“104 pages about love” by Radzinsky in brief

In the youth café “Comet” the poet reads poetry. The chairman of the public council of the cafe is trying to arrange a discussion. The visitor girl praises poetry. For a guy sitting nearby, this becomes an occasion for acquaintance. The girl’s name is Natasha. The guy is represented as Evdokimov. He understands what Natasha likes.

The next day they again go to the “Comet”. At night, after leaving the cafe, they try to catch a taxi for Natasha. She’s a stewardess, and in the morning she needs a plane. Evdokimov persuades the girl to go to him, call a taxi by phone. He finally calls his name: Electron.

Natasha leaves Evdokimov only in the morning. They agree on a meeting. Only after her departure did Evdokimov notice the note. Natasha writes that there is no need to meet again.

Evdokimov works in the research institute. His colleagues and peers are Vladik and Galia Ostretsovs. They are in love with each other. Galya calls Vladik

in the guise of a “stranger”. The leader of the group Semenov gives permission for the experience developed by Evdokimov.

The navigator Lyova Kartsev is not indifferent to Natasha, but she does not give him the hope of reciprocity. Natasha knows that another stewardess, Ira, loves Lyova. Natasha meets Evdokimov. They go to the zoo. And again Natasha remains with him to spend the night. In the morning, when she returns home, her mother expels her. Natasha’s friend, hairdresser Lilka, is calling her to live with herself, but Natasha does not agree. Lilka is pregnant and wants to call the baby Electron.

Evdokimov’s experience will be held the other day. There, in the scientific research institute, Felix-Natasha’s “first love” works. He informs Electron that his mother drove Natasha out of the house. Evdokimov can not be absent from work, but he has a “hot” date with Natasha. And he leaves, despite Semenov’s displeasure.

And Natasha was at that time in Tashkent. They are not allowed to take off. She calls Evdokimov from the hotel room. Ira is sleeping

nearby. Kartsev comes to talk with Natasha, but she firmly lets him know that he does not like him. Ira, of course, heard everything. Learning about Kartsev’s feelings for Natasha, she can not hide her grudges against her friend, jealousy. Natasha is not angry. She tells Ira her life story. Natasha suspects that she is just “entertainment” for Evdokimov.

Visiting Evdokimov, Natasha says that she has betrayed him in Tashkent. They decide to part. Evdokimov escorts the girl “for the last time,” but on the subway she hints at him that she was lying when she spoke of treason. Evdokimov repents that he hastened to believe her. Natasha is offended, but still forgives him. Together they go to a restaurant. Evdokimov accompanies Natasha to the plane.

Semenov freed Galia Ostretsova from experience. But she went to Alfa for the regimes and found that the upcoming experience is very dangerous. Galya persuades Evdokimov not to take on Vladik’s experience. Evdokimov recalls that Galya used to love him, but she was afraid that “the case can go far.” He reproaches Galya with excessive rationality.

On the eve of the experience, Vlad arranges a party. Evdokimov and Natasha come, then another friend, Petya Galperin, and Felix. Felix asks Evdokimov to take him to his department, but he refuses. Felix talks about his life’s failures. Evdokimov does not feel sorry for him: he believes that everything happened due to Felix’s own fault. When Felix leaves, Natasha accuses Evdokimov of inability to feel sorry for people. They quarrel, and Natasha leaves.

Evdokimov is at home. He’s going to experience. From the south his mother and stepfather return. When Evdokimov goes down, he discovers that Natasha was waiting for him in the front room. He goes to “Alpha”, and she needs to fly to Brussels. They agree on a meeting. The experience was successful. Evdokimov is happy. He and Vladik are at the metro station “Dynamo”, waiting for Natasha. For the first time Evdokimov bought flowers for her. Ira comes. She explains that on the plane where Natasha was flying, “something caught fire”. Natasha “let out passengers and did not have time…”. After that, says Ira, Natasha lived for another two hours. She asked to convey to Evdokimov that “the main thing is an excerpt.”

Ira leaves. Evdokimov and Vladik sit still on the bench until the morning. The slogan seals the old posters, leaving only one: the stewardess with her hand raised.

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“104 pages about love” by Radzinsky in brief