“Sleeping over the golden cloud” Pristavina in brief

From the orphanage it was planned to send two older children to the Caucasus, but they immediately dissolved into space. And twins Kuzminy, in the orphanage Kuzmenshi, on the contrary, said that they would go. The fact is that a week before this they had undergone a dig under the bread cutter. They dreamed once in their lives to eat enough, but it did not work out. The military sappers called in to look through the subsoil, they said that without the technology and training it is impossible to dig such a metro, especially to children… But it was better to disappear just in case. Fall into disrepair this suburbs, ruined by war!

The name of the station – the Caucasian Waters – was written by coal on a veneer, nailed to a telegraph pole. The building of the station burned down during the recent battles. For the whole hour-long journey from the station to the village where the street children were housed, neither a cart, nor a car, or an occasional traveler got caught.

Empty around…

The fields are ripening. Someone plowed, sowed, some weeded. Who? .. Why so deserted and deaf in this beautiful land?

Kuzmenshi went to visit the teacher Regina Petrovna – on the road they met and they really liked it. Then they moved to the village. People, it turned out, live in it, but somehow secretly: they do not go out on the street, they do not sit on a bench. At night, the lights in the huts do not light. And in the boarding school news: the director, Petr Anisimovich, agreed about the work at the cannery. Regina Petrovna and Kuzmenshey wrote there, although in fact they sent only senior, fifth-seventh classes.

Another Regina Petrovna showed them an old hat and an old Chechen strap found in the back room. She gave the strap and sent Kuzmenshey to sleep, and she sat down to sew winter hats for them from her daddy. And I did not notice how the window sill fell quietly and a black muzzle appeared in it.

At night there was a fire. In the morning Regina Petrovna was taken away somewhere. Sashka showed Kolka numerous traces of horse hoofs and a sleeve.


cheerful chauffeur Vera began to carry them to the cannery. The factory is good. Work settlers. No one is guarding anything. Immediately dialed apples, and pears, and plums, and tomatoes. Aunt Zina gives a “blissful” caviar. And once she confessed: “We are so boimsy… Chechens are damned! We are in the Caucasus, and they were taken to Siberian paradise… Some of them did not want to… So they hid in the mountains!”

Relations with the settlers became very strained: the hungry colonists always stole potatoes from the vegetable gardens, then the collective farmers caught one colonist at the melon plant… Petr Anisimovich suggested holding a concert of amateur performance for the kolkhoz. The last number Mitek showed tricks. Suddenly, hoofs clattered close to one another, and the neighing of horses and guttural cries were heard. Then it crashed. Silence. And the cry from the street: “They blew up the car, there’s our Faith! The house is burning!”

The next morning it became known that Regina Petrovna had returned. And she suggested that Kuzmensham go to the subsidiary farm together.

The Kuzmenyshs took up their business. In turn, we went to the fontanel. They drove herd to the meadow. Grind corn. Then came the one-legged Demian, and Regina Petrovna begged him to drop Kuzmenshey to the colony, to get the food. They fell asleep on the cart, and woke up at dusk and did not immediately realize where they were. Demyan sat on the ground for some reason, and his face was pale. “Ti-ho!” He snapped, “there’s your colony, only there… it’s… empty.”

The brothers went to the territory. Strange appearance: the yard is filled with junk. There are no people. The windows are broken. The doors are torn off the hinges. And – quietly. Fearfully.

They jerked to Demian. We walked through the corn, bypassing the gaps. Demyan went ahead, suddenly jumped somewhere to the side and disappeared. Sashka rushed after him, only a girdle flashed a gift. Kolka sat down, tormented by diarrhea. And then on the side, just above the corn, there was a horse’s muzzle. Kolka shmyknulsya to the ground. Opening his eyes, he saw a hoof right on the face. Suddenly the horse recoiled. He fled, then fell into a pit. And he fell into unconsciousness.

Morning has come blue and peaceful. Kolka went to the village to look for Sashka and Demyan. I saw: my brother is standing at the end of the street, leaning against the fence. He ran straight to him. But on the move, Kolki’s move began to slow itself: something strange stood Sashka. He came close and froze.

Sasha did not stand, he hung hanging under the arms on the fence’s fence, and from his stomach a yellow corn bunch stood out. Another cob was stuck in his mouth. Below belly, a black one hung over the panties, in a bunch of blood Sashkin bark. Later it was found out that the strap of silver is not on it.

A few hours later Kolka brought a cart, took his brother’s body to the station and sent it with the staff: Sashka was eager to go to the mountains.

Much later Koltsa came across a soldier who had rolled off the road. Kolka slept in an embrace with another boy, looking like a Chechen. Only Kolka and Alkhuzur knew how they wandered between the mountains, where the Chechens could kill the Russian boy, and the valley where the danger was threatened already by the Chechen. How they saved each other from death.

The children did not allow themselves to be separated and were called brothers. Sasha and Kolya Kuzmin.

From the children’s clinic in Grozny, the children were transferred to a children’s home. There, they were kept homeless before they were sent to various colony and orphanages.

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“Sleeping over the golden cloud” Pristavina in brief