Summary “Crime and Punishment” by Dostoksky

Petersburg. Rodion Raskolnikov goes with a mortgage to the interest-bearing Alena Ivanovna, with whom the gray sister Lizaveta lives. A former student plans to kill the old woman, calculating all the details. Having received money for a mortgage, Raskolnikov meets a drunk official Marmeladov, who talks about his family – his wife, her three children from her first marriage and her daughter Sonia, who earns money to feed the children on the panel. Marmeladov himself steals the last from his wife and daughter and drinks. Raskolnikov escorts the drunkard home and discreetly leaves his household members several coins.

In a letter from his mother, Raskolnikov learns of the plight of his relatives. To help him get an education, they had to borrow money. Sister Dunya was forced to work with the landlords of the Svidrigailovs, where she had to endure humiliation. Reflections on the imminent marriage of the sister with the landowner Luzhin, who counts on the submission of the poor

girl and on the fate of Sonya, give birth to Raskolnikov’s conviction of the murder of a dooming people. The desire to kill the old woman and the hatred of the bloody massacre, which was born from a dream of torturing a nag in childhood, tear Raskolnikov’s soul.

A former student kills a percentage-holder, and along with her, her sister who accidentally returned home. Stolen values ​​he unconsciously hides. The crime turns out to be a serious illness for Raskolnikov. He learns details of the murder from a former university friend Razumikhin and is about to confess to a crime. On the street, he sees Mameladova crushed by a carriage. On his last money, Raskolnikov assists the unfortunate and his family. Bypassing the mother and sister who came to him, he feels the need to get closer to the “fallen” Sonya. The family Raskolnikov is guarded by Razumikhin, in love with Dunya.

Rodion comes for information about the things put to the investigator. Porfiry Petrovich is talking about the theory of a student printed in a newspaper. Having only suspicions, but without proof, the investigator

lets the young man go, in the hope of his repentance and confession of guilt. Raskolnikov realizes that his theory is erroneous and repents of perfect murder. He approaches Sonia, who believes in charity and Christian virtue.

In search of Dunya’s love, Svidrigailov arrives in St. Petersburg, where he meets Raskolnikov. Rodion has a dislike for the offender sister, but the ability to treat life easily, despite the previously committed disgusting acts, attracts the student.

Luzhin tries to discredit Rodion and Sonya, but his slander does not find support among his relatives Raskolnikov. The deported Luzhin leaves no thought to dishonor Rodion before his relatives.

Sacked with fear, Raskolnikov again goes to the investigator. He almost gives himself away, but finds out that the painter Mikolka admitted the blame for the murder.

During the funeral of Marmeladov, there is a conflict, because of which the landlady of the apartment refuses Katerina Ivanovna to stay with her children. Luzhin tries to accuse Sonya of stealing money, but among those present there is a witness of her innocence.

Rodion talks about his crime to Sonya, who pities him for his spiritual suffering. The investigator comes to Raskolnikov and tries to persuade him to admit guilt. Believing in his theory, but yielding to Sonya’s requests, Raskolnikov repents before the eyes of the people and confesses to the murder. Sonia follows Raskolnikov in the Siberian exile. In the prison hospital Rodion dreams a terrible dream, in which people exterminate each other. He understands that pride leads to death, and a heart-filled love for Sonia opens the way for Raskolnikov to a new life.

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Summary “Crime and Punishment” by Dostoksky