean cuma emerged from the tire and saw the bags, also deciding that someone had pinned. He called for the help of a weaver to drag the sack together to his house. At home from behind the bag a fight broke out between them and the wife of the godfather. The fight was stopped by a sudden appearance from the bag of Chub. And the clerk followed him. Chub marveled at Solokha’s cunning, which hides his boyfriends in sacks.

The girls, having returned, found only one sack, but they decided that there was enough of what they had. They piled the sack on the sled and took him to Oksana’s house. The girls began to untie the sack and found that there was someone sitting there. At that time he entered the house of Chub. He immediately realized that this bag was also from Solokha’s house. Head came out of the bag. Everyone was confused. The head, having pulled on the droplets, left. And Chub for a long time poured his annoyance at Solokha.

Meanwhile Vakula reached the line to St. Petersburg. He ordered the line to lead him to the Cossacks, who in the autumn passed through Dikanka and now were in the city. Zaporozhets immediately recognized the blacksmith. He asks them to take them to the queen. Zaporozhets refused for a long time, but then, not without interference, the line agreed. Vakula wore the same dress as theirs, and all went to the palace. There, the blacksmith, turning to the queen, asked for the same crockery as on her. The queen ordered to bring the most expensive, sewn with gold. Vakula marveled at the beauty of the cherevichki, making a compliment to the queen about the harmony of her legs. After that, the blacksmith ordered the devil to take him out of the palace, and suddenly found himself behind a barrier.

And in the village, meanwhile, a rumor spread that the smith was either drowning or hanging himself. Oksana, learning this news, could not fall asleep all night, she was all thinking of Vakul, “and fell in love with the blacksmith by the ears.”

In the morning, the devil brought Vakula to his hut. Vakula, instead of thanking the devil, gave him three times a twig on the back. The devil rushed to run. Vakula went home, fell down on the bench and slept until dinner. Then he put on a festive outfit, took the cherevichki and went to Chub. Chub was surprised at the appearance of the blacksmith, whom everyone considered dead. Vakula asks Oksana’s hands, shows what she brought with the cherevichki, Chub agrees. But Oksana did not need any more cherevichki, she was more important than the smith himself. Vakula marries Oksana and performs a church repentance.

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Summary of the story “The Night Before Christmas” by N. V. Gogol