Summary of Carlson and the Kid Lindgren

Of course, even the most “richest” collection of books that only exists in the world, the most valuable for most children born in the Soviet and Russian epochs, is the “immortal” work about Baby and Carlson, once created by a truly talented writer from Sweden Astrid Lindgren.

In this case, all agree that the question: “Why?”, You can give a lot of answers.

So, “Carlson and the Kid”. The brief content of the above work can be considered an unconditional proof that this is a sort of guide to life in which it is possible to find answers to a huge number of questions. The tale reminds adults again that one should not take things too seriously, there must be a place and a joke in life.

Undoubtedly, this tale can be considered one of the priceless treasures of world literature, which abounds in humor and “winged” expressions.

What is this fairy tale, in which the main characters are Carlson and Kid. Alas,

not all children of the “modern era” know the summary. And this is a huge omission of their parents. We will try to fill this gap.

In an ordinary Swedish city, a completely normal child lives, who has parents, a brother and a sister. Sometimes it seems to the Kid that the relatives give him little time, and he feels a little lonely, experiencing an enormous need for friendship. Even the request to have a small puppy parents refused. And, here on the horizon appears Carlson…

Who is it? It seems to all as “a man in the prime of his life.” In fact, he is a small, plump and self-confident person, while absolutely not devoid of charm. To him, immediately you become imbued with sympathy.

Reading this book, with every new chapter, you simply marvel at what “extravagant” inventions of the world are Carlson and Kid. It is useful to know the brief content of this wonderful work for every child, and not then to start imitating a “cheerful little man”, but to learn to appreciate friendship. Carlson becomes for the Toddler a reliable and loyal friend, despite

all his antics and leprosy, they always come to the aid of each other. What are the characters of the main characters, such unusual adventurers as Carlson and Kid? The summary, when the reader is acquainted with it, will answer this question.

Carlson, in addition to being the most well-fed, claims that he is also the best in everything. His favorite phrase: “Would not it be time for us to have some fun?” And the Kid agrees with pleasure with it. They blow up steam cars with Carlson, play hide and seek together, and one day a “plump little man” invites Malysh to his house in a small house on the roof where they drink coffee and eat delicious buns. Carlson and then wants to have fun, and they ambush the famous thieves – Phil and Ruhl. However, the Babe’s parents do not want to believe in Carlson’s existence and, regretting that they do not give him enough time, ultimately on the Birthday they give the Kid to the puppy, to which the child is insanely happy.

Subsequently, the Baby’s parents leave, and the hired housekeeper, who’s called Freken Bock, looks after him. Carlson, of course, does not miss the opportunity to play a trick on her, carrying her buns right “from under her nose.”

Later, Uncle Julius comes to visit the Kid, who eventually becomes the spouse of Freken Bock. “The best in the world” can not but leave this fact without attention – he always wants to be an honored guest at their wedding… Of course, this content is just a short tale. “Kid and Carlson” is a three-dimensional work, the retelling of which will take a long time.

Certainly, Carlson is not without children’s weaknesses, which can not but cause laughter. At the same time, the personality of the Toddler is only evolving, he constantly thinks and reasons, what is bad and what is good. Often he is even excessively judicious, although his friend’s leprosy is incredibly exciting.

The fairy tale is simply “stuffed” with elements of witty humor and expressions that have long been “disassembled”. What is worth only: “Trivia – business everyday” or “And your milk ran away.”

Of course, the content of “Kid and Carlson” from the very beginning to the very end is imbued with kindness and mild irony. It is worth recommending for reading this book to children – it will give them unforgettable moments of joy!

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Summary of Carlson and the Kid Lindgren