Summary “Nevsky Prospekt” by Gogol

The narrator admires Nevsky Prospekt as the best street in St. Petersburg. In the early morning, you can meet here with simple peasants hurrying to work, beggars near the doors of a pastry shop, old men and old women waving their hands or speaking to themselves, the boys who run with empty shtofs or ready boots in their hands along along the avenue. At twelve o’clock there are governors and governesses of all nations with their pets in the cambric collars.

Closer to two o’clock the number of tutors and children decreases. There are gentle fathers and mothers of these children. They are joined by all those who have completed important domestic affairs. These are the ones who talked to the doctor about the weather and pimple on his nose, read an important article in the newspapers about departing and coming, drank a cup of coffee or tea, etc. Officials from the Foreign College and officials on special assignments appear.

At three o’clock Nevsky Prospekt

is covered by officials in green uniforms. “Hungry titular, nadvornye and other advisers are trying with all their might to accelerate their progress.”

From four o’clock – no one, except for visiting people and occasionally running artisans.

With the onset of twilight on Nevsky appears a lot of young people, mostly single, in warm coats and overcoats. Young college registrars, provincial and collegiate secretaries are walking around. Here you can see the venerable old men who run to look under the hat from afar, a curious lady with thick lips and cheeks painted with rouge.

The artist Piskarev and lieutenant Pirogov walk along the avenue. After seeing the girls they liked, the brunette and the blonde, each of them goes after her stranger. Shy and timid Piskarev, flushed with platonic feelings and pure love for the beautiful brunette, follows her. Entering the house, they climbed the stairs to the fourth floor and found themselves in an apartment that turned out to be a shelter of debauchery. In horror, he rushed to run.

In his room Piskarev falls asleep and sees a dream

that the young lady he had just had sent him a carriage and a footman in a rich livery. He comes to her rich house, where she tries to explain something to him, but disappears. Piskarev tries in vain to find her and wakes up. Then the dreams became his life. He seeks to see a beautiful stranger in a dream and uses opium for this purpose. Finally Piskarev began to think that the girl had involved in debauchery some terrible case and decided to save her by marrying her. The artist again comes to that apartment and makes a proposal to the stranger, drawing a picture of their future life: he is working at the easel, she is also, inspiring him, sitting at the needlework. The girl refuses with contempt and says that she is not a washerwoman or a seamstress to work.

Piskaryov’s mind was clouded. He wanders all day through the streets, and then locks in his room and commits suicide by cutting his throat with a razor.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Pirogov continues to pursue the blonde, who turned out to be the wife of tin works of Master Schiller. Since the first time Pirogov did not come in time, Schiller drove him out. But on the next day the lieutenant again comes to his shop and orders spurs for himself. Despite the obvious rebuff, which gives him a German, he continues to visit their house under various pretexts. One day Schiller, Pirogov’s arrest of kissing his wife, beats him along with other artisans. At first the lieutenant was in great anger and indignation, but quickly calmed down, going on his way to the confectionery, and then to one ruler of the control board, where that evening a nice company of officers and officers gathered.

The narrator calls not to believe Nevsky Prospekt.

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Summary “Nevsky Prospekt” by Gogol