Summary of “Rusya”

Late in the evening a passenger train Moscow-Sevastopol stopped at one of the stations. He made a stop somewhere outside Podolsk and it was unplanned. The lady from the first class car asked the conductor why the train stopped. From him received an answer that they miss the late courier staff. The station was already plunged into dusk, everything around was calm and sad.

A man by the window, standing next to the lady, said that he was very familiar with the place. He happened to work as a tutor near this station. He told how he lived in a typical Russian style manor house, behind the house was an almost overgrown lake. The man even admitted that at night a girl was riding around this lake. And the atmosphere was poetic and romantic. The train finally started moving. The woman began to elicit from the hero the details of meetings with that dacha girl, asking about her appearance and attire. The man said that she dressed poorly, studied in a picturesque school. She had a semi-eastern

appearance – a swarthy skin, narrow black eyes. Her mother suffered from some kind of mental illness, went out only to the table, did not say much, but sometimes she began to speak loudly. His father was also very silent. In the past, he was a military man. From the whole family, the boy, whose hero was a tutor, was sweet and good-natured. The girl was called Rusya, from the full name of Marusya. The woman was very interested in how their romance ended. The man replied with restraint that he had simply left and that was all.

The travelers went to sleep in the compartment. The woman soon fell asleep, and the man kept on remembering the girl. Marousia walked in a lovely yellow sarafan. On the body, the girl had many dark moles, which also gave her special beauty. At first Rusya avoided the new acquaintance and was very shy. In the morning the hero was engaged with his little wards, and spent the rest of the day with her. Once Maroussia herself suggested that he ride on the lake. In the boat, the girl found the horror and wildly frightened. When the hero threw him overboard, the girl even thanked him, and

her mocking tone began to disappear. The girl wanted to tear the water-lily, leaned awkwardly and almost fell overboard. The hero grabbed her armpits and unexpectedly kissed him.

After that, they began to swim at night. The next day mutual recognition was held in love. One night they became friends like a husband and wife. But soon he was shamed out of this house. Once, on the threshold of the room where the lovers were sitting, a distraught mother appeared. He shouted that he knew everything about them and was completely against their relationship. She took out an old pistol and fired it. The hero rushed to her to take away his weapon. And her mother ordered her daughter to choose between her and the hero. Marusya whispered: “You are my mother.”

He opened his eyes, the train was still racing, taking him far from that sad half-station. I remembered their last day together, when they were sitting in the living room, and Marusya carefully held the cap on his knees. At the restaurant of the car, the woman asked if he was still sad for that dacha girl.

He replied: “I’m sad, I’m sad” and said in Latin “our beloved, like no other beloved will be.”

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Summary of “Rusya”