Gogol’s Overcoat in Brief Content

The story that happened with Akaky Akakievich Bashmachkin begins with the story of his birth and his bizarre name, and proceeds to the narrative of his service as a titular adviser.

Many young officials, laughing, fixing him with bothers, showering him with papers, pushing him by the hand, and only when he is unbearable, he says: “Leave me, why do you insult me?” – with a voice that worships pity. Akaky Akakievich, whose service consists of copying papers, performs it with love and even coming from the presence and hastily slurping his own, takes out a jar of ink and rewrites the papers brought to the house, and if there are not any, then purposely removes a copy for himself any document with an intricate address. Entertainment, the pleasure of friendship for him does not exist, “having written to the heart, he went to bed,” anticipating tomorrow’s rewriting with a smile.

However, such a dimension of life violates an unforeseen event.

One morning, after repeated suggestions made by the St. Petersburg frost, Akaky Akakyevitch, having studied his overcoat, observes that on his shoulders and back, he absolutely sketches. He decides to carry it to the tailor Petrovich, whose habits and biography is brief, but not without detail, set out. Petrovich inspects the hood and says that it is impossible to fix anything, but it is necessary to make a new overcoat. Shocked by the name Petrovic at a price, Akaky Akakievich decides that he has chosen an unfortunate time, and comes when, according to calculations, Petrovich is hungover, and therefore more accommodating. But Petrovich is on his own. Seeing that it was impossible to do without a new overcoat, Akaky Akakyevych was trying to find out how to get those eighty rubles for which, in his opinion, Petrovich would get down to business. He decides to reduce the “

His life changes completely: the dream of a greatcoat accompanies him, as a pleasant friend of life. Every month he goes to Petrovich to talk about his greatcoat. The expected reward for the holiday, against the expectation, is great by twenty

rubles, and one day Akaki Akakievich and Petrovich go to the shops. And the cloth, and the calico on the lining, and the cat on the collar, and Petrovich’s work-everything turns out to be beyond praise, and, in view of the frosts that have begun, Akaky Akakievich once goes to the department in a new overcoat. This event does not go unnoticed, everyone praises the greatcoat and demands from Akaki Akakievich to ask an evening for this occasion, and only the intervention of an official who calls everyone to tea saves the embarrassed Akaky Akakiyevich.

After a day that was exactly a big festive occasion for him, Akaky Akakyevitch returns home, cheerfully dines and, without making any deals, goes to the official to the far side of the city. Again, all praise his overcoat, but soon turn to whist, dinner, champagne. Forced Akaky Akakievich feels unusual fun, but, mindful of the late hour, slowly goes home. Initially excited, he even rushes after some lady, but soon the deserted streets inspire him with involuntary fear. In the middle of a huge deserted area, some people with a mustache stop him and take off his overcoat.

The misadventures of Akaky Akakyevitch begin. He does not find help from a private bailiff. In the presence, where he comes a day later in his old hood, he is pitied and thinks even of making a mess, but having collected a total trifle, they are advised to go to a significant person who can contribute to a more successful search for a greatcoat. The following describes the techniques and customs of a significant person who has become significant only recently, and therefore anxious, as if to attach greater importance to himself: “Severity, severity, and strictness,” he used to say. Wanting to hit his friend, with whom he had not seen for many years, he brutally bawled Akaky Akakiyevich, who, in his opinion, turned to him in a different form. Not feeling the feet, he gets to the house and falls down with a great fever. A few days of unconsciousness and delirium – and Akaky Akakievich dies, About what only on the fourth after funeral day learn in department. Soon it becomes known that at night near the Kalinkin Bridge a dead man is shown, ripping off from everyone, without examining the rank and rank, overcoats. Someone learns in it Akaky Akakievich. The efforts made by the police to catch a dead man are lost in vain.

At that time, one significant person, who was not ashamed of compassion, having learned that Bashmachkin had suddenly died, remains terribly shocked and, in order to entertain himself, he goes to a friendly party, from where he goes not to his house, but to the familiar lady, Karolina Ivanovna, and, among the terrible weather, suddenly feels that someone grabbed his collar. In horror he recognizes Akaky Akakievich, who triumphantly pulls off his overcoat. Pale and frightened, a significant person returns home and henceforth does not croak with the severity of his subordinates. The appearance of a dead official has since ceased completely, and the ghost that met a little later with the Kolomna booth was already much taller and carried an enormous mustache.

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Gogol’s Overcoat in Brief Content