“Raven” Gozzi in the summary

In the harbor, which is near the capital city of Frattombrozy, there is a fairly battered storm of a galley under the command of the valiant Venetian Pantalone. On it, Prince Gennaro carries the bride to his brother, King Millon. But Armilla, the daughter of the Damascus king, turned out not to be free: Gennaro, who was disguised as a merchant, deceived her into a galley, promising to show all sorts of overseas curiosities.

Until now, Armilla has considered her kidnapper an infamous pirate, but now Gennaro can tell her justifying his deed and chilling story.

Earlier, King Millon was cheerful and cheerful, his main pastime was hunting. Once he shot a black Crow, he fell on a marble tomb, obagrev her blood. At the same moment, the Ogre appeared before Millon, to whom Raven was initiated, and cursed the murderer with a terrible curse: if Millon does not find a beauty that is white, marble, ala, like raven’s blood, and black as the wing of a slain bird, a terrible death

from anguish and torment. From that very day, the king began to weep in front of his eyes, and Gennaro, driven by brotherly love and compassion, went on a quest. After many wanderings, he finally found her, Armilla.

Touched by the story, the princess forgives the kidnapper. She is ready to become Millon’s wife, but that’s only afraid of revenge of his father, the all-powerful sorcerer Norando. And not in vain.

While Gennaro talks with the princess, Pantalone buys a horse and a falcon from some hunter – so beautiful that the prince immediately intends them as a gift to his brother.

When Gennaro leaves the tent to rest from the morning turmoil, two Doves settle on his head, and from their conversation the prince finds out the terrible: the falcon, having fallen into the hands of Millon, turns his eyes, the horse, as soon as the king jumps into the saddle, kills the rider, and if that still take Armilla as a wife, on the first night a dragon will appear in the royal chambers and the unfortunate spouse will devour; Gennaro, if he does not deliver the promised to Millon or disclose a

secret known to him, is destined to turn into a marble statue.

Gennaro jumps in horror from the bed, and immediately to it from the sea bottom comes Norando. The magician confirms what Doves said: one of the brothers – either the king or the prince – will pay with his life for the abduction of Armilla. The unhappy Gennaro can not find himself in confusion until he has a thought-saving thought.

Upon learning of the arrival of his brother, the king with the whole court rushes to the harbor. He is amazed by the radiant beauty of Armilla, and, oh, a miracle! from serious illnesses there is no trace. Armilla has to like the beauty and politeness of Millon, so she is quite willingly willing to become his wife.

Gennaro’s hard work is not to talk about hell’s revenge Norando, when it comes to the wedding, he asks Millon to wait, but, alas, can not clearly explain what caused such a strange request. Brother does not like it very much.

It’s time to give the king a horse and a falcon, at the sight of which he, like a passionate hunter, is truly delighted. But as soon as the bird is in the hands of Millon, as Gennaro beheads her with a knife. When a horse is led to a bewildered monarch, the prince knocks down the forelegs of a noble animal with the same lightning speed with a sword. Both savage acts Gennaro tries to justify an instant blind impulse. To Millon, another explanation comes to mind: mad brother’s blind passion for Armilla.

The king is saddened and alarmed by the fact that his dear brother is burning with love for the future queen. He shares his sorrow with Armilla, and she quite sincerely tries to whitewash Gennaro, says that the prince’s conscience and feelings are pure, but, unfortunately, can not back up his words. Then Millon asks Armilla for their common peace of mind to talk with Gennaro as if alone, and he hides behind the curtain.

Armilla directly asks the prince what makes him insist on delaying the wedding. But he does not give an answer and only begs the princess not to become the wife of Millon. The behavior of the brother strengthens the suspicion of the king; To all the assurances of Gennaro in the purity of his thoughts Millon remains deaf.

Not seeing Gennaro among those present at the wedding ceremony in the temple, Millon decides that the brother is preparing a mutiny, and orders to arrest him. Royal servants everywhere are looking for the prince, but do not find. Gennaro understands that he is not in his power to prevent marriage, however, he believes, you can still try to save your brother for the last time and at the same time remain alive.

Millon before the altar calls Armilla his wife. From the temple, both the young and the guests go not joyful, but, on the contrary, frightened and saddened, for the ceremony was accompanied by all the bad omens that one can imagine.

At night, in the underground passage, Gennaro, with a sword in his hand, makes his way to the marriage queen of the king and becomes a guard, determined to save his brother from a terrible death in the mouth of the dragon. The monster does not make itself wait, and the prince enters with him in mortal combat. But, alas! From the legs to the tail, the dragon is covered with diamond and porphyry scales, against which the sword is powerless.

The prince puts all his strength into the last desperate blow. The monster dissolves in the air, and the sword of Gennaro cuts through the door, behind which the young are sleeping. Millon appears on the threshold and brings down terrible accusations on his brother, the same can not be justified, since the dragon and the trace have caught cold. But even here, out of fear of turning to stone, Gennaro does not dare to reveal to his brother the mystery of Norando’s curse.

Gennaro is imprisoned, and some time later he learns that the royal council sentenced him to death and that an appropriate decree signed by his own brother is already ready. The faithful Pantalone offers Gennaro escape. The prince rejects his help and asks only by all means to persuade the king to come to him in prison.

Millon, who by no means with an easy heart has condemned his brother to death, descends to him in the dungeon. Gennaro again tries to convince the king of his innocence, but he does not want to listen. Then the prince decides that he still does not live in this world, and tells Millon about the terrible curse of the sorcerer.

Hardly uttered the last words, Gennaro turns into a statue. Millon, in utter desperation, orders the immanent statue to be transferred to the royal chambers. He wants to end his life, leaving tears at the feet of someone who so recently was his fervently beloved brother.

The Royal Palace is now the most gloomy and sad place in the world. Servants to whom life here does not promise more past pleasures and profit, run like rats from a ship, hoping to find a place more cheerful.

Millon weeps at the feet of the petrified Gennaro, cursing himself for suspicion and cruelty, but more than that cursing the ruthless Norando. But then, hearing the moaning and cursing of the king, the magician appears to him and says that he is not ruthless, Norando, but the fate that predestined the murder of the Crow and the curse of the Ogre, the abduction of Armilla and revenge for him. Norando himself is only a tool of fate, not authoritative to interfere in its predestination.

Unable to change anything, Norando nevertheless opens to Millon the only terrible way to revive Gennaro: to make the statue again a man, Armilla must die of a dagger. With these words, a dagger is pierced by a dagger at the feet of the statue and disappears. Millon blurts out to Armilla that there is a way to revive Gennaro; yielding to her insistent requests, he finally reports which one. Hardly the king leaves the hall with a statue, as Armilla grabs a dagger and pierces his chest.

Only the first drops of her blood are spilled onto the statue, as it comes to life and comes down from the pedestal. Gennaro is alive, but the beautiful Armilla emits a spirit. Millon desperately tries to stab himself with the same dagger, and only with great difficulty his brother keeps him.

Suddenly, the eyes of inconsolable brothers, as always it is not clear where, is Norando. This time he bears the glad tidings: with the death of Armilla, who redeemed the murder of the Crow, the terrible and mysterious circle of destiny’s destinies ended. Now, he, Norando, is no longer a blind implement and can use his mighty spells by his own will. First of all, he certainly resurrects his daughter.

It is possible to imagine what joy was all about: Gennaro, Millon and Armilla embraced and burst into tears of happiness. And the business ended, as usual, with a cheerful and noisy wedding.

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“Raven” Gozzi in the summary