Summary of “Moroz Ivanovich” Odoevsky

In one house there lived two girls – the Handyman yes Lenivitsa, and with them the nurse. The needlewoman was a clever girl: she got up early, she put on clothes herself, without nurse, she was accepted for work: the stove was sinking, she kneaded the bread, she chalked the house, the cock crowed, and then went to the well for water.

But Laziness, meanwhile lying in bed, bored with lying down, would say to herself: “Nanny, put on my stockings, nurse, tie my shoes.” Rises, sits down to the window of flies to count

One day the Rudolnik went to the well for water, dropped the bucket on the rope, and the rope broke off; the bucket fell into the well. The Rukovodelnits wept, went to the nurse to tell; And the nurse, Praskovya, was angry, said: “She herself did mischief, and correct yourself.” The handyman went to the well, grabbed the rope and descended along it to the very bottom. Looks: in front of her stove, and in the oven sits a patty, so ruddy,

roasted; Says: who will take me from the stove, he will go with me! The handyman took out the patty and put it in her bosom. Goes further. Before her garden, and in the garden there is a tree, and on the tree are golden apples. The handyman went to the tree, shook and gathered apples. Goes further. Before her sits the old man Moroz Ivanovich. He greeted me and thanked me for the patty. He offered to serve, for this he will give the bucket.

The needlewoman whipped up the feather bed, cleaned it in the house, made the dish, dressed the old man’s clothes and dyed the clothes, she did not complain. So the Rutherwoman lived with Moroz Ivanovich for three whole days. On the third day a handful of silver patches was poured into the bucket; gave a diamond – pierce the kerchief.

Returned home. The rooster shouted:

The Needle-bearer has a penny in a bucket!

The nurse told Lazyvitsa to go too. But Laziness did not get the pie, did not pick up the apples. I did not knock out the feather bed, the dinner was badly cooked, in a word, I did not do anything. On the third day Moroz Ivanovich gave a large silver bar, and in the other hand – a large diamond. I came home and bragged. Before I could finish speaking, the silver ingot melted and poured on the floor; He was nothing but mercury, which froze from the great cold; At the same time, the diamond began to melt. And the cock jumped to the fence and shouted loudly:

Laziness has an ice icicle in her hands!

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Summary of “Moroz Ivanovich” Odoevsky