Biography of Pierre Pohlen

Pierre Polen, a French designer specializing in furniture, was born in Paris.

Education in the biography of Pierre Polen was received at the Paris School of Camondo.

In 1953, the first exhibition was organized, in whose works the influence of American, Scandinavian designers is seen. The following year, commissioned by a French firm, produced a series of tables and chairs. In 1985, Pierre began working with the firm Artifort. Since then, Pierre Polen’s biography has gained wide popularity. The designer is working with this company until now, having spent 50 years in close cooperation.

His work violated the standard design principles of furniture design. He proved that chairs, chairs, sofas can do without legs at all, and at the same time remain beautiful, comfortable, original. Even his old ideas are very relevant to this day. Among the collections of Pierre Polen’s furniture are the following: Mushroom, Globe, Tanis, Butterfly, Pumpkin, Oyster, Tongue, Ribbon, Le Chat, Orange Slice.

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Biography of Pierre Pohlen