Summary “Irkutsk History”

Valya is a young girl who works in a store on one of the construction sites of the distant Irkutsk. Vale is twenty-five and she’s a cashier. Merry and frivolous, she does not think much about how to behave, for which she deserved what everyone in the district calls her Valka – cheap. Valya’s ally and her friend, Victor Boytsov works as an electrician and assistant to the driver of the walking excavator Sergei Seregin. Once Victor introduces Sergei to his girlfriend Valya. The thing is, Valya and Victor are going to go to the cinema together, and afterwards to dance, but Serdyuk Stepan Yegorovich, the head of Victor, instructs him to repair the excavator, so Victor is forced to ask his friend Sergei to go with Valya.

After watching the movie, the young people settled on a bench in the park. Sergei tells the girl that he was once married. Val is wondering why Sergei and his ex-wife parted, Sergei says that their love was not real, that they did not need each other.

Valya, in turn, shares with Sergey secret thoughts. She admits that she would very much like to have a real love in the world. He says that being alone, it’s scary. Suddenly two young men come up to the young people, and they start insulting the girl. Sergei stands up for her and fights with one of the guys. Valya quickly runs away, before asking Sergei for forgiveness.
The shore of the Angara. Two young girls talk while drinking beer, this is Valya and her friend Larissa. Valya tells that she received a letter from an unknown person. In the letter it is written that everything is better from people’s affairs and therefore a person lives in this world for nothing, and happiness itself can not be felt alone. At this time Victor came to the girls, Larissa left, and the young people remained together. Valya suddenly says that she would like to marry Viktor, but the guy laughs and retorts that he and Valya are already well off.

The action takes us to the room of the female hostel. Wali has a birthday. She calls Sergey and Victor, although friends do not know what the occasion is about. Victor rejoices

the opportunity to spend an evening with Sergei, since to stay with two girls, Valya and Larisa, he does not really want to be alone. During the evening, Sergei tells Victor that he should marry Vale, but Victor does not want to burden and bind himself with marriage.

Val decides to read the letters written for her by the unknown. In one letter she is offered to marry, to which the girl notices that she would like to marry Victor, but he does not want it. After that, Sergei admits that he is the author of the letters. He says that he would not admit it when in this, if Victor did not refuse Wali and would marry her. A quarrel flares up and Valya drives Victor away. The guy leaves, but promises that he will not forget it.

After that, Victor begins to truant and drunk. He asks Sergei to throw Valya, which he does not agree, because he truly loves the girl.
It is the wedding day of Sergei and Vali. Victor gives the girl a ring and disappears. Larissa, the best friend, a friend of Vali, during the wedding gets acquainted with Stepan Serdyukov.
Time is running. In the family of Sergei and Vali there are twins – the girl Lena and boy Fedor. Sergei offers Vale to study and only then go to work.

The end of July has come. On this sunny and hot summer day, Sergei goes for a swim. On the way to him, a boy and a girl join in, who go fishing. At this time to Valya is Victor, who admits that he can not forget the girl that he is suffering and suffering. Valya tells him that she loves her husband, Sergei. At this time, Vali’s friend comes in unexpectedly with Sergei and says that the misfortune occurred – Vali’s husband, Sergei drowned. He said that while fishing, the boy and girl began to sink – they turned over on a makeshift raft. Sergei saved the children, but he died.

The entire team, where Sergei worked, decides to help Vale by working for the deceased Sergei, and to give his money to his wife and children. Victor is alone against this. He states that this should humiliate Valya, but the woman accepts help. After that, Victor begins to blame Valya for being a dependent. He says that he loves her and very much wants to help her maintain her dignity. He, like Sergei in his time, advises Vale to go to school.
Time passes. Victor calls Valya to work in their team, which the girl agrees. A new feeling awakens in her for her old friend, but Valya is still afraid to admit this to herself.
Victor hears the voice of his deceased friend. Sergei wants Victor happiness.

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Summary “Irkutsk History”