“Pocket oracle, or Science of Discretion” Graciana in brief summary

The author, in strict sequence, titled each of his aphorisms, writes the following: At this time, the personality has reached maturity. All the advantages are strung on two bars – nature and culture.

To achieve success, you need to “act discreetly” and unexpectedly.

In the basis of greatness lie “wisdom and valor”. Reason and strength are the eyes and hands of the individual.

To succeed in life, one needs to support others in oneself in need and achieve maturity by working on oneself.

It is dangerous and unreasonable to achieve a “victory over the superiors,” and advise them in the form of a reminder.

The shortest way to a good reputation for yourself is to be able to master your passions and overcome the shortcomings inherent in your fellow countrymen.

If happiness is impermanent, glory is unchanged, and it can be achieved only by a school of knowledge, by communicating with someone who can learn, which

form a kind of “academy of good and refined morals.”

Studying, a person constantly struggles with the machinations of people. Therefore, the insightful mind must learn to “foresee intrigues and reflect all the intentions of detractors.”

In all matters it is important to observe courtesy, it softens even refusal. Roughness hurts everything.

Actions must be carried out, based on the opinion of wise people, who should surround themselves, either using power or friendship. Only a good goal of actions can lead to many successes.

The success of a case is determined by the variety of modes of action that need to be changed depending on the circumstances, as well as diligence and giftedness. Glory is bought by the price of labor. What is easily given is not highly valued.

When starting a business, do not lay out all the prospective benefits, let “the reality surpass expectations.”

Not every person corresponds to the time in which he lives, but only the wise is given to understand this and belong to eternity.

Only the discreet can be happy in

his virtue and zeal.

The art of free and instructive conversation is more important than edification.

One of the signs of perfection is the ability to overcome or hide one’s defect, turning it into an advantage.

“Control your imagination,” be able to remain perceptive and distinguish between the natural inclinations of people in order to use them for their own good.

The essence of greatness is not quantity, but quality, only depth gives true superiority. Do not strive for general access, the crowd is stupid, only a few people think soberly.

The righteous should be considered only such a person who is always on the side of justice, neither the crowd nor the tyrant will force him to change it.

In behavior, avoid freak and other “disrespectful pursuits,” being a person who is inclined to do good.

“Limit yourself even in friends” and do not demand more from them than they can give. “Excess is always bad,” especially in dealing with people. Do not force your nature, develop the best of your abilities, and then the rest. About all make up the judgment, do not rely on another’s.

The ability to retreat in time is as important as getting on time. Continuous luck does not happen.

It is difficult to procure the love of the people, there are few virtues, it is necessary to create good deeds. Do not be overjoyed, only the born power leads to power.

To achieve power, it is necessary to be “in speech with the majority, but in thoughts with a minority”, but do not abuse it with calculation and do not show antipathy.

“One of the first rules of prudence” is to avoid commitment and restrain the external manifestation of feelings. Inside there should be more than outside, and not circumstances should control you, and you them.

For internal equilibrium, “never lose respect for yourself,” that is, be afraid of the inner court more than the external one.

Another important rule of prudence is not to be irritated, combining determination with discretion. Hurry slowly, and in courage be prudent.

For success in business it is good to be quick in decisions, but to be able to wait for an opportunity.

Be discriminating in helpers, try to be the first and avoid grief. Do not inform unpleasant news, but do not listen to it anyway. Better let the other be upset now than you later.

The rule of the reasonable – to go against the rules, when otherwise not finish what was started.

Do not succumb to the whims and know how to refuse, but not immediately, let there remain hope.

You need to be decisive in your affairs, but avoid tyranny, escape from intricate situations, such as pretending to be uncomprehending.

Success in the business requires foresight and reflection, while conducting the case it should be “witty, but not too often use this technique”, so as not to be regarded as an empty person. It is necessary to maintain a measure in everything, although sometimes a small blemish is the best recommendation of dignity.

“Flattery is more dangerous than hatred.” Reasonable more benefit from enemies than a fool from friends.

“A man is born a savage” and only by education creates a person who is integral in everyday life. Only knowing yourself, you can control your feelings and live with dignity and long.

“Impenetrability in the knowledge of others” helps success. When they do not know and doubt, they respect more than they know.

People are judged about things “not in their essence, but in appearance”, people are more often satisfied with appearance.

In any situation, hold on like a king, be great in deeds, exalted in thought. “Genuine royalty in the height of the soul.”

For harmonic development, it is necessary “to try different activities” and not to be annoying in any of them.

Do not make an important person, “if you want to show off, praise dignity.”

To become a person, choose friends on the contrary, in the interaction of extremes, a reasonable middle is established.

It is prudent to retire earlier than business. depart from thee. Keep friends and debtors in reserve and avoid competition.

In business, deal with decent people, “you can not come to terms with meanness.” Do not talk about yourself and deserve the reputation of a courteous, with whom everyone is considered.

Avoid enmity, it sharpens the soul, you want to live peacefully, hold yourself still, but not in matters of the moral.

Keep your weaknesses in secret. All are mistaken, and “a good name depends on silence, rather than on behavior.” Do not complain. “

Ease is the most important natural ability, it adorns everything.

Do not make quick decisions, delay time, it’s always good, with any outcome. Avoid turmoil, it is to let things go their way, especially in dealing with people.

Being able to recognize the “days of failure” and reconcile with them as an inevitable evil, fate is unchanged.

Stubbornness against the obvious in deeds is evil. Appearance is deceptive, because evil is always on top, so have a confidant who soberly judges and knows how to advise.

In the art of survival it is important to have a “scapegoat”, to whom the reproach is a payment for ambition.

To price the product, never declare it to the public. All podki for the unusual.

To succeed, communicate with “outstanding”, when excelled – with the average. In order to only catch up with its predecessors, one must have “two doubts”. Even in insanity attacks, keep your sanity. Patience is the guarantee of priceless peace. If you can not stand it – “hide yourself alone.”

It is prudent not to feel sorry for the loser, to first ascertain the desires of those from whom you want to achieve something. In human opinion, your luck is not noticed, and everyone will fail to fail. So act only for sure. In this sense, “half is bigger than the whole”.

To have important friends and be able to save them is more important than having money.

A decent man is not in a hurry to fight – he has something to lose, he enjoys leisurely, strives for thoroughness, avoids familiarity, is protected in communication.

Do not tell the whole truth, not all truth can be said, for one thing, for one’s sake, for another, for another.

For a high place, fate takes revenge on the nonentity of the soul. The post gives dignity to the outside, to which only sometimes the inner dignity accompanies.

In cases you can not “limit yourself to one attempt”, if it is unsuccessful, then you must teach you to do the following.

The best “master key” in any business is another’s misfortune, be able to wait.

“You want to live by yourself, let’s live another.” If the motherland is a stepmother, do not be afraid to succeed to leave it.

Diligence does the impossible. “Great undertakings do not even need to be considered.”

Never “protect yourself with a pen”, it will leave a mark and the opponent will bring glory rather than punishment.

The best way to find out anything is a mock distrust. The most cherished mysteries are being lured out with disdain.

Do not trust in longevity either in friendship or in enmity.

Be it simple, but not simple, shrewd, but not cunning.

In time to yield – to win, not enough strength – act wisely.

“Language is a wild beast,” keep your speech, dominate yourself, do not stand out for “strangeness.”

Do not shine with wit at someone else’s expense – revenge awaits you.

“Do not show unfinished business,” harmony only in general.

Do not be under the delusion of the secret passed on to your superiors. Forget it, for the informed do not like.

Know how to ask that it look like a service. What is clear is not appreciated. “Trouble does not come alone,” so you can not even neglect a small mischief.

To lose a friend is quite an unpaid service. Unable to pay the debt, the debtor becomes a foe. “The worst enemies are from former friends.” Do not expect complete devotion from anyone.

“What everyone says is either there or should be.”

Update your character by nature, and not by position. Otherwise “in 20 years – a peacock, 30 – a lion, 40 – a camel, 50 – a snake, 60 – a dog, 70 – a monkey, in 80 – nothing.”

Act always as if they are looking at you and you will not make a mistake.

“At the age of 20, there is a feeling, at 30 – talent, in 40 – intelligence.”

In the last, 300th aphorism, Gracian writes: “Virtue is the center of all perfections, the center of all joys.” “There is nothing more amiable than virtue, nothing more disgusting than vice”

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“Pocket oracle, or Science of Discretion” Graciana in brief summary