Summary “Anthony and Cleopatra”

In Alexandria party Mark Antony and the Egyptian queen Cleopatra indulge in love. Antonia’s supporters say that she is in the position of a female clown. Antony leaves Egypt after learning that his wife Fulvia died, namely, she raised an uprising against the second party, Octavius ​​Caesar; and that Sextus Pompey, who is the son of Pompey the Great, made a challenge to Caesar. After learning that Antony wants to leave, Cleopatra rebukes Anthony, but he does not back down. Cleopatra has to accept his decision. They gently say goodbye to each other.
In Rome, two participants, Lepidus and Caesar, are talking about Antony. Lepidus talks about the virtues of Antony, but the calculating Caesar finds no excuses for him. He is very depressed with bad news, he wants Anthony to forget all his festivities and debauches and remember his courage.

Cleopatra can not find a place in the palace. She scolds maidservants, since they do not praise Antony very much, and also recalls

the affectionate nicknames that he called her. Every day she sends him messengers and rejoices every news from him.
Pompey hopes that Antony, very much charmed by Cleopatra, will never come to the aid of the allies. But they tell him that Anthony will soon come to Rome. Pompey is upset.
Caesar accuses Antony of humiliating his messengers, as well as the fact that he was inciting Fulvia to war with him. Lepidus and the proxies of both participants are trying to reconcile them, but all in vain. Warlord Caesar Agrippa, comes the thought that it is necessary to marry the widower Antonia on Octavia, Caesar’s sister. Antonia likes this idea. He, along with Caesar, goes to Octavia. Maecenas and Agrippa ask the approximate Antony, the warrior of Enobarb, about life in Egypt and about Cleopatra. Enobarbe admires Cleopatra and tells with a grin about the festivities of Antony. Agrippa Enobarba invites you to live in his house.

Egyptian clairvoyant persuades Antonia to leave Rome. He believes that Antony is very lucky, but it’s better to be away from Caesar. Antony agrees with this.
In Alexandria,

Cleopatra recalls life with Antony. A messenger comes in, who says that Antony is healthy, but he is going to get married. Cleopatra is furious.
Young Pompey agrees to come to terms with the participants on their terms, but only out of great respect for Antony. The world is celebrated with feasts. The first should take place on the ship of Pompey. When the rulers withdraw, the approximate Pompey Menas and Enobarb come to the conclusion that today Pompey will lose his happiness. Both of them come to the idea that the marriage of Antony will not be a pledge of a long peace with Caesar and will not be lasting, since he again wants to return to Cleopatra. And then Octavia will be the culprit of the quarrel between Antonio and Caesar.

At the feast, when everything is already in good spirits, Menas suggests Pompey to go into the sea and kill three of his enemies there. Due to this, Pompey will be the ruler of the universe. Pompey says that he will not go to such villainies. Caesar wants to disperse all. Everyone is forced to dance at parting. Antony and Pompey agree that they will drink the last cup on the beach.
Caesar bids farewell to Antony and his sister, who leave for Athens.
In Alexandria, Cleopatra asks the courier about how beautiful Anthony’s wife is. The messenger belittles the virtues of Octavia.

Antonia’s wife goes to Rome, and he escorts her. He tells Octavia about the wrongs caused by Caesar and asks her to be in mediation as a mediator. Enobarb and squire Eros, talking about the latest news. Pompey was killed, and Lepidus, whom Caesar sent for the murder of Pompey, was accused by Caesar of treason and arrested. Anthony in anger, he is ready for war with Caesar.
In Rome, Caesar and his generals are thinking what actions to take against Antony. Octavius ​​justifies her husband, but Caesar tells her that Antony left her for Cleopatra.
Caesar sends troops to Greece. Antony decides to fight at sea. Cleopatra also participates in the campaign. and on this occasion Canidius, Commander of the Army, says that they are all servants of women. In the midst of the sea battle, the queen’s ships turned back and swam away, and Antony did not start the battle to the end and followed Cleopatra. Canidia and the army have to surrender.

In Alexandria, Anthony is in a depressed state and asks the proxies to go over to Caesar’s side. He blames Cleopatra for his humiliation. The queen, sobbing and begging for forgiveness, Antony forgives her. Caesar arrives in Egypt, and Antony is sent to him by the teachers of his children. His requests are very modest, he asks that Caesar allow him to live in Egypt or in Athens. In turn, Cleopatra requests the preservation of the Egyptian crown for her offspring. Caesar at the request of Antony refuses, and Cleopatra reports that she will fulfill her request if she executes Antonia or he will be expelled. He sends Tirey to lure him by any promises to Cleopatra to his side.

Upon learning of Caesar’s refusal, Antony, again sends a teacher to him, to already call him to a duel. Tirey comes to Cleopatra, and she eagerly listens to his promises, and holds out her hand for a kiss. Antony sees all this and orders the messenger to be chased. He blames Cleopatra for debauchery. But Cleopatra swears in love with Antony and he believes her. Antony wants to have a feast. Enobarb watches with great sadness, as the mind and close people leave his boss. He, too, is ready to leave him.

Antony talks with the servants and thanks them for their faithfulness. The sound of the oboes is heard. Before the battle itself, Antony learns that Enobarba has betrayed him. He sends him a letter with the wishes of luck and all the property left to them. Enobarbs in a depressed state. He refuses to participate in the battle and dies by the end of the day. The battle began with the excess of Antony’s moaning, but on the second day in the battle it is supplied by the Egyptian fleet. Antony is already convinced that the queen sold him to Caesar. Seeing Cleopatra, Antony pounces on her with accusations and the queen closes in the tomb and sends to inform Antonia that she committed suicide. Antony does not want to live now.

He asks Eros to kill him. But the squire does not do this and kills himself. And then Antony kills himself. Mortally wounded Anthony orders to take himself to Cleopatra. Dying, Antony confesses his love to Cleopatra and tells her to seek protection from Caesar. Cleopatra in grief, and burying Antony, wants to follow his example.
In his camp, Caesar learns that Antony is dead. Caesar sends Proculea to Cleopatra with an order at all costs not to allow the queen to commit suicide. Cleopatra will have to participate as a captive in the victory of Caesar. Caesar comes to Cleopatra, and she kneels before him and gives him all her treasures. Her treasurer tells Caesar that this is not all the wealth of the queen. Pretending Caesar calms Cleopatra and promises not to touch all of her possessions. Caesar leaves, and Cleopatra dress up in a magnificent outfit. She remembers the first meeting with Antony. And now she wants to go to him. On the orders of Cleopatra, a villager comes into the room with a basket of figs, and in the basket there are two poisonous snakes. Cleopatra says goodbye to her maidens and puts one snake to her breast, and the other to her hand. Her maid servants also committed suicide.

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Summary “Anthony and Cleopatra”