Summary of “Don Giovanni or Stone Guest” by Moliere

Action I

Sicily. Servant of Don Juan, Sganarelle, talks with the stables of his wife, the daughters of Elvira, Gusman. He says that the woman went in vain after Don Juan. Guzman asks to say why he thinks so. Did Don Juan stop loving his wife? Sganarelle describes his master as a monster who, for the sake of possession of a woman, is ready to do anything – including marriage, to which Don Juan has already dared in different places.

Don Juan asks Sganarelle to say honestly what he thinks about his way of life. The servant says that he does not like the constant amorousness of his master. Don Juan explains that he can not be faithful to one woman, because his eyes notice the beauty of many. By nature, the main character is a conqueror, and his ambition requires constant victories over beauties. Don Juan speaks so smoothly that Sganarelle can not even argue with him. The servant tries to express his opinion as if to an outsider, but the master does not want to listen

to him. Don Juan is full of a new passion for beauty, which he met a few days ago with the groom. The happiness of the couple in love caused jealousy in him, and he decided to break their bonds. The ranting of Don Juan cuts off the arrival of the Don Elvira. A woman first-hand is convinced that her husband does not like her. She asks Don Juan, why he does not defend himself, as befits a courtier, but is in confusion. Don Juan says that he is a straightforward man. His decision to leave the dungeon Elvira was due to fear of the sky, because he had kidnapped a woman who lived before marriage with him in a monastery. Doña Elvira in anger. She says that the sky will punish Don Juan for his perfidy.

Action II

On the seashore the peasant Pierrot tells the peasant Charlotte how he saved Don Juan and the servant. Then he accuses the girl of the fact that she does not love him enough, because she seldom flirts with him.

Don Juan, who has already seduced one peasant woman, confesses love to Charlotte and promises to marry her. Pierrot asks him not to molest the girl. Don Juan gives him a few slaps.


woman Maturina finds Don Juan with Charlotte. Between the characters begins to clarify the relationship. Don Giovanni quietly tells every girl what she wants to hear. Neither Maturin nor Charlotte does not understand which of them the main character marries.

Bandit La Ramea warns Don Giovanni that they are looking for twelve horsemen. To avoid the death of Don Juan makes Sganarelle exchange clothes with him.


Don Juan in the clothes of a peasant and Sganarelle in the clothes of a doctor are walking through the forest. Sganarelle is surprised at the respect that peasants give him. Don Juan says that he can use his new dress, as well as ordinary doctors, who not so much heal as adjust themselves to the happy cases of cure, conditioned by the natural course of life. Sganarelle asks his master what he believes in and receives an answer, which is in arithmetic. Servant unlike Don Juan believes in God.

In the woods Don Juan rescues from the robbers of his brother Elvira – Don Carlos. Don Alonso recognizes Don Juan. Don Carlos of gratitude for the saved life offers his brother to postpone his revenge. Don Juan he proposes to think and resolve the matter either by peace or by blood.

Don Juan stumbles upon the tomb of the commander. He tells Sganarelle to invite a statue of the man killed by him to dinner. The servant sees the statue of the commander nodding his head in agreement. Don Juan does not notice anything.

Action IV

In the apartments of Don Juan Sganarelle convinces his master that the nod of the statue is not a play of shadows, but a warning of the sky.

To Don Juan comes the creditor, Mr. Dimansh. The protagonist talks his teeth with courtesies and puts him out.

Don Luis, the father of Don Juan, complains that his son, whom he had once dreamed of, disgrace his family. Don Luis promises to personally punish his son before the sky does.

Sganarelle tries to shame Don Juan, but instead indulges his unworthy behavior, saying that in his place he would not even listen to the stupid teachings his father expressed.

To Don Juan comes Dona Elvira. Her face is veiled. The woman says that she no longer has an earthly, criminal passion for Don Juan. In her heart lives only tender love and concern for him, as a person. Doña Elvira warns Don Juan that he has very little left for the atonement of sins. She pleads with him to repent and save her soul. The unusual appearance of the dowry of Elvira causes a new impulse of attraction in Don Juan. He asks a woman to stay for the night, but she leaves.

For dinner, a statue of the Commander comes to Don Juan and invites him to pay a return visit.

The action V

In the open, Don Juan tells his father that he has repented of his sins and asks him to find a mentor in his new life. In conversation with Sganarelle it turns out that all this was a crafty pretension. Don Juan acted so in order to find in the father of the defender his bad life, which he intends to conduct secretly from now on. Sganarelle tells his master that he will go to hell.

Don Carlos asks Don Juan whether he intends to recognize his sister as a legitimate wife. Don Juan responds that the sky told him to lead a decent lifestyle, away from all women.

The main character is the ghost of a woman who calls him to repent.

Don Juan does not heed the warning, and the statue of the commander sends him into the flaming abyss.

Sganarelle worries about the lost salary.

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Summary of “Don Giovanni or Stone Guest” by Moliere