“Sugar German” Klychkova in the summary

World War I. Soldiers of the twelfth company – yesterday’s men from the village Chertukhino. Mikolaj Mitrich Zaitsev, the son of the Chertokhin shopkeeper, a young fellow, was recently promoted to an ordinary ensign. Everybody calls him Bunny. He is a master of composing songs. Bunny is a kind and unrequited person: everyone treats him unceremoniously. One day during the review of Zaichyk, the commander shouted – for the fact that he had Penkin Prokhor Akimych, a red-haired and pock-marked. From perplexity Zaichik gave a slap to the corporal Penkin, and in the evening he threw himself at his feet and asked for forgiveness.

The instruction comes to the company. It says that the soldiers will be landed from ships so that they directly attacked the Germans from the sea. All in horror. Rota communion before the true death. But the operation is canceled. Soldiers believe that the war will soon end. However, a company from the reserve is again sent to the front line,

to the Dvina river.

In the dugout, corporal Penkin tells a tale about the ugly king Akhlamone, who refused wealth, began to walk the land to the poor and became a handsome man. The life of the company goes on as usual. At the window in the observation post one of the Chertukhinites, Vasily Morkovkin, was killed. Zaichik’s batman, Anuchkin, was shot dead in a detachment. A company, Palon Palonitch, shovels Zaichik for his poem.

Zaychik, one of the whole company, is released home for a vacation. On the way it is fired by the Germans. He does not appear at the headquarters, where he must fix the papers on the leave, and he is considered missing.

Marshal Palon Palonich orders the orderly Senka to bring from the other bank of the Dvina a piece of German barbed wire. He boasts to everyone that he deceived the commander and received an order for it.

The Dvina spills and floods the trenches. Chertukhintsy manages to escape.

The bum simply got lost and, without going to the headquarters, went home. His old parents, Mitriy Semyonitch and Fyokla Spiridonovna are happy to meet him. But bad

news awaits him too. Klasha, daughter of Nikanor’s father, whom Zaichik loved and with whom he was married in the Old Believers’ chapel “in spirit and light,” married another rich man. Zaichik also learns the terrible story of Pelagia, the wife of Prokhor Penkin, the husband went to war, and in his young wife “blood raged.” She tried to seduce the old father-in-law. The father-in-law dies, and Pelageya, having sinned with the shepherd Ignatka, waits for the child. Then she ends with herself. Drunk deacon Athanasius at night in the woods stumbles upon her body and tells stories about a terrible woman with a rope. Bunny, going into the forest, also sees the body of Pelagia. There he meets a gypsy woman who advises him to beware of water.

The coachman Peter Eremeyich decides to flee Chertukhin: he does not want to give his horses for the front. Petr Eremeyich is driving Zaychik to Chagoduy. There they drink with the deacon Athanasius, who is going to go to the king and say that he, a deacon, does not believe in God.

In the city Zaichik meets Klasha, She leads him to her room, into the bedroom. But her father-in-law comes, and Bunny has to run through the window. Mikolaj Mitrich is in the car with the deacon Athanasius. He says that there is no more God, but only boshenyat – his own in every nation. The train arrives in St. Petersburg. The deacon disappears somewhere. A Bunny meets in St. Petersburg with a gray-haired woman, similar to Klasha. The woman leads Zaichyk home, but he escapes and straight from there to the station – to the front.

Bunny does not tell anyone that he visited home, not to report the terrible news Penkin. Mikolaj Mitrich gives scribe Pek Pekych a bribe and learns that the company is now under investigation, and he, Zaychik, is presented for promotion.

Mouth Palone Palonic almost lost his mind: speech began to lead strange about devils. And Zaichik came to him under a bit of humbug and herds to argue about faith. The mouthpiece is then taken to the hospital, and Zaychik becomes the commander instead.

The soldier is transferred to a new position. Opposite them, in the middle of the Dvina, is an island on which the Germans managed to gain a foothold. Senka, former batman Palon Palonica, comes up with a clever device, which blow up the “island” Germans.

On the Feast of the Intercession soldiers are brought gifts. They drink tea together with the commander. The bunny goes for water to the river, and the Germans, strangely enough, do not shoot at him. On the other shore the German also goes out for water. Bunny grabs a rifle and kills him.

After this incident, Zaychik lies in the dugout is not his own. The small, sweet German boy who is aiming at him is grimacing. And the Germans do open a strong fire. All soldiers consider this a retribution for the commander’s act. Ivan Palych after the night spent under bombardment finds the dugout destroyed by Zaychik. He pulls out a half-dead commander from there, hoping he’ll get the order for it.

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“Sugar German” Klychkova in the summary