“Stevenson’s Treasure Island” in summary

XVIII century. In the Admiral Benbow inn, located near the English city of Bristol, a mysterious stranger settles in, a heavy old man with a saber scar on his cheek. His name is Billy Bones. Rough and unbridled, he is at the same time obviously afraid of someone and even asks the son of the owners of Jim Hawkins’ inn to see if the sailor on the wooden leg will appear in the district.

Finally, those from whom Billy Bones hides, find him; the first uninvited guest, a man with a pale, earthy face is called Black Dog. A quarrel breaks out between Billy Bons and the Black Dog, and Black Dog, wounded in the shoulder, flees. From the experience of anxiety with Billy Bonsom apoplectic stroke occurs. Chained for a few days to bed, he confesses to Jim that he was the navigator of the late captain of the flint, a renowned pirate, whose name recently terrified seafarers. The old navigator is afraid that his former accomplices, who hunt for the contents of his sailor’s trunk, will

send him a black mark – a sign of pirate warning.

This is what happens. She brings a repulsive kind of blind man named Pugh. When he leaves, Billy Bones is about to run, but his sick heart can not stand it, and he dies. Realizing that the sea brigands are soon to enter the tavern, Jim and his mother are sent to help their fellow villagers, and they return to take money from the chest of the deceased pirate. Together with the money, Jim takes a package from the chest.

Hardly the young man and his mother manage to leave the house, as pirates appear, who can not find what they are looking for. On the road the customs guards gallop, and the robbers have to get out of the house. And the blind Pew, thrown by accomplices, falls under the hooves of a horse.

In the package that Jim gives to two respectable gentlemen, Dr. Livesey and Squire Trelawney, there is a map of the island, where the treasures of Captain Flint are hidden. Gentlemen decide to go after them, taking Jim Hawkins as a cabin boy on a ship. Promising the doctor not to dedicate anybody for the purpose of the forthcoming journey, Squire

Trelawney leaves for Bristol to buy a ship and hire a crew. Subsequently it turns out that the squire did not keep his word: the whole city knows where and why the schooner “Hispaniola” is going to sail.

The team he recruited does not like the one he hired Captain Smollett, who thinks that sailors are not reliable enough. Most of them were recommended by the owner of the tavern “Spyglass” by the one-legged John Silver. Himself a former sailor, he is hired on a ship as a coca. Shortly before sailing, Jim meets in his tavern Black Dog, who, after seeing the young man, runs away. The doctor and the squire learn about this episode, but do not attach importance to it.

Everything turns out, when “Hispaniola” is already floating to the Treasure Island. Climbed in a barrel from under the apples, Jim accidentally hears Silver’s conversation with the sailors, from which he learns that most of them are pirates, and their leader is a one-legged cook, who was quartermaster of Captain Flint. Their intention is to find all the honest people on the ship, after discovering the treasures and delivering them aboard the ship. Jim tells his friends about what he has heard, and they take a further action plan.

As soon as the schooner anchors off the island, the discipline on the ship begins to fall sharply. A riot is ripe. This is contrary to Silver’s plan, and Captain Smollett gives him the opportunity to calm down the team by talking with the sailors face to face. The captain suggests that they rest on the shore, and before sunset return to the ship. Leaving the accomplices on the schooner, the pirates led by Silver go on boats to the island. In one of the boats, it is unclear why, jumping Jim, who, however, runs away, as soon as she reaches the ground. Wandering around the island, Jim meets Ben Gunn, a former pirate left here by his comrades three years ago. He paid for persuading them to look for the treasures of Captain Flint, who were unsuccessful. Ben Gunn says that he is more willing to help the born gentlemen than the gentlemen of luck, and asks Jim to pass it on to friends. He also tells the young man that he has a boat, and explains how to find it.

At this time, the captain, the doctor, the squire with three servants and the sailor Abe Gray, who did not want to stay with the pirates, manages to escape from the ship in a skiff, taking with him weapons, ammunition and a supply of provisions. They take cover in a log door behind a palisade where a stream flows and it is possible to hold a siege for a long time. Seeing the British flag above the palisade, and not “Jolly Roger”, which pirates would raise, Jim Hawkins understands that there are friends and, joining them, talks about Ben Gann.

After the courageous little garrison beats off the attack of pirates who are trying to get hold of a treasure map, Dr. Livesay goes to a meeting with Ben Gunn, and Jim makes a new and inexplicable act. He leaves the fort without permission, finds a boat belonging to Ben Gunn and goes to “Hispaniola”. Taking advantage of the fact that shortly before his arrival two pirates guarding her staged a drunken brawl in which one of them died and the other was wounded, Jim grabs the ship and takes him to a secluded bay, after which he returns to the fort.

But he does not find his friends there, but is in the hands of pirates, who, as he later learns, the fort was given without a fight. They already want to give the young man a painful death, when suddenly John Silver comes to him. It becomes clear that the leader of the robbers by that time already understands that the game is lost, and, defending Jim, is trying to save his own skin. This is confirmed when Dr. Livesay comes to the fort, who gives Silver a coveted card, and the former cook receives a promise from him to save him from the gallows.

When the sea robbers come to the place where, as the map shows, the treasures are buried, they find an empty pit and are about to tear their leader, and with him, the boy, when gunshots are heard and two of them fall dead, The rest are allowed to run. Coming to the aid of Dr. Livesay, the sailor Abe Gray and Ben Gunn lead Jim and Silver to the cave, where they are waiting for the squire and captain. It turns out that Ben Gunn had long since found Flint’s gold and dragged him to his dwelling,

After immersing the treasure on the ship, everyone sets out on their return journey, leaving the pirates on an uninhabited island. In one of America’s ports, Silver escapes, taking a bag of gold coins. The rest safely reach the shores of England, where everyone gets their share of the treasure.

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“Stevenson’s Treasure Island” in summary