Biography of Shaquille O’Neill

Biography of Shaquille O’Neill

Shaquille O’Neal is a basketball player, born March 6, 1972 in Newark, New Jersey. It is best known as the 216 centimeter center Phoenix Suns.

At birth, he received the name Shakil Rashone O’Neal.

With the growth of 216 cm and weight of 143 kg, Shaquille is one of the leading centers in the history of professional basketball. His career began in Orlando, but in 1996 he moved to the Los Angeles Lakers under a contract of $ 120 million, having a chance to improve his acting skills and musical career.

With the help of Kobe Bryant and trainer Phil Jackson, O’Neill, along with the Lakers, won the NBA championship title for three years. After eight seasons in Los Angeles, he began playing with the club “Miami Heat” in 2004. Together with young Dwayne “Flash” Wade O’Neill led the team to the title of champion in 2006.

After some damage in 2007, O’Neill regained his previous physical condition. In 2008, he again began to play for “Phoenix Sun.” Additional notoriety was brought to him by rap albums: “Shaq Diesel” in 1993, “You Can not Stop the Reign” in 1998. He performed the role of genie in the film “Kazam” in 1996, a super-big fighter in the film “Steel” in 1997. In 2007, Shakil O’Neil debuted on television in the new reality show “Shaq’s Big Challenge”.

Additional data: the size of the training of Shaquille is 21 EEE. According to the official profile of the NBA, “His first and middle names are Shaquille Rashoun – according to Islam, mean a little warrior.” In 2000, he received his degree, graduating from the State University of Louisiana. O’Neill’s throws from the penalty line are so bad that in basketball, an intentional violation of the rules was called “hack-a-Shaq”.

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Biography of Shaquille O’Neill