Bylina “Volkh Vseslavich” in the summary

Vseslavich was marked by significant phenomena in nature: “the moon shone brightly in the sky a month the cheese of the blue earth shook.” But this is not all – at the time of the appearance of the baby the fish went to the depths of the sea, the birds took off for the clouds, hares, foxes, tours, deer and other forest dwellers hid in the mountains and thickets. Finally, the “kingdom of the Indian” shook – as if in anticipation of the disaster that was threatening it.

Already an hour and a half after the birth of the Wolf, he held his first speech, in which he addressed his mother with the following instruction: “And you, Madame Mother… / And do not be wrapped in a woolly cloth, / And do not appear in silk pouches, – / Swaddle me, my mother, in hard brass bracelets, / And lay the garbage on your head with the neck, / On the right hand the club, / And the heavy weight of the club lead. / And the weight of that mace is three

hundred poods. “

Ros this strong man swiftly. At the age of seven he learned literacy and various sciences. At the age of ten, he learned the magic of wisdom – he could turn around with a clear falcon, a gray wolf, or a bay-eared golden tour. At the age of twelve, the Volkh began to pick up his peers from his peers. By the age of fifteen, he had an army of seven thousand strong men, one year old. The glory of the squad reached Kiev itself.

It was at this time that the Indian king announced that he intended to capture Kiev-hail and devastate churches and monasteries there. The wolf decided to get ahead of the impure enemy and stepped out with his squad to meet him, coming to the Indian kingdom. In this campaign, Volkh did not know sleep and rest, taking care of the warriors. At night he turned into a gray wolf, ran around the woods and got game for food, he also managed to shoe and dress his companions. “They wore sable fur coats, / Variable fur coats, then the leopards.” The dishes were also excellent. It is time to go to the exploration into the interior of the enemy kingdom. In addition

to Volkh, there was no one who possessed his skill and art. Turning round the bay tour, the hero rushed off: “He scraped the first skeleton for a mile, / And they could not find another skok.”

He reached the kingdom, the Wolf turned into a clear falcon. He took off and sat on the window of white-stone royal chambers – at the very moment when there was a conversation between Tsar Saltyk Stavrulievich and Queen Elena Aleksandrovna. In this conversation the perspicacious queen warned her husband that in Kiev there is a mighty warrior – “to you, tsar, suprotivnichek.” The wolf, without delay, turns into ermine. A sharp little hihtnik runs through the warehouses and cellars with weapons, gnaws the bow at the bows, removes the tips on the arrows, pulls the ramrods at the guns and digs it all into the ground. Then, again in the guise of a falcon, he flies to his squad. Having awakened the soldiers, the Volkh gives an order for the siege of the kingdom of the Indian.

Seeing the powerful fortifications, through which not to go through and the “Murash”, well done druzhinniki twisted. They grumbled that they would lose their heads in vain, and still they would not pass through strong walls and an iron gate. However, the savage Wolf comes to the rescue again. “Itself turned murashik / And all the good fellows creeps, / They passed the wall white-stone, / And the fellows are already on the other side…”

Here, stunned by the suddenness of the population, the squad showed all its daring. By order of the Volkh, they cut down both old and small, sparing only seven thousand red girls – at the choice of the soldiers.

Volkh himself easily penetrated the royal chambers. He entered there in his own guise, revealing a mighty force: he broke the iron doors with a blow of his leg, dammed bolts and hooks broke. Then he took the hands of Saltyk Stavrulievich for white and, noticing that such foreign kings “do not beat, do not execute”, hit the enemy on the “brick floor”, digging it into crumbs…

After that, the Volkh himself became a king, marrying Elena Alexandrovna. His druzhinniki play seven thousand weddings, being married to Indian girls. They became townspeople. And when Volkh rolled out the captured prey, gold-silver, herds of cows and horses, and equally divided into all, it turned out that every brother-brother had to pay a hundred thousand.

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Bylina “Volkh Vseslavich” in the summary