“Moscow novel” Ivanov in brief summary

“Moscow novel” Ivanov in brief summary

You probably remember this year: the Church of Christ the Savior was broken. For the layman it was more terrible than the October coup. Then, before the beginning of the novel, the author conceived to write comments, but at that time he had a big boy named Vyacheslav…

Excuse me, can I start on the merits? At the clinic, where Matvei Ivanovich Andreishin works, the great twenty-seven-year-old psychiatrist, and Yegor Yegorych, the secretary of the big man, the suddenly fallen jewelers, the Yuryev brothers, are caught. There was a theft in their shop, and soon rumors of the disappearance of the golden crown, ordered by an allegedly unknown agent for the American emperor. Watching the sick, Dr. Andreyshin comes to the conviction that the cause of their insanity is in unrequited

love. The only trace of a stranger – the button of the workshop of S. Murphine – leads him to Susanna, the daughter of the former owner. The doctor falls in love with this blonde with a narrow, handsome face. He is sure that he must “prevent the collapse of man” and he can heal a single phrase and jewelers, and Susanna, and the whole house where she lives.

So Matvey Ivanovich and Yegor Yegorych, who were going to the congress of criminologists in Berlin, turn out to be near the house number 42. Here they encounter a man who came from the Urals to recruit workers for foundry by Leon Ionovich Cherpanov. Declaring himself a doctor “uhaghhoronosom” from the periphery, Andreishin expresses the desire to conclude a contract and temporarily settle in this house. Cherpanov nothing remains, how to take the first workers and put them inside the communal housing, equipped in the construction of the Moscow Empire.

Twenty housewives roared in the kitchen, and fifty or so stoves were roaring. Cherpanov is in the bathroom. The upper floor with the columns was occupied by the family of Zhavoronkov, the former church elder, and now the ice cream worker with the trade union ticket. Everyone knew that he “publicly traded ice-cream, and secretly used the construction business,” and, moreover, led

a cell of atheists. On the first floor lived the Murphins – mother, father, uncle Saveliy, twenty-year-old Susanna and her older sister Lyudmila, who earned the nickname Bylink on both fronts of the Civil War. She writes her impressions about the book “400 Defeat”. Like everyone engaged in speculation, Lyudmila repeats: “We are fans of realism. A large batch of oats is more expensive than the ability to pull the thread of literature into the golden needle of fantasy.” However, the doctor believes that only Susanna “unites this aggregate of people”,

There is a second decade, and the doctor with Egor Egorych all postpones the trip to Berlin, watches the residents of the apartment, and for Cherepanov’s efforts create a proletarian core for work in Shadrinsk. Here the recruiter comes to the nail plant as a poet, ready to write about the best team. He collects money at the invited party, makes calls: “Remember that our plant is entrusted in the form of experience to process not only ore, but also with the same speed of people.” He demands from the inhabitants of the house to recruit relatives, for example, 620 people from Zhavoronkov. “Six hundred – I understand, but twenty from where?” – “State development… They are reborn there.” – “Why, will they emasculate them or how?” Cherpanov promises that the Cathedral of Christ the Savior will be restored in the Urals.

At the head of the procession is a doctor, but he is unable to keep the crowd, which quickly dissipates. Among them there is no Cherepanov. The doctor calls him a fictitious figure, and Yegor Yegorych remembers the three confessions of Leon Ionovich. The first time he reported that he was born in the family of a gymnasium teacher, he came to Russia with his brother from the Parisian emigration, and created his own biography by means of stamps. The second time he called himself the son of a circus magician Cherpanevsky, a descendant of an old noble family. Finally, he confesses that he had an engraving institution in Sverdlovsk, inherited from his father, Constantine Pudozhgorsky, printing seals to speculators. Clients seized him to his hands and forced Cherpanov to go in search of the crown of the American emperor. The crown, according to him, is kept by Uncle Saveliy and disguised as a car spittoon. Somewhere in the house is hidden the only evidence that confirms that the crown exists. This is a foreign costume of a mysterious agent, left by him when he fled.

In vain, Cherpanov, the doctor, and Uncle Savely searched for Zhavoronkov’s costume-he was in a chest at Lyudmila: “a dark green cloth and golden buttons with biceps eagles sprinkled.” A surcoat! Did not have time to find out whether this is a suit, how the Lebedev brothers come, dissatisfied with the recruiting activity of Cherpanov. Grabbing his frock coat, Cherpanov rushes to flee, the Lebedevs pursue him, but the outcome of the chase is unknown… Called out by Uncle Savelyi, police officers appear and take away the arrested residents of the house. At the sealed door there are Dr. Andreyshin, Yegor Yegorych and the Yuryev brothers. Jewelers recovered: they are not in love with Susanna and do not believe in the crown of the American emperor. Only the doctor hopes to break the legend of the crown, to re-educate Susanna and marry her… “Uh-life goes, uh-uh…” – recalls the sounded song.

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“Moscow novel” Ivanov in brief summary