The “Wood Trail” of Stifter in Brief Contents

Tiburius Knight was a great crank. There were several reasons for this. First, his father was an eccentric. Secondly, his mother also had strangeness, the main of which was excessive care for his son’s health. His tutor had such a strong desire for order, that the boy hated all learning. The rich uncle also took part in the education of his nephew, intending to make him his heir. Tiburius grew thoughtful and absent-minded. When one of his teachers died one by one, he was left alone and helpless. Tiburius bought himself beautiful things, then began to learn to play the violin, began to write with oil. One day, Tiburius decided that he was seriously ill, and gradually stopped all communication with people. “Now Mr. Tiburius could be compared with a carefully plastered and whitewashed tower:

Swallows and woodpeckers, circling around her earlier, flew away, and she stands alone, abandoned by everyone. “He read books from morning till night in medicine, finding more

and more new diseases, and a man who also was an eccentric who lived near Tiburius lived. doctor of medicine, he did not practice at all, but engaged in farming and gardening. Tiburius turned to him for advice, and the doctor advised him to marry, but first of all go to the waters where he is destined to meet his future wife. to the resort, for example the opposite, seemed useful, and he set off.

After only one day, he imagined that he had gone very far from home, and there were two more days ahead. At the resort, he also did not communicate with anyone, and after discussing a treatment plan with a local doctor, he regularly performed the exercise on the once and for all chosen path. But one day he changed the usual route and, leaving, as always, the carriage and servants on the road, went along a narrow path. The path looped among the trees, the forest grew thicker and colder, and Tiburius realized that he had gone farther than he had imagined. He turned back, walked faster and faster, but neither the familiar rock nor his stroller was visible. Tiburius became frightened, and he did something he had not done for

a long time: he ran. But the forest was not thinning, the path curled and twisted between the trees:

Tiburius got lost. He was very tired, he walked and walked and reached the meadow, which stretched on the mountainside. It was getting dark fast. Fortunately, Tiburius met the woodcutter, and he showed him the way to the city. Tiburius returned to the hotel on foot, in the middle of the night, than many surprised employees. Afraid that this adventure would be detrimental to his health, Tiburius hid himself with two blankets and fell asleep. But, waking up, he felt fine, and the fact that his legs hurt, it was quite natural – because he had never done so long walks in life. He wanted to understand how it turned out that he got lost, and after a while decided to repeat the walk along the forest path. Now he was sure that he would not lose his way. He walked along the path, closely watching the stone wall along which it curled, and suddenly noticed that in a rocky place where the path was not noticeable, with it merged another, more noticeable, and nearby rose directly into the forest. Tiburius realized that every time he went back, he fell on this branch, which took him away from the carriage and from the servants. Since that day, he began to walk a lot on the forest path and make sketches. Once he met a peasant girl with a basket full of strawberries on the trail. The girl treated him with berries and promised to show the places where strawberries grow. Tiburius often went to the forest with Maria – that’s the name of the girl. When the holiday season was over, Tiburius returned to his estate, but in the spring again went to the waters. In the forest, he again met Mary and again began to walk often with the girl. One day he noticed that Maria was beautiful, and soon he had the idea to marry her. The girl gave her consent. Tiburius moved to her homeland and began to follow the example of his healer himself. The doctor, who advised Tiburius to marry in his time, also moved to these places, he often visits Tiburius and respectfully calls him “my friend theodore” – in fact Tiburius was not the name, but the nickname of this eccentric until he became an ordinary happy man.

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The “Wood Trail” of Stifter in Brief Contents