Summary “Crimea Island” Aksenova

An accidental shot from a naval gun made by the English lieutenant Bailey Land prevented the capture of the Crimea by units of the Red Army in 1920. And now, during the reign of Brezhnev, the Crimea turned into a prosperous democratic state. Russian capitalism has proved superior to Soviet socialism. Impressive Impressive Simferopol, stylish Theodosius, skyscrapers of international companies of Sevastopol, stunning villas of Evpatoria and Gurzuf, minarets and baths of Bakhchisaray, Americanized by Dzhankoy and Kerch.

But among the inhabitants of the island of Crimea, the idea of ​​the SOS Party (Union of Common Destiny) is spreading – merging with the Soviet Union. The leader of the party is an influential politician, editor of the newspaper “Russky Kurier” Andrei Arsenievich Luchnikov. His father during the civil war in the ranks of the Russian army, became the leader of the nobility of the feudal province and now lives on his estate in Koktebel. In the

Union of Common Destiny are classmates Luchnikov on the Third Simferopol Gymnasium of the Tsar-Liberator – Novosiltsev, Denikin, Chernok, Beklemishev, Nulin, Karetnikov, Sabashnikov, and others.

Andrei Luchnikov often happens in Moscow, where he has many friends and there is a mistress – the sports commentator of the program “Time” Tatiana Lunina. His Moscow connections cause hatred among members of the “Wolf Hundred”, which is trying to organize an attempt on Luchnikov. But his safety is monitored by a classmate, Colonel Alexander Chernov, commander of the Crimean Special Forces “Er-Forsiz”.

Luchnikov arrives in Moscow. In Sheremetyevo he is met by Marlen Mikhailovich Kuzenkov, an employee of the CPSU Central Committee, who “oversees” the island of Crimea. From it Luchnikov learns that the Soviet authorities are happy with the course for reunification with the USSR, which is carried out by his newspaper and the party organized by him.

Once in Moscow, Archers hides from the “leading” of his security officers. He manages to imperceptibly

leave Moscow with the rock band of his friend Dima Shebeko and carry out an old dream: an independent journey through Russia. He is delighted with the people he meets in the province. A well-known border violator Ben-Ivan, a homegrown esoteric, helps him get out to Europe. Returning to the island of Crimea, Luchnikov decides at all costs to realize his idea of ​​merging the island with a historical homeland.

The KGB enlists Tatyana Lunina and instructs her to watch for Luchnikov. Tatyana comes to Yalta and, unexpectedly for herself, becomes the casual mistress of the old American millionaire Fred Baxter. After a night spent on his yacht, Tatiana is kidnapped by “wolf-eaters”. But the boys of Colonel Chernok free it and deliver it to Luchnikov.

Tatiana lives with Luchnikov in his luxurious apartment in the Simferopol skyscraper. But she feels that her love for Andrei has passed. Tatyana is annoyed by his obsession with the abstract idea of ​​the Common Destiny, for which he is ready to bring a blossoming island. She breaks with Luchnikov and leaves with a millionaire in love with Baxter.

The son of Andrey Luchnikov, Anton, marries an American Pamela; from day to day the young are waiting for the child. At this time, the Soviet government “meets halfway” the treatment of the Union of Common Destiny and begins a military operation to join the Crimea to the USSR. People perish, life is ruined. Lubnikova’s new sweetheart Christina Parsley is killing. Rumors go to Andrei that his father also died. Luchnikov knows that he became a grandfather, but he does not know the fate of Anton and his family. He sees what led to his crazy idea.

Anton Luchnikov with his wife and newborn son Arseny are escaping on a boat from the captured island. The boat is esoteric Ben-Ivan. Soviet pilots are ordered to destroy the boat, but, seeing the young people and the baby, “sham” the missile to the side.

Andrei Luchnikov comes to the Vladimir Cathedral in Chersonesos. Burying Christina Parsley, he sees in the cemetery near the cathedral the grave of Tatyana Lunina. The rector of the cathedral reads the Gospel, and Archer asks in despair: “Why is it said that temptations are necessary to Him, but woe to those through whom the temptation will pass?” How can we escape these dead ends? .. “

Behind the Cathedral of St. Vladimir over the captured island of Crimea, a festive firework takes off.

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Summary “Crimea Island” Aksenova