Summary of “Lions” Turgenev

One day Ermolai invited me to go to Lgov – to hunt for ducks. Lgov is a large village on the marshy river Rosote. About 5 versts from Lgov this river turns into a wide pond, overgrown with thick reeds. There were countless ducks of all possible breeds on this pond. It was difficult to hunt in this pond: dogs could not get shot from wild reed thickets. We decided to go to Lgov for a boat.

Suddenly, because of dense rakits, a middle-aged man with shabby clothes and hollow boots came out to meet us. He looked about 25 years old, his long fair-haired hair stuck out with immovable braids, small brown eyes blinked affably, and his face, tied with a black kerchief, smiled. He introduced himself as Vladimir and offered us his services.

On the way to Lgov I learned his story. Vladimir was freed, in his youth studied music, then served as valet, was literate and read books. He expressed himself very elegantly, as a provincial actor, playing the first lovers, for which he was

loved by the girls. I asked why he tied his face with a handkerchief. Vladimir said that this is his friend, an inexperienced hunter, accidentally shot him the chin and index finger of his right hand.

We reached Lgov, and Ermolai decided to take a boat from a man named Suuchok. The barefooted and disheveled Bitches looked like 60 years old. He had a boat, but it was bad. We still decided to use it, hammering the pencil cracks. I asked the Bitch whether he had been a fisherman here for a long time. It turned out that Suchot changed many classes and hosts before he was in Lgov. He was a coachman, a cook, a gardener, and even an actor; changed five owners, and now he was made a fisherman on a pond where there was absolutely no fish. He was not married – his late lady, an old maiden, did not allow the householders to marry.

Finally the boat was ready, and we went on a hunt. By dinner our boat was full of game. We were already going to return to the village, when suddenly an unpleasant incident happened to us. The boat was gradually leaking, and Vladimir was instructed to bail out the water. Carried away

by the hunt, he forgot about his duties. Suddenly, from the sharp movement of Ermolai, our dilapidated boat tilted and solemnly sank to the bottom. After a moment we were already up to our throats in the water, surrounded by bodies of ducks.

The water was very cold. Cane grew around. In the distance, above their tops, could be seen the shore. Ermolai went to look for a ford. He did not return for more than an hour, and we managed to freeze. Yermolay brought us out of the pond only in the evening. Two hours later we were already sitting, dried, in a big hay barn and were about to supper. Peredkazala Julia Peskovaya

Once we decided to go to Lgov, a large village that stretches on the shores of a swampy river. A few kilometers from Lgov the river turned into a wide pond, and it was a good place for hunting ducks. However, there were some difficulties, because the solid cane thickets did not allow dogs to freely retrieve the shot game. So we decided to hunt from the boat.

On the way to Lgov, where we intended to take a boat, we met a man dressed in old clothes and patched boots. The young man’s face was tied with a black handkerchief, but his eyes were smiling cheerfully. The man introduced himself to Vladimir and offered his help.

While we were going to Lgov, Vladimir told the story of his life. He was a freedman, engaged in music, was literate and liked to read books. Thanks to this, he was elegantly expressed and had some success with the ladies. However, his friend accidentally shot his chin and so he now walks with a black handkerchief on his face.

In Lgov we rented a boat for a ruffled and barefooted man, nicknamed Suchok. His boat was inferior, with holes. However, we still took it, and cracked the cracks. While the coachman was engaged in a boat, I talked with Bitches. He told me that he used to be a coachman, a cook, an actor. Now he sits as a fisherman on a pond where there is no fish.

Soon the boat was ready, and we went hunting. By noon we had filled the boat to the brim with game and were already going to return to the village, when suddenly noticed that the boat was beginning to sink. Pakla did not help much, and the boat let go. From the sharp movement of the coachman the boat tipped and went to the bottom, and we were around her, surrounded by carcasses of dead ducks.

We stood in cold water, we were surrounded by thickets of reeds, and in the distance, above the tops of the thickets, could be seen the shore. The coachman went looking for a ford and did not return for more than an hour. We could not get out of the swampy terrain until late in the evening. After such a rich hunting event, we sat in a big hay barn. They were warming themselves by the fire, drying their clothes, and going to supper.

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Summary of “Lions” Turgenev