Summary “Cooper’s Last of the Mohicans”

Summary “Cooper’s Last of the Mohicans”

In wars between the British and the French for the possession of American lands (1755-1763), opponents more than once used civil strife of Indian tribes. The time was difficult, cruel. Dangers lay in wait at every step. And it is not surprising that those traveling with Major Duncan Hayward to the commander of the beleaguered fort of the father were worried. Especially disturbed Alice and Cora – that’s the name of sisters – Indian Magua, nicknamed the Sly Fox. He volunteered to take them supposedly safe forest path. Duncan reassured the girls, although he himself began to worry: did they get lost?

Fortunately, in the evening the travelers met Falcon’s Eyes – this name was already firmly entrenched for St. John’s wort, and not just one, but with

Chingachgook and Unkas. An Indian lost in the daytime in the forest. Hawkeye’s eyes pricked up much more than Duncan. He offers the major to seize the conductor, but the Indian manages to slip away. Now no one doubts the betrayal of the Indian Magua. With the help of Chingachgook and his son Unkas the Falcon Eye ferried the travelers to a small rocky islet.

During the modest dinner, “Unkas renders to Korah and Alice all the services that were in his power.” It is noticeable that he pays more attention to the Bark than to her sister. However, the danger is not over. Attracted by a loud wheezing of wolf-frightened horses, the Indians find their refuge. Firefight, then – hand-to-hand. The first onslaught of the Hurons is reflected, but the besieged have run out of ammunition. Salvation is only in flight-an unbearable, alas, for the girls. It is necessary to swim at night, along rapids and cold mountain rivers. The bark convinces the Hawkeye to flee with Chingachgook and bring help as quickly as possible. Longer than other hunters, she has to convince Uncas: Major and sisters are in the hands of Magua and his friends.

The kidnappers and captives stop on a hill for rest. The cunning fox opens Korah the purpose of abduction. It turns out that her father, Colonel Munro, had once cruelly insulted him, telling

him to punish him for drinking. And now in retaliation he will marry his daughter. Cora refuses indignantly. And then Magua decides to deal cruelly with the prisoners. The sisters and the major are tied to trees, a row is laid out for firewood. The Indian persuades Kora to agree, at least to regret his sister, quite young, almost a child. But Alice, upon learning of Magua’s intention, prefers a painful death.

Aggressive Magua throws a tomogawa. Topor pierces the tree, nailing the lush blond hair of the girl. The Major breaks out of the fetters and rushes to one of the Indians. Duncan is almost defeated, but a shot is heard, and the Indian falls. Hawkeye Eye and his friends arrived in time. After a short battle, the enemies are defeated. Magua, pretending to be dead and seizing the moment, again runs.

Dangerous wanderings end safely – the travelers reach the fort. Under the cover of fog, they, despite the besieging fort of the French, manage to penetrate inside. The father has finally seen his daughters, but the joy of the meeting is overshadowed by the fact that the defenders of the fort are forced to surrender, however, on conditions honored for the English: the defeated keep their banners and weapons and can retreat freely to their own.

At dawn, the garrison, burdened with wounded, as well as children and women, leaves the fort. Indians in the close wooded gorge are transported to the convoy. Magua again kidnaps Alice and Cora.

On the third day after this tragedy, Colonel Munro, along with Major Duncan, Sokolin Eye, Chingachgook and Unkas, inspect the site of the massacre. On barely noticeable tracks Uncas concludes: the girls are alive – they are in captivity. Moreover, continuing the examination, the Mohican reveals the name of their kidnapper – Magua! Having conferred, friends go on a very dangerous path: the homeland of the Sly Fox, in the region populated mainly by Hurons. With adventures, losing and again finding traces, the pursuers finally find themselves near the village of Hurons.

Here they meet the psalmist David, who, using the reputation of a foolish, voluntarily followed the girls. From David, the colonel learns about the situation of his daughters: Alice Magua left at home, and sent Corau to the inhabitants of the Huron villages, Delawares, who lived in the neighborhoods. In love with Alice, Duncan wants to penetrate into the village at any price. Pretending to be a fool, with the help of Hawkeye and Chingachgook, having changed his appearance, he goes on scouting. In the Huron camp, he pretends to be a French doctor, and to him, as well as to David, the Hurons allow walking everywhere. To the dismay of Duncan, the village leads the captive Uncas. Initially, the Hurons take him for an ordinary prisoner, but Magua appears and learns the Quick-Reindeer. The hateful name evokes such anger of the Hurons that, had it not been for the Cunning Fox, the youngster would have been torn to pieces. Magua convinces fellow tribesmen to postpone the execution until morning. Uncas is taken to a separate hut. To the doctor Duncan the father of the sick Indian woman turns for help. He goes to the cave where the patient is lying, accompanied by the father of a girl and a tame bear. Duncan asks everyone to leave the cave. The Indians obey the demand of the “healer” and leave, leaving a bear in the cave. The bear is transformed – under the animal hide hides the Hawkeye! With the help of a hunter, Duncan discovers Alice, hidden in the cave, but Magua appears here. The cunning fox triumphs. But not for long.

“Bear” grabs an Indian and squeezes it in an iron embrace, the major connects the villain with his hands. But from the experience of anxiety, Alice can not step a step. The girl is wrapped in Indian clothes, and Duncan – accompanied by a “bear” – takes her out. Otihu sick self-styled “doctor”, referring to the power of the Evil Spirit, orders to stay and guard the way out of the cave. The trick is successful – the fugitives reach the forest safely. On the fringe, Falcon Eye shows Duncan the path leading to the Delaware and returns to free Uncas. With the help of David, he deceives the guarding of the Quick-Deer Warriors and hides with the Mohican in the forest. The enraged Magua, who is found in a cave and freed from strings, urges fellow tribesmen to revenge.

The next morning at the head of a strong military detachment the Cunning Fox goes to the Delawares. Hiding the detachment in the forest, Magua enters the village. He appeals to the Delaware chiefs, demanding the extradition of prisoners. Deceived by the eloquence of the Cunning Fox, the leaders agreed, but after Cora’s intervention, it turns out that in reality Magua’s captive is her only one – all the others have freed themselves. Colonel Munro offers a rich ransom for the Koru – the Indian refuses. Uncas, who unexpectedly became the supreme leader, is forced to release Magua along with the captive. At parting, the Shrewd Fox is forewarned: after enough time for flight, the Delaware will step onto the warpath.

Soon military operations thanks to the skillful leadership of Uncas bring the decadavans a decisive victory. Hurons are broken. Magua, having captured Cora, runs. Quick-legged Deer is chasing the enemy. Realizing that they did not escape, the last of the surviving companions of the Sly Fox fetters a knife over Korah. Uncas, seeing that he may not be in time, from the cliff rushes between the girl and the Indian, but falls and loses consciousness. Huron kills Cora. Quick-legged Deer manages to kill the killer, but Magua, seizing the moment, thrusts the knife into the back of the young man and starts to run. Shot sounds – Hawkeye calculates with the villain.

Orphaned people, orphaned fathers, solemn farewell. The Delaware had just lost the newfound leader, the last of the Mohicans (Sagamor), but one leader would replace the other; the colonel had the youngest daughter; Chingachgook lost everything. And only Hawkeye, turning to the Great Serpent, finds words of consolation: “No, Sagamor, you are not alone, we may be different in skin color, but we are destined to go one way.” I have no relatives and I can say, like you, do not have their own people. “

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Summary “Cooper’s Last of the Mohicans”