Summary “Obelisk” Bykova

Summary “Obelisk” Bykova

Another heroic story, written by Vasily Bykov – “Obelisk.” The summary will introduce the reader to this work, written in 1971, and in 1974 for this novel the author received the State Prize. Moreover, a few years later, the Obelisk was filmed. Than caused even greater popularity.

The first pages of the story

The work “Obelisk” Bykov in the summary begins with an acquaintance with an ordinary worker from a regional newspaper, a journalist. Accidentally met on the street of his friend, he learns about the death of the teacher Miklashevich. He was barely 36 years old. He lived in a small village of Selco. A journalist is visited by a sense of guilt. He is going to this village. Having met the passing truck, the press worker, having settled down

in a body, plunges into the memoirs. It turns out that Miklashevich appealed to him for help at a regular teacher’s conference. During the Second World War, at an adolescent age, he was somehow connected with the partisans. And even five of his friends, with whom Miklashevich studied in the same class, were killed by German soldiers.

A wake in the teacher’s house, or Who is Frost

The time has passed, and the grown up teenager could achieve that in honor of the lost comrades an obelisk was established. And now the teacher needed help, connected with some confusing business. And he decided to ask the newsman about her. He promised, but he always postponed the trip to the village and, after all, was late. Before my eyes constantly there is the image of Miklashevich, his thin figure with sharp shoulders and very early withered face with a calm and clear gaze. So begins the story “Obelisk” Bykov in brief content. Having reached the village, the journalist saw an obelisk standing near the stop, and headed towards the school building, meeting zootechnics along the way. He said that the wake is held in the teacher’s house. The newsmaker was seated at a table next to a veteran already elderly. A young man with the appearance of a superior began to make a speech about how, which Miklashevich was

a good man. Seated next to the journalist, the veteran suddenly interrupted him and, banging on the table, was angry with anger, why no one remembers Frost.

Acquaintance with new characters

Who did the veteran and the author of the Bykov work mean? “Obelisk”, a brief summary of which will introduce the reader to several other characters, a really interesting work. But its main events are just beginning to unfold. The journalist learns that the veteran who left the funeral is a former teacher, Timothy Tkachuk, who now lives in the city. The newsmaker hurried after him and saw Timofei Titovich, reaching the stop, sat near the monument directly in the foliage and stretched out his legs. The journalist, coming closer to the obelisk, found another additional inscription on it, made with usual oil paint Moroz AI. And then Tkachuk came up to him and offered to go to the city together. Along the way, a conversation began, in which Timothy Titovich begins his story about Frost. With him and will introduce the reader a further brief content. ”

Chatting with Timothy, or Story about the Past

In 1939, young still then Timothy Titovich worked in the district. At the same time, Moroz opens a school for children in the Selso manor. Together with him he teaches Polka by the name of Podgaiskaya. She often complained in the district about the methods that Frost uses in raising children. Timothy Tkachuk, of course, went with checks. Once arriving, he saw in the courtyard of the school a large cluster of students who were working on a fallen old tree. Timothy Titovich knew that the firewood was very bad, and many schools complained about this problem to him. And in this one guessed to solve it independently. Among the children he noticed a broad-shouldered guy, who was very limp, went to meet him. It turns out that the problem with the leg was from childhood. She did not bend and was even turned a little to the side. Approaching, he introduced himself as Ales Ivanovich Moroz. Timothy liked the guy very much.

A couple of years later, or Little Pasha

With what events will the author of the Bykov’s work further introduce? “Obelisk”, the brief content of which takes us to 1941, continues to acquaint the reader with the mysterious Moroz. Once on a frosty January evening, Tkachuk drove past the school and decided to warm up. Ales Ivanovich was not there. The boy who opened the door said that the teacher went to see off the girls. A few hours later, the frost-frozen Moroz explained that the girl had not allowed her to study because of the bad weather and lack of shoes. But Alesii Ivanovich got everything he needed. And the boy who opened the door to Timothy Titovich was none other than Pavel Miklashevich. He could not go home, because his father beat him, and Alesius temporarily sheltered him. With what will the reader read the summary? “Obelisk” Bykov wrote somewhat unusually, gradually unfolding a complicated plot at the very beginning. But this only increases the interest in the work.

Love for children, or the meeting of Pavlik with his father

Then we study the work “Obelisk”, Bykov V. and a brief description will tell about one more case, which concerned little Miklashevich. After some time, the local prosecutor ordered to return the boy to his own father. When Pavlik met with him, he immediately again takes up the beating of his son. In this case, there are several witnesses. Alesy Ivanovich could not stand the first and tore the strap from the careless dad’s hands. They were separated on time, otherwise there would be a fight. Frost on this does not calm down. He achieved that through the court a man was deprived of the right to raise a small Miklashevich. The judicial authorities decided to give the child to an orphanage. But Alexei Ivanovich does not hurry to carry out the decision. Further events changed absolutely everything. What kind of events, of course, will tell a short summary. “Obelisk” Bykov VV

The Germans in the village, or Nobody was waiting for the war

The Nazi troops were advancing, but there were no Soviet detachments. A few days later the fascists appeared in the village. Timothy Titovich and other residents, naturally, hoped that they would soon be expelled. But there were a lot of traitors among the local population. Some teachers joined the detachment of the Cossack Seleznev. Among them was Tkachuk. A little later, former Sivak prosecutor joined their ranks. The detachment settled down in the woods, dug trenches and prepared for the winter. At the next meeting they decided to go to the villages, to scout the situation and get along with reliable people. Timothy Tkachuk, along with the former prosecutor, went to Seltso. There they learned that many had fled to the side of the fascists, someone had become a policeman. It was one of Sivak’s acquaintances named Lavchenya. In the work “Obelisk” Bykov V. again shows the reader,

The school continues to work

What else struck Timothy Titovich – is that the school in which Ales Ivanovich worked, continued to function. And the Germans allowed. She was now in an ordinary house. And there was a police station in the building of the school. He did not expect such treachery from the teacher. But the prosecutor did not hesitate to recall that Alesia had previously wanted to repress. But when, at night, Moroz met Timothy, he explained to him that he was camouflaging himself only to protect his children. The friends agreed that the teacher would pass on to the detachment information about what was happening in the village, listen to the radio, and distribute them to the local population. Another courageous act, which describes Bykov. “Obelisk”, which briefly tells the reader about the fate of Alesia, describes in more detail all the events,

Down with the Policeman, or Childhood Courage

Lavchenya, who became a policeman, began to behave in the same way as the Germans. Robbed people, killed and even scoffed. One of the students of Alesia Ivanovich, whose name was Nikolai Borodich, planned to kill him, but the teacher forbade it. Pasha Miklashevich was then 15 years old, and Nicholas 19. They, together with their friends, came up with a plan for getting rid of the policeman. The children decided to saw the support at the bridge, according to which the traitor was to pass by car. But, unfortunately, the policeman did not suffer, and one of his companions even noticed the guys lurking in the distance. The boys were seized by the Germans. So describes in his work childish courage Vasily Bykov. “Obelisk”, a brief summary of which will be further devoted to Frost, who is trying to save the children, a book in which the reader is told in more detail about the deed of Pavlik and Nikolai Borodich.

Alesii Ivanovich in the detachment of partisans

Frost went to the detachment to ask for help from his comrades. But soon he learns that the Germans are looking for him, and if he does not return, they will shoot the boys. Alesius decides to return to the village. Tkachuk persuaded him to stay, as he believed that the fascists would still be deceived. But Frost stood his ground. Of course, it turned out as expected Timothy Titovich. The Germans seized Alesia Ivanovich, and they did not let the children go. In the evening they were taken out to the street together with the teacher. At this moment, Moroz made an attempt to save Pavlik Miklashevich, and he succeeded. How did this incident describe Vasily Bykov? “Obelisk”, the summary of which only superficially describes all events, a work where, of course, more details are told about all the bullying of the fascists and their cruelty. On the persistence of the characters of the main characters. Even about childlike courage. And although this is not the most concise content, Bykov’s “Obelisk”, “To live until dawn” and other works deserve closer scrutiny. Here, many details and fragments of the narrative are omitted, and those with the most clearly expressed personal qualities of people are described.

Summary. “Obelisk”, Bykov V. or Final events

Beaten and wounded in the chest fascists Pavlik picked up partisans. Frost and the other boys were tortured for a few days, brutally abused, and then hung. After the war, Pavel Miklashevich was treated for a long time, he had tuberculosis, a wound in the chest. At last the heart could not stand it and stopped. This concludes the summary. “Obelisk” Bykov V. ends with a dispute that arose between the veteran and the driver of the car, which drove him and the newsman. The driver believed that Frost can not be considered a hero. He did not save the children, and he had no other merits. And the veteran stood his ground. Alesii Ivanovich accomplished a feat! And what did Bykov V. believe? “Obelisk”, a collection of short content about works devoted to the Patriotic War and many other stories about the tragic events of that time, contain many controversial questions about the heroic deeds of people. Readers can only get acquainted with their content and draw independent conclusions.

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Summary “Obelisk” Bykova