Summary “It’s hard to be a god” Strugatsky

Summary “It’s hard to be a god” Strugatsky

The story “It’s hard to be a god” by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky was written in the last “thaw” year. This work clearly traces the radical nature of the writers’ work. The title of the story quickly attracted readers, and after reading it, the reader begins to think about many things directly related to the life of the people. What did the writers mean when they called their work “It’s hard to be a god”?

Quite frankly, I like science fiction, but not the kind that the modern author shows. After reading the story “It’s hard to be a god” I stayed impressed for a long time. After all, Strugatsky portray a person, not invented mechanisms and devices. To be more precise, they and unknown planets are only a supplement

to the narrative of the destiny of man and his destiny. Only thanks to these elements, the reader understands the thoughts of writers.

At the beginning of the novel, the author introduces an ordinary peaceful scene. The reader is already acquainted with the first characters of the work – Anka, Pasha and Anton, who play in the forest. The reader becomes a witness of their game, which resembles either a military or a romantic theme. The reader creeps in suspicion, why do writers enter this scene? Then it becomes even more interesting, the children begin to enter into a discussion that worries the reader and makes you feel from the first pages of the story.

Despite everything, the situation does not get out of hand and continues to remain peaceful. The reader feels absolute calmness until the moment when the guys come across a “brick” that did not allow the children to pass. What kind of scene is it with an incomprehensible element, maybe it’s some kind of sign. Can writers specifically introduce it into the text, or maybe it is necessary for intrigue? On all such questions, the reader will certainly receive a clear answer.

So, in the story “It’s hard to be a god,” the reader is immersed in a world that is constantly trying to keep something from him. When Anton finds the fascist’s skeleton next to the machine gun, the reader wakes up not just interest, but also fear.

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Summary “It’s hard to be a god” Strugatsky