Summary “Anna Karenina” of Tolstoy

At the end of the winter of 1873 in Moscow, in the house of Oblonsky, a serious family conflict broke out. Prince Stepan Arkadievich Oblonsky was convicted by his wife of treason with a governess. The prince himself was a very good man, but unfortunately he did not like his job and his wife. And he had one more feature, Steve, regardless of any problems he always found time and energy to have dinner in a restaurant. And during this period the Oblonskie waited for the sister of Prince Anna Arkadyevna Karenina, and while Steve was having dinner in the restaurant with his friend, who came from the village Konstantin Dmitrievich Levin.

Levin has long been in love with the eighteen-year-old girl Kitty Shcherbatskaya. He intends to offer her hand and heart, but realizes that she will not pay attention to a simple landowner. Kitty herself can not understand her feelings. She is very easy and calm with Levin, but she is also very nice to another man – a representative of the St.

Petersburg “Golden Youth” Count Alexei Kirillovich Vronsky. But Kitty does not know that Vronsky does not want to marry her, because the girl does not know this, in the hope of a happy future with Alexei Kitty refuses Levin.

Anna Karenina comes to the city. During her arrival at the station, Vronsky notices her, who was struck by the beauty of a woman. Vronsky himself came to meet his mother, who came from Petersburg. But at that moment a train stationman gets under the train at the station. This sight is seen by Anna Karenina and considers him a bad sign.

Thanks to Anna Dolly – Steve Oblonsky’s wife forgives her husband of treason. After that, she goes to the ball in the company Oblonsky and Shcherbatsky. On it Kitty hopes to explain Vronsky and admires the beauty of Anna. But a little later the girl notices that her beloved and Anna are very affectionate, in all their gestures there is an inexplicable craving for each other. After a while, Anna Karenina went to Petersburg. Vronsky also left there. But Levin did not cease to blame himself for his failure with Kitty, he left for the

village, where he put himself a rigid framework, which was before.

Arriving in St. Petersburg, Anna felt very depressed. She was married to a man older than her, and to whom she had no feelings other than respect. She and Alexei Alexandrovich Karenin had an eight-year-old son Seryozha, but even he did not save Anna from treason. The fact that she fell in love with Vronsky, exactly the same as Vronsky in it. They became lovers. In spite of this, in order not to show their relationship, they led an ordinary life, but the nature of the relationship between Anna and Vronsky was still understandable to the public. This character was also understandable for Anna Karenina’s husband. He repeatedly tried to talk to his wife, but it was useless. And only once he could not stand it, when on the races on which all the upper light was, Vronsky fell from the horse, and Anna, not knowing the severity of the injury, was very worried. Then Alexei Alexandrovich took his wife to the dacha, on which he forbade communication with Vronsky and threatened that if she betrayed him, he would expel her and not let her see her son. But he told her this, after the woman informed him of her disgust for him, and about the fact that she was cheating on him. Anna, frightened, agreed to his terms, but her husband, wanting to further humiliate the woman, set her a rigid framework in which she was obliged to create the impression of a happy Karenin family. But Alexey Alexandrovich did not know that after a year of relations with Vronsky, Anna was expecting a child from her lover. put her a rigid framework in which she was obliged to create the impression of a happy Karenin family. But Alexey Alexandrovich did not know that after a year of relations with Vronsky, Anna was expecting a child from her lover. put her a rigid framework in which she was obliged to create the impression of a happy Karenin family. But Alexey Alexandrovich did not know that after a year of relations with Vronsky, Anna was expecting a child from her lover.

The life of three people was unbearable. Anna suffered because of such conditions of her husband, she loved Vronsky, and to Alexey Alexandrovitch she had a mixed feeling of hatred and compassion. But Vronsky wondered how he should be in this situation. He loved Anna, but if they decided to go against everything and be together, Vronsky would have to quit, which he really did not want, because he liked him.

After a while Anna Karenina gives birth to a girl, but in the process of childbirth, she almost died. For her a very worried husband, from whom Anna asks forgiveness for everything. Vronsky was rescued in time, when he wanted to shoot himself, after he was rejected by Anna, who was in a fever.

But after Anna recovers, after severe childbirth, she is even more disgusted with Karenina. He in turn gently cares for the newborn girl. But even this did not prevent Anna, her daughter and Vronsky, who resigned, from escaping abroad.

Meanwhile, Levin lives in the village. The meaning of his life was peasants, whom he respected and defended. Levin believed that zemstvo activities do not benefit the peasants. He writes books, enjoys credibility with local peasants, and dreams of a simple work life. He stopped dreaming about family happiness, forgot about feelings, but suddenly he finds out about Kitty’s illness, and again his heart melts. A little later he meets a girl, while she was driving to her sister’s village. And already in the house near Oblonskikh Levin understands that his feelings are mutual, and on the offer of the hand and heart, Kitty answers with consent. They marry and leave for the village.

The life of Anna and Vronsky at first was cloudless. Many travels, love, Vronsky tried as much as possible to support Anna at the time of her separation from her son. But when they returned to Petersburg, joy was replaced by misfortune. Everyone who was familiar with Vronsky and Anna turned their back on them, Anna was no longer respected and nobody communicated with her. And when Anna’s son’s birthday was, she secretly went to him, and after she saw Seryozha, began to blame Vronsky for parting with him, she began to reproach him that Vronsky had grown cold towards her and did not love her anymore. Vronsky did his best to explain to the irritated woman that this was not the case.

The family life of Kitty and Lensky was not the same as they imagined. The newly married couple got used to each other for a long time. They often swore. But, only when Lensky was in sorrow, at the time of his brother’s death, the man realized how Kitty was close to him. She very strongly supported her husband, and informed him of her pregnancy. Lensky very much cherished Kitty, her care and her closeness. And on this basis he was very jealous of his wife, afraid to lose this intimacy.

Anna, according to Dolly, the wife of her brother, behaves insincerely. She entertains guests, takes care of her daughter, but this is not the way it was before Vronsky appeared. Anna blames it for all her misfortunes, and Vronsky still loves her. Anna tries to replace him with everything that he refused for Anna’s sake, but quarrels continue.

Karenin does not give a divorce to Anna, because she fell under the influence of Princess Soft. And against the backdrop of all the events, Anna begins to be jealous of Vronsky for anything that can be. She often dreams an incomprehensible dream, as if a muzhik is standing over her and muttering something incomprehensible. After some time, after another quarrel, Vronsky goes to his mother, which Anna did not want. She decides to follow him to the station. There she remembers the man who was crushed by the train and rushed herself under him. After that, she sees above herself a peasant who does not understand what she was saying, and her life is over. Vronsky went to war in Serbia, wishing to forget everything, and Anna and her daughter take Karenin for education.

Levin is tortured by terrible thoughts about death, he wants to commit suicide, but in time understands all the goodness of life, thanks to the Gospel. And after that, he lives, receiving joy from life, from Kitty and from his son.

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Summary “Anna Karenina” of Tolstoy