Summary of “Ruslan and Lyudmila” by Pushkin

Summary of “Ruslan and Lyudmila” by Pushkin

Sovereign Vladimir arranges a feast with his sons and close friends, as they have a great holiday – the wedding of Lyudochka’s daughter. Everyone is happy about the wedding, except for the three knights. Since all three would like to be in the place of Ruslan’s fiancé.

The holiday ends. The Emperor gives the newlyweds a blessing and they are taken to the quarters. From nowhere, the wind rises, thunder rolls, and through the dusk comes a voice. After Ruslan comes to himself, he discovers the absence of his young wife.

When the father finds out that his daughter is gone, he sends the knights on her quest, and to him who finds it, he promises her hand and heart, and half a kingdom as a gift. The knights are leaving.

Ratmir, one of the knights, already

anticipates the embrace of the saved. Farlaf dreams of great deeds. Rogday, as always very quiet. The knights come to the crossroads, and everyone decides to go to their side. Ruslan went separately, in front of him he sees a cave in which he finds an old man. The old man says that he expects him a long time ago. He informs the groom that he can save the bride, and informs that she was kidnapped by Chernomor. But before the rescue, he will have to go through no few difficulties, it is necessary to find where Chernomor dwells and kill him.

The old man tells the story of his life at Ruslan’s request. Once he worked as a shepherd on the most beautiful fields of Finland. He was not experienced in love. By an unfortunate accident he fell in love with Naina. This girl did not answer him in return. After the refusal, he could not find comfort for a long time and left his native places. Gathering the squad, he went to seek adventure in sea battles. To forget the treacherous Nain he failed, and he began to dream of coming to his homeland. After 10 years, having accumulated enough wealth, he dared to ask again for the hands of this woman, but this time he was refused. Without giving up hope, he learned how to do witchcraft, but even here he failed, because Naina was in front of him in an old form. He did not even notice that, while

he was studying with sorcerer-wise, forty years had passed, and his beloved turned seventy. The spell worked, but she did not need it so old. He found out that she, too, was a witch, and stunned by the news fled to where her eyes looked, and after that he heard the curses of his former lover.

That’s how he got into this deaf place, where he lives in complete solitude. The stories lasted until morning. Ruslan gathered his things and the enthusiastic went on the road for his beloved.

In the meantime, Rogdai is plotting to lose Ruslan and free Lyudmila’s heart. Unfolding his stallion, he jumps to a meeting with Ruslan.

Farlaf was facing a hard morning. He woke up and tried to have breakfast in the silence of the forest. But before he finished eating his breakfast, he noticed how the rider was riding him. He abandoned everything and fled. Rushing on his heels, the rider threatened to cut his head. Rogdai was chasing him. He thought he had caught Ruslan, but realizing that it was not his main opponent, he was leaving.

Rogdai meets a decrepit old woman, who shows him the way to his enemy. And the old woman helps to go up to Farlaf and sends him home, since he has nothing to do in such a terrible way, and the beauty Lyudmila will still be his wife. He does everything as the old woman said.

Ruslan, still inspired, was looking for his beloved, but in a moment he realized that he was ordered to stop and saw Rogdai, who was swinging his sword with his spear.

At this time, the stolen Ludmila wakes up in the monastery of Chernomor, in a beautiful room on a charming bed. The servants come to her, to help her change clothes and braid her hair. And someone’s beautiful voice sang her charming songs. But Lyudmila did not get any better from this, she went to the window and saw that she was very high, and only the peaks of the snow mountains were visible to her. Going out into the yard, she was at the beautiful garden. In sadness, she sits on the ground to cry, but before her appears a covered table, and in the air there is a beautiful melody.

Ludmila, without noticing it herself, gorged. Having risen from the ground, she noticed that the treats were gone. She was tired and something weightless carried her to the chambers. Lyudmila feels danger. And, suddenly, before her appear araps, carrying in their hands someone’s gray beard. In the end, she notices the old man. She screams and the dwarf is frightened, entangled in her own beard, and the servants take him immediately.

Ruslan fights with Rogdai for life and death. Ruslan wins, and the enemy finds his death in the river.

In the monastery of Chernomor servants comb their beard, on the threshold appears a snake, which in a blink of an eye turns into Naina. She warns Chernomor, but he is confident in his strength, while his beard is in place. The snake flies away, and the bearded old man goes in search of Lyudmila in his possessions, but does not find it any more. She did not disappear anywhere, just hid under the invisible cap, which fell at the fright of Chernomor.

Ruslan falls on the battlefield, where swords and shields are scattered next to the bones of former soldiers. He finds equipment for himself and continues his journey. Nearby, he notices the hill. But, as it turns out later, this is not a hill, but the huge head of a warrior in a helmet. Ruslan woke his head, and she, laughing, blew it off in the field.

Ruslan throws his weapon and pierces the language of the warrior.

The head lost control, and Ruslan hit it with all his might. The warrior’s head rolled aside, and in its place Ruslan found a helmet.

He really wanted to finish off his head, but spared her and went on. The head told the story. For a long time she walked a giant warrior, but she had a spiteful brother dwarf. The brother shared the secret that to kill them you can wager the help of a special sword, but as soon as they found it, a careless relative cut off his head. Chernomor set his head here to guard the sword.

The third knight Khan Ratmir on the way saw a castle on the wall of which stood a beautiful maiden. As soon as he came closer, a huge crowd of equally beautiful girls met him luxuriously.

All night Ruslan holds his head.

Lyudmila spends time teasing slaves. Black Sea is not stupid, it takes the image of a wounded lover and catches the negligent captive. The call of the horn is heard and Chernomor leaves Lyudmila alone.

Two days and two nights they fought, Chernomor weakened and begged for mercy. Having gone down, Ruslan cuts off his beard and goes towards the invisible bride. Accidentally touches the invisibility cap from Lyudmila’s head and the beloved embraces the bride. The old man from the cave explains that she will wake up in Kiev on her native land.

On the way back Ruslan meets Ratmir, who also found his happiness with the beautiful maiden. And wishing each other’s happiness, the former enemies disagree.

Naina teaches Farlaf how to kill Ruslan. Farlaf kills sleeping Ruslan, and leaves with Lyudmila. Kievans meet a new misfortune – around the city a crowd of Pechenegs. The old man from the cave revitalizes Ruslan with live and dead water, and he gives Ruslana a ring that will help to remove the curse from his beloved.

Ruslan immediately goes to Kiev. Enemies are lying on the walls of the city, but in this war there is no winner. In the morning a horseman comes out of the crowd of Pechenegs. Ruslan defeats all Russian enemies, throwing dead villains at the city walls.

Arriving at the place, he looks for his beloved in the theater to awaken her, but meets Vladimir and Farlaf on the way. Farlav begins to repent that he killed Ruslan and took Lyudmila. Ruslan, blinded by the desire to see his beauty again, runs to Lyudmila and puts on a ring. Ludmila wakes up.

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Summary of “Ruslan and Lyudmila” by Pushkin