A summary of the epic about Dobryna Nikitich

They were attributed to the heroic epic of the people of ancient Rus (Greek “epic” – story, narrative). They describe the mighty heroes of the time. The banners praise strong and intelligent people. Many are familiar with them: Dobrynya Nikitich, Ilya Muromets, merchant Sadko, Svyatogor and others. These characters are not invented. They lived in the IX-XII centuries on the territory of ancient Kievan Rus. At that time in the neighboring lands there were many enemies who raided Kievan Rus. The bogatyrs did not miss and purged the Russian land of “evil spirits.”

Short epics about the Russian heroes

For many centuries the bylinas were not kept in writing. They were passed from mouth to mouth. Their main difference from fairy tales is the melodic motive. In several centuries, even in the Russian state, peasants, performing routine work, sang a lot of stories about the heroes’ exploits. The children sat around the adults and learned to sing.

The exploits and glory of the heroes of ancient Russia have been preserved in people’s memory to the present day.

Small epics are suitable for children. They allow children to understand the history of their people at a very early age. A three-year-old child can not perceive material from a textbook on ancient history. Short epic stories are presented in an accessible fairy-tale form and carry the child. He will listen with great pleasure to stories about Russian heroes: Ilya Muromets, Dobryni Nikitich, Svyatogor, and others.

In the junior classes on reading a small epic, a child will need no more than 15 minutes, and a retelling – less than 3 minutes.

Bylin about the Russian hero Ilya Muromets

The Kiev-Pechersk Lavra stores in its caves the relics of Ilya of Murom, which the church has ranked among the saints. In the old age he was tonsured as a monk. It is known that in battle his arm was pierced by a spear and that he was of tremendous growth. From the traditions that have survived to this day, it became known that Saint Ilya of Murom is the hero of ancient Russia.


story began in the village of Karacharova, which is under the ancient Murom. A boy was born, tall and strong. He was called Ilya. He gave birth to the joy of parents and villagers. However, the family was in trouble – the boy fell ill with an unknown disease and could not move independently, his hands were numb. Neither the herbs nor the long prayers of the mother could help the child. Many years later. Ilya became a handsome young man, but still. He was hard to realize his position: he could not help elderly parents. Whatever his sadness overcame, Ilya began to pray to God. On a festive day the Transfiguration, when the father and mother went to church, wanderers knocked at the house of Ilya and asked to let them in. But Ilya answered that he could not open the door, since he had been immovable for many years. But the stranger insisted on his own and repeated like a spell: “Arise, Ilya.” The strength of the words was great. Ilya got up and opened the door. He realized what a miracle had happened.

Wanderers asked the drivers, but at first they offered to drink it to a kind fellow. Ilya drank several sips and felt an incredible power in himself. “For your faith and patience the Lord has given you healing, be a defender of Russia and the Orthodox faith, and death will not overtake you in battle,” the pilgrims said.

Who is Ilya Muromets? The Russian people made the greatest amount of epics about him. He was mighty and just, he was the eldest among the heroes.

Previously, there were many impenetrable forests on the territory of Russia. Get to Kiev followed by detour routes: to the upper reaches of the Volga, and then to the Dnieper, along the river, they got to the capital of ancient Russia. A straight road in the woods was lined with crosses of dead people. Russia was ruined by enemies internal and external. The threat was not only to lone wanderers, but to princes who could not defeat evil. It was Ilya Muromets who helped to clear a short way to Kiev-grad and killed many enemies of Russia of that time.

Bylin about Dobryna Nikitich

Dobrynia Nikitich was a brother in arms of Ilya of Murom. He has tremendous power and unlimited bravery. In the real hero of ancient Russia there should not only be one force. A person should have a sense of duty and honor, be a loyal friend, a patriot of his country and ready to lay down his head for her well-being.

Dobrynya was a chivalry. Some epics tell about his childhood. From the age of 7 he studied literacy and showed great abilities in studying different sciences. At the age of 15 he felt in himself the strength of a hero. From his early childhood he was attracted to arms. Nobody taught him how to manage it, but mastered the heroic work independently. The first adventure with him happened on a hunt – he met a snake. “Young Dobrynyushka” became a serpent trample. It says he is the birth of a new Russian hero who grows in the outback, but is famous for all of Russia.

However, Dobrynia became famous not only in the heroic cause. He is able to swim by one dive river, as if shooting arrows, sings well and knows church texts. Bogatyr even competed in playing the harp for a feast and received the highest praise.

Together with the power in it are combined peace, spiritual purity, simplicity and gentleness. Dobrynia is well educated and versatile gifted. The epic often emphasizes his good manners and upbringing. The heroes are called to solve a delicate dispute or become an important messenger. He is indispensable in negotiations with foreign ambassadors, where he represents the whole of Kievan Rus. Dobrynya Nikitich by right can be called the most worthy representative of Russia.

Like his brothers in arms, Alyosha Popovich and Ilya Muromets, Dobrynya is courageous, brave, and the only meaning of his life is to defend his homeland. The main feat of Dobrynia is considered to be the salvation of the niece of Prince Zabava Putyatichnaya from the snake Gorynych.

Historians believe that the prototype of the hero was Dobrynya, the uncle of the prince of Kievan Rus Vladimir Svyatoslavich. In historical chronicles, his participation in many important events of that time is often mentioned.

Byliny about Russian heroes presentation

The Bylins are a folklore epic song. At the heart of the epic are heroic events. The main characters are heroes. They are the standard of the man of that time, guided by the principles of justice and patriotism. The heroes are divided into:

Seniors possessing elemental forces (Svyatogor, Danube Ivan, etc.);

Younger – mortal people with minimal mythological features (Ilya Muromets, Alyosha Popovich, etc.).

Old Russian bogatyrs embodied the concept of the people about the morality of the true hero.

In addition to heroes in the epics there are often wickers – wanderers blind, constantly singing spiritual songs. Kalika was not mutilated, as the modern listener of the epic can think. In ancient times so called people who traveled a lot and visited many holy places.

In the epics, love for the Motherland, selfless valiant courage, unselfishness and loyalty are sung. The feats of the Russian heroes were aimed at liberating their native lands from enemies. Mighty people restored justice by destroying evil. Heroes of Ancient Russia have done a lot for the prosperity of their land, so we will remember their names, which came to us through tens of centuries, forever.

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A summary of the epic about Dobryna Nikitich